Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Can Has a Permed Hair

I’m a self-obsessed biatch. As I browsed through my photo album, all I could see are my own photos. My greediness resulted in them being heavily-edited. So whatever you see here, they’re solely for viewing purpose. Do not worship me, for I’m that ugly chick beneath those thick layers of cosmetics and touch-ups from editing tools.

Skin so smooth and flawless, oh really? LOL.

As much as I want to update on my life, I can’t help but admit that there’s nothing worth going public. Don’t come here and expect me to write a tribute to my relationship which had ended 2weeks ago. Oh great, did I just make it clear that we’ve finally called it off?

Now imma Korean single girl who has had her hair permed. Wtfreak.

When you’re single, life gets better. (HAHA I don’t mean it actually, just thought that it rhymes. Wtf)

Anyway, is anyone using Badoo? Heard it from a friend the other day so I’ve decided to sign up. Turns out that it’s a dating site! ROFL. With at least 10 random strangers chatting with me desperately every 1 minute! And then some asked whether I’m using fake photos. Gawd, too pretty to be true is it??? Kns.

6 comments: said...

life is good when you're single. lol

Copykate said...

sirei: yep certainly! hope it gets better. teehee

JunJun-Riko said...

eh!!! u permed ur hair for good? Coz it looks really nice on u lor!!! and i've met u a few times b4 and talked to u really close face to face, ur skin memang is smooth n flawless wuttt.... =.= lansi me. HNG!!!

anyway, when free, jom go kau zai... ^^

Copykate said...

jun: yep i permed it for good! natural setting perm, not curly but wavy XD my skin is smooth and flawless??? wowwwww that's the best compliment ever! LOL. omg yes! we should go hang out at some places with lotsa high quality classy lengzai! teehee

cyrildason said...


I'm a sucker for girls with permed hair.. :P

Copykate said...

cyrildason: thanks. perhaps girls will run to the nearest saloon when they hear this. LOL