Sunday, June 28, 2009

Updates Coming

I have been busy.

Post-AS celebration at Carlos, my weekend back in the hometown, Melaka trip with the gang (!!!), Hunt’s birthday celebration(s), our fashion show in the college, Sex and the City cocktail night out with my besties. Which would you prefer to see first?

Lots of update soon, I promise. Teehee.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Rooms for Rent

Yesterday, I received a call from Eric out of the blue. It has been ages since he last contacted me, so I thought there must be something that he wanted, or perhaps he was just gonna start his bullshits again. I mean, he’s pretty lame. He could call you for half an hour and talk about nothing but cold jokes.

Eric: Yo w’sup Kate. How are you?
Kate: I’m fine. Wassup. (HAHA I don’t usually talk like that)
Eric: Oh I just wanna ask, is there any vacant room at your place?

What? He wanted a room! And apparently he’s the one who’s gonna rent the room. For what?? I mean, he stays with his family at Sri Gombak, not too far away from my place right? So why would he want a room here? Pay a huge sum of rental every month just to bring girls home? Not quite impossible, considering he’s someone who can afford a Celica. Oh think about it, if he ever moves in, I can enjoy free ride everyday! XD

Whatever reason there is, I did not bother to ask. But I told him I will ask around for him if there is any vacant room.

Recently, I have discovered a Rooms for Rent website.


For those who don’t understand Malay, cari=find; bilik=room. It’s a website where you can search for rooms for rent all across Malaysia. For those who want to advertise their rooms, just register and post up your advert for FREE!

So now, in order to find yourself a suitable room or even house, just sit at home and surf the site. The locations are categorized, which makes it even easier for room seekers. First, click on your desired state at the right side of the page.

There you go, 7071 results for Kuala Lumpur. To get more specific location, you can choose from the cities listed.

Otherwise, you can simply use the search engine provided below the page.

See, I have just found a suitable room in Melati for Eric!

This is really useful! Now you can even follow them on Twitter! XD

It’s amazing that at this era, people still use paper and pen to advertise their rooms. They practically stick their notice around, vandalising every visible corner.

My condo management doesn’t seem too pleased about these unofficial notices on their board, so they posted up a warning.

Some people chose to advertise it at the toilet. A common scene in my college. I guess that’s the last place where you would get caught for vandalising.

No tissue? Worry not. One piece of these is more than enough to wipe your ass! XD

Now, with, we can proudly tell our friends that we found our room from the website instead of some filthy toilet!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Third Cheque from Nuffnang

AS is over, and I was back in my hometown. At the beginning of the month, mum called and told me that there was a cheque addressed to me. Gawd, my parents open my letter all the time! Those official letters at least, not sure about love letters cause I’ve received none so far. After waiting for one month, my third cheque from Nuffnang has finally arrived! The first thing I asked mum when I came back: where’s my cheque??? (excitedly)

Yala yala now you know my full name. Don’t make fun of me! *roarrr*

Even though it’s my third cheque, it’s my first four-figure one. So precious that I can’t even bring myself to deposit it into the bank XD

So out of nowhere, you get extra allowance just for blogging. The amount might be small, but it surely gives you a sense of satisfaction.

I remember when Nuffnang was first founded, it was still a small company with a limited number of bloggers. But now, the community keeps growing, and has gained some fame among the blogosphere. Just ask any blogger, who hasn’t heard about Nuffnang? No matter if you’re a well-known blogger with a thousand hits or an amateur blogger, Nuffnang always find us some suitable advertisers.

Of course, Nuffnang does more than providing us side earnings. The best thing about it is that we get to enjoy free movies, even before they are showing on the big screens! With the ever growing number of Nuffnangers, there’s surely a tight competition when it comes to getting the tickets. So each time you receive an email invitation, don’t take it for granted, for you’re one of the luckiest bloggers who is able to enjoy such special privilege.

Well, needless to mention, we are invited to events without having to pay a single cent. The first party by Nuffnang was their first birthday bash aka Pajama Party which was a big success. And later on, there were more and more events which bring together all bloggers to get to know each other. In other words, Nuffnang has certainly brought me many new friends and widen my social circles.

To those who haven’t joined the community, I would say, what are you waiting for? For all the benefits you are about to enjoy, give it a try! Click Nuffnang.

If you’re already a Nuffnanger, are you satisfied with your earning and other privileges? Do you think that Nuffnang is awesome? What have you gained being a part of the community? Tell me about it! =)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Outback Steakhouse

So what did we give each other for our anniversary, you ask?

Tadah! A Swatch that represents the one whole year we spent together. And it goes round and round, never ending. Unless the battery is exhausted. But still, we can change new battery! LOL.

Mine? The dress and the bag! Nice right nice right? Of course, since I was the one who chose them! Did you seriously think that he would choose such a nice dress for me? Teehee. Unfair, should have asked for new heels as well.

So where did we celebrate the important night?

Outback Steakhouse at Bangsar Village.

We had the entire space upstairs all for ourselves, thanks to Darl who has some special connection there. So while downstairs was crowded and noisy, upstairs was calm and peaceful, with slow songs playing to create a romantic ambience.

The view outside. Those were the lights hanging at the trees outside. Beautiful, isn’t? XD

Like I said before, how could you let a wonderful night slip past without getting some red wine?

He said I have to post up this because he looks cool. Teehee.

Look, what a creative way of serving their bread! Don’t ask me why we ordered that, it’s free one by the way.

Creamy mushroom soup.

Caesar salad.

Victoria's Filet (tenderloin steak). It’s medium cooked. Looks almost raw right?

Outback Sirloin. I know both look the same, but tenderloin is certainly as good as it sounds.

Since when my face become that round??? Oh gosh.

That’s my squirrel chewing on the corn!

Complimentary dessert. By complimentary, it means FOC! Free! Really. I was wondering when we even ordered that. Of course, not every customer could enjoy such privilege XD

It’s sort of like Haagen Dazs lava cake. Yea, hot cake beneath ice-cream and a layer of cream. Forgotten the exact name though. But it’s stated RM20+ on the menu.

Neh, the night doesn’t end just like that. There was still a long way, if you know what I mean. It was our anniversary night after all. Must do something more than that right? XD

Well, what are you thinking? We went for movie la stupid. Kaka.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Can't Get Enough of Transformers

After 2 years of long wait, Transformers is coming back to the big screen again!

Why do I want to watch it so badly, you asked?

Because I can’t have enough of Transformers! If I were granted a wish, I will turn half of the world’s population into Transformers robots. But of course, they must be good robots who can get along with us but not those evil machines that seek for world domination.

See? So cute right! Imagine half of the bloggers in Nuffnang will be robots, and the best thing is, they can transform themselves into cameras! Next time when we attend any events, just bring along a camera-robot partner! XD

What’s more, we can have Transformers pets! Upon my request, it will be transformed into a pendrive in which I save all my blogger drafts. I’m always having trouble looking for my pendrive, so a pendrive transformer pet should ease my problem.

But think about it, are robots allowed to date human beings? What will be the outcome?

Apart from that, robot kids will suffer some emotional turmoil during their childhood, as they are often accused for playing with themselves. Aww, poor kids.

Well, if I were the inventor of Transformers, I will make them all pink! But first I want to get a pink Transformer t-shirt. Hiak hiak.

See, that’s a pair of pink robots. How cute!

Pink hair dryer! So fabulous!

Pink truck! That robot girl is holding a pink comb some more! Hiak hiak.

Pink pony! Now you know what to shop for your new baby girl.

Pink motorbike! Who says pink stuff can’t be cool?

Pink battle car by sexy pink lady warrior. Weet~

And a vibrator! Wait, that’s not even pink but purple! Cannot cannot, I have to remake it! LOL.

I realized a lot of people out there (especially guys) can’t wait to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for the sake of Megan Fox. I can totally understand this, because even the robot can’t help it!

This time only 30pairs will be given, and competition is surely tight! Wonder how I’m gonna get mine? Easy!

Thank you for the tickets! Love you Nuffnang! XD

Click here for more details on the premiere screening.

RM1 Hot Plate

Yesterday, out of the blue, Hik suggested that we should go to Jusco Setiawangsa for dinner. In the midst of making a choice between KFC and Wendy’s, we saw this:

A long queue outside Boston café! What’s so special about the café that attracted so many customers? Look, they were even willing to wait while the other diners inside were slowly chewing their steak.

The banner tells it all. Sizzling Hot Plate for RM1, no hidden charge! 8-18June, which means it has just started on that day. Monday-Thursday. 12-3pm and 6-9pm.

Instead of jumping at the opportunity, suspicious thoughts instantly flooded my mind:

“No hidden charge but got terms and conditions is it?”

“They use rotten meat???”

“Impossible! Sure got something. Hmm. . .”

Hik was even more brilliant. He thought that the restaurant is cooking the hot plate with disposed pad to cast charms on their customers. Like the news we heard about Kepong Bakuteh. Wtfreak.

But anyhow, we still decided to take a risk. Apparently there are 4 choices, each for RM1! Really.

3 add-on choices, each for RM3 only.

You must be thinking, wouldn’t they be making a loss by charging RM1? Well, the truth is, on normal days, the café is rarely crowded, and business must be tough having so many competitors gathered at the same place. So this promotion aims to introduce their food to us, at the same time earn from your side order (for example, your drinks) and from their service charge which can at least contribute to their rental. A supposedly win-win situation.

But what I see is, those Malays ordered RM1 hot plate without even the add-on. And they ordered plain water! Goodness. Really so kiam siap meh. LOL.

Grilled Lamb Chop. Tastes good =)

See, not bad riGht? That’s my favourite type of thin fries, like those in McD!

Mix Fruit Salad.

Mushroom soup with garlic bread. I recommend this. The soup is yummy!

Beef Steak. I waited quite long for this. Even people from the next table who came much later got their food before me. Hik said because I’m not their priority. Jeez so racist.

Since it’s RM1, we decided to order another two more from the menu. Too bad the fish fillet was out of stock. So we merely settled for grilled chicken fillet.

This is called “Aladdin Chicken Salad”. ROFL I was the one who made it, if you have realized XD

Total payment: RM17.20! Because we ordered apple juice instead of plain water. Hiak hiak. Next time bring your own bottle XD Gotta visit the place again before the promotion ends. So, to repay my kindness for spreading the news, bring me along if you’re going!

Remember, the promotion ends at 18th of June! Teehee.