Wednesday, April 7, 2010

iTalk WHOA!

There are a few websites and social network applications that I would log onto each time I online: Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, MN Messenger etc. The habit of loading them all at the same time often lags my lousy computer. There are times when I get confused while minimizing one window before another. So much for the trouble of multi-tasking T.T

Recently, I discovered about iTalk Whoa. So what does it have to do with my habit of multi-tasking? Apparently by using iTalk Whoa, we can synchronize all our email accounts, social networking sites to connect, communicate and collaborate with our families and friends!


In other words, we can email, SMS, make calls, connect with instant messaging and even read our favourite news through just one portal. To start up, click on the “Get WHOA! Now” button.


Fill in your personal information and click on “Sign up” at the bottom when you’re done. If you’re having problem viewing it with Firefox, try to view it with Internet Explorer instead. You need to have Flash Player as well.


Now you can log in and make the full use of the features. This is how the page looks like.


The moment I signed up, iTalk Whoa rewarded me with RM5 credit. See, RM4.95 left! Can SMS even without using your phone! LOL. Tried calling Hik’s mobile yesterday but he couldn’t hear me. Have to plug-in an external microphone T.T


Yes, we can even make phone calls by using iTalk Whoa, of course, provided there’s credit in the account. Domestic call to fixed line is 10cents per minute, mobile 15cents per minute, whereas international calls are charged by their respective rates.

For the time being, I’m still trying to figure out all the features provided by iTalk Whoa. Will definitely update you once I discover more exciting features!

Meanwhile, check out iTalk Whoa now at ! No more hassles while multi-tasking! Teehee.

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