Thursday, April 29, 2010

On a Cold Rainy Evening

I am a sucker for men’s jackets. There’s always something charming of guys who offer me their jackets especially during car rides. A simple gesture makes me feel loved and secured.

Although this Oxford jacket was offered by a girl named Venus. Teehee.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Setting Perm

So I’ve told you guy that I had my hair permed. It was courtesy of New Top Point Hair Studio
in JB which belongs to my uncle, Alvin. It’s no doubt a high end saloon so if you’re looking for a cheapskate hair cut, this is certainly not the right place for you. However, if you’re longing for a professional hairdo, I would recommend New Top Point. You wouldn’t regret the price you pay for, as the outcome definitely caters to your satisfactions.

Whoa, 3 hairstylists tending to me at the same time! Am I a princess or what? LOL.

The best thing is, they would offer a laptop to the customers like me who have to check their Fb even while perming their hair! Excellent service right! That way you can save yourself from a few hours of boredom.

The new setting perm machine. Looks weird like a thousand-legged monster trying to pluck off and swallow every single strand of your hair!

If you have noticed my tweet that day, I was dying to pee throughout the whole process! I had sore throat that day after working 3days at PC Fair, so I drank quite a significant amount of water. And then Alvin came nagging me to gulp down more! He didn’t realize that unlike guys, I don’t have an extra pipe in addition to my bladder -.-

The final look! It was really curly at first, but after a while it became more natural. With my new hair, I took a cab and went to City Square proudly. Then seated in between strangers of all races, I watched Clash of the Titans.

Was supposed to be back in Muar the day after PC Fair, but someone offered to fetch me so I stayed for another day. So good to have such a kind friend who fetched me all the way to Muar after which he drove back to JB again. I wasn’t taking advantage but rather, enjoying the privilege! LOL.

I can haz a Paul Smith! Fake one. HAHA.

This is how my hair looked on the next day. More natural and less “pong” dy. I can haz a like! Teehee.

That’s all about my new hair. If you’re keen to find out more on the hair studio, I’ve provided its FB link at the beginning of the post. And as you can see, I’m blogging very diligently these few days, so make sure you come back every day for more scheduled posts! Even if you aren’t willing to post me comments (pls do so or I will haz a sads!), just visit my site and pull up the hits k! Hiak hiak.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Genting with Bitches & Beasts

It has been a while since I posted these photos onto Facebook. But thought I should share it again on my blog. They’re all taken during the trip to Genting with bitches and beasts- my crazy college mates.

We went to Safari that night.

Lotsa funny photos captured XD

Sai was so red.

His expression always cracks me up! LOL.

Thanks Shan, I’m dying to pick up that ice with my mouth. Teehee.

Girls going wild.

They said it’s unfair cause I always make myself look best in the photos. Hiak hiak.

But I don’t look that good here with my mouth opened T.T

KO-ed still can laugh. And look at Sai’s expression again! HAHA.

Thumbs down to the loser! Wtfreak.

We were. . erm, sober.

Omg HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. As much as I could remember, Ben always does embarrassing stuff during every clubbing experience.

Sexay biatch. Teheee.

Isn’t she lovely.

This is what we call 左拥右抱!XD

Scandalous to the max!

Chilling after club. Vivian and I.

Vivian, Torres (did I guess it right?) and me.

Heart this photo! We all looked adorable and to be frank, you don’t see Weiyi in photos often.

Mamak after club.

That’s all I’m gonna post here. Visit my fb album to view more photos.

The trip was awesome and memorable. It doesn’t matter where we go, as long as we’re together after all. Miss you, my bitches and beasts!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Exactly 1 week before my Melbourne trip, I haven’t packed anything! Katie said there’s nothing much I need to bring except undies and leggings. And not even shoes cause we’re so blessed to share the same size! Teehee. It’s winter there! But I’m pretty sure the joy and fun of having bestie around will distract us from the cold and depressing weather. Meanwhile I will be able to see Hunt, the heartless best male friend whom I haven’t heard from for months. Anyone who thinks he deserves a smack, I’ll be willing to do you the favor when I see him.

By the way, I discovered that our face condition is different everyday. With cosmetic factor being constant (as in with the same make-up skill applied), it varies according to our mood and hormone levels. Haven’t you realized that sometimes no matter how much effort we devote into looking our best, we’re still nowhere near perfection; whereas once in a while, we look astounding even with the simplest effort? The same goes for our hair. I think mine look the best whenever I wake up from a long sleep. They look so wavy and natural and irresistible to the extent that every man who sees it would die for a quickie first thing in the morning. Wtfreak. Okay I was kidding about the quickie part, cause really, my non-make-up face in the morning is simply yucky. HAHA.

Awesome photo taken in the morning, after a full make-up session, of course.

I’ve been craving to watch movies in the cinema! But right now I’m stuck in Muar being my siblings’ driver, and if you haven’t realized, there isn’t any proper cinema in this small town. There seems to be an inexplicable force from the cinema that attracts me. That’s not surprising perhaps, considering that cinema has always served for dating purpose. Yet even when I’m alone, I would not hesitate to buy myself a seat and catch a movie in the theater. Some think I’m insane, while some call it pathetic. But what difference does it make if you were to watch it alone, except not having a hand to hold onto? And seriously, you won’t die without holding someone’s hand in the dark. Everything that shows on the large screen never fails to intrigue me, even when it’s not a blockbuster movie. Each time I’m seated, I secretly pray that time would drag on so I wouldn’t have to leave the hall.

As I’ll be starting my uni life soon, I’m calling quit to all my freelance jobs. So whatever upcoming road show or fair, you probably won’t be seeing me, or maybe I will still show up as a guest. Teehee. I’ve received the offer letter from a few Aussie uni so far, but still waiting for those from Singapore. I’m not even sure whether I can get into NUS as it’s of world’s top ranked and highly competitive. There’ll be a telephone interview from Shell tomorrow! Gawd, I’m so not-prepared! Gotta start brainstorming for things they might ask me. But Shell scholarship for a non-bumiputra, what are the chances? Oh well. . .

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Can Has a Permed Hair

I’m a self-obsessed biatch. As I browsed through my photo album, all I could see are my own photos. My greediness resulted in them being heavily-edited. So whatever you see here, they’re solely for viewing purpose. Do not worship me, for I’m that ugly chick beneath those thick layers of cosmetics and touch-ups from editing tools.

Skin so smooth and flawless, oh really? LOL.

As much as I want to update on my life, I can’t help but admit that there’s nothing worth going public. Don’t come here and expect me to write a tribute to my relationship which had ended 2weeks ago. Oh great, did I just make it clear that we’ve finally called it off?

Now imma Korean single girl who has had her hair permed. Wtfreak.

When you’re single, life gets better. (HAHA I don’t mean it actually, just thought that it rhymes. Wtf)

Anyway, is anyone using Badoo? Heard it from a friend the other day so I’ve decided to sign up. Turns out that it’s a dating site! ROFL. With at least 10 random strangers chatting with me desperately every 1 minute! And then some asked whether I’m using fake photos. Gawd, too pretty to be true is it??? Kns.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gold and Pearls are Love

I need more.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It’s been a while! Can’t believe I’m losing my passion for blogging. So much is going on in life, yet I haven’t been able to bring you the latest update!

Right now I’m in a dilemma! Work and leisure, which one would you choose???

Gawd I hate making such decision! No, don’t tell me to choose both! Because in this situation, getting involved in two is impossible, considering the time and places. I would like to work as the amount offered is tempting, even though I don’t really need the money. No I don’t need it, but I want it! Come on, there’s no human-being who would turn his head away from $$$. But at the same time, I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to play either! I’ve got plan, and this plan clashes with my work. Yet, it’s a good plan which might probably take my mind off things and lead me to a new beginning. One that will eventually help me gain some self-discovery and a broader view to the people around. I don’t know how much I will learn in such a short period, but I’m certainly excited for it! =)

Okay, did I make it sound pretty much like I’ve made up my mind? LOL. Noooooooo! I don’t want to say bye to the cheque! Is there any other upcoming job that can replace my loss? Tsk tsk.

Just shuddup and pack your luggage! Oops, gotta go.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

iTalk WHOA!

There are a few websites and social network applications that I would log onto each time I online: Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, MN Messenger etc. The habit of loading them all at the same time often lags my lousy computer. There are times when I get confused while minimizing one window before another. So much for the trouble of multi-tasking T.T

Recently, I discovered about iTalk Whoa. So what does it have to do with my habit of multi-tasking? Apparently by using iTalk Whoa, we can synchronize all our email accounts, social networking sites to connect, communicate and collaborate with our families and friends!


In other words, we can email, SMS, make calls, connect with instant messaging and even read our favourite news through just one portal. To start up, click on the “Get WHOA! Now” button.


Fill in your personal information and click on “Sign up” at the bottom when you’re done. If you’re having problem viewing it with Firefox, try to view it with Internet Explorer instead. You need to have Flash Player as well.


Now you can log in and make the full use of the features. This is how the page looks like.


The moment I signed up, iTalk Whoa rewarded me with RM5 credit. See, RM4.95 left! Can SMS even without using your phone! LOL. Tried calling Hik’s mobile yesterday but he couldn’t hear me. Have to plug-in an external microphone T.T


Yes, we can even make phone calls by using iTalk Whoa, of course, provided there’s credit in the account. Domestic call to fixed line is 10cents per minute, mobile 15cents per minute, whereas international calls are charged by their respective rates.

For the time being, I’m still trying to figure out all the features provided by iTalk Whoa. Will definitely update you once I discover more exciting features!

Meanwhile, check out iTalk Whoa now at ! No more hassles while multi-tasking! Teehee.