Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dreams House Cafe, Muar

Remember the Hello Kitty Café in Muar  that I blogged before? Recently there’s a similar one opened in Muar – Dreams House Café.

Near from town, within the proximity of a few secondary schools and definitely bigger than Hello Kitty Café.

There are a few areas decorated in different concepts. Needless to say, I chose the cutest one!

My sissy cousin, Yi Khang. You wouldn’t be able to find any other boy who would sit on a pink Hello Kitty cushion with you so willingly XD

Absolutely love the wallpaper!

Everything here is so pink! They even have this table with dolls and stuffed animals sitting on the chair as if having a tea party solely for decoration purpose.

Cute or creepy? LOL.

Huge Hello Kitty painting on the wall! Posted the photo on Instagram and my sis thought we actually ordered that much food for our afternoon tea.

Most of the things on display are for sale. We encountered a mother buying one of those creepy dolls for her little daughter.

Pretty chandelier and wallpaper, definitely the must-have for my dream house!

The afternoon tea set priced at RM11.90 consists of a cup of Cappuccino/Latte and a slice of cake/sandwich.

The layer cheese cake was rather disappointing. I picked it just cause it was colourful.

As usual I tried my luck to request for coffee art.

My Melody was acceptable. Mai hiam buey pai.

Yi Khang’s Hello Kitty was a disaster! HAHAHAHA.

Okay lah gotta give them credit for trying. 

Here’s a freaky picture of Yi Khang I edited with Meitu. Teehee.

And here’s another worse one I edited with Perfect 365, an awesome make up app I discovered! Forced him to post on his FB despite the fact that he looked like an ah gua XD

Took some photos at the other areas of Dreams House Café.

The I-am-an-adult-talking-serious-business area next to the pink room. Boring and dull in comparison but in fact they have chandelier and cushion so it’s actually not that bad.

A Monalisa knock-off that greets you as soon as you enter the café.

I peeped through this small stuffy room behind the Monalisa painting that keeps some antique vases, clocks and paintings. Found a man doing his accounts inside so I assume this room is meant for staff. And perhaps, enthusiastic customers who pretend to be antique experts.

A cosy area at the back surrounded by paintings. I’m guessing the owners used to paint for his living or something before he opened this café. Either that or he’s a rich collector.

Unfortunately I didn’t try any food that day so I’m not able to share my review. But it doesn’t really matter because we go there for the ambience, not the food. The pink room itself is one big factor that makes me wanna go back.

Dreams House Café
Address: No. 35, Jalan Mohamadiah,
84000 Muar, Johor.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

12 Signs You are a Bimbo

1. Your favourite colour is pink. In fact almost anything in pink is irresistible, including the pink fluffy Hello Kitty bedroom slippers you spotted at the night market.

2. You live by the life principles that new underwear is a basic human right and shoes are the best lifelong investment. You're not sure of the precise payback period though. Maybe the day you get swept off your feet by the right guy. Who will buy you more shoes. And underwear ^^

3. Selca is a must-do regardless of where you are: in a moving car, at the restaurant, in the toilet, trying on clothes, out on a date, during a vacation etc.

4. Your favourite movies are Mean Girls and Legally Blonde.

5. You think the capital of the United States of America is New York.

6. You have a cute boyfriend and your girlfriends are absolutely jealous of your love life. But chances are he also assumes that the capital of the US is New York.

7. You have read every shopaholic novel by Sophie Kinsella and decided that she is your favourite author (apart from JK Rowling because Harry Potter rocks)

8. Your dream car is either VW Beetle or Mini Cooper. They also happen to be the only cars that you know of.

9. You bling your iPhone with Swarovski crystals. Or if you're lazy, you simply dress it up with Marc Jacob's pink Katie Bunny cover.

10. You avoid doing the dishes at all costs and if you must, you will wear a pair of rubber gloves to protect your manicure and your delicate fingers. But they must be pink. Refer to point 1.

11. Your goal in life is to marry a handsome guy, live in a big mansion and make beautiful babies together.

12. You own a pink blog that contains an excessive amount of your selcas and some crappy articles that nobody bothers reading.

Credits to my bimbotic girlfriend Katie from whom I was inspired to draft this post.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

七夕情人节 - Ole-Ole Bali, Sunway Pyramid

七夕情人 阳台|夜景|酒|玫瑰|

My Chinese Valentine eve would have been perfect if only we had managed to see the meteor shower. Caught the rain shower instead.

Never mind lo watch the meteor shower on Youtube instead. FOL.

I miss Bali so much I decided to have a meal at Ole-Ole Bali. Chinese Valentine dinner, an excuse to eat better food XD

Had a 4days 3 nights trip to Bali with my dearest classmates recently. Will blog aboujt our trip soon! Such a shame Ole-Ole Bali doesn’t serve Bebek (duck) which is one of the famous dishes in Bali. Because it’s non-halal apparently?

Which is ironic since there are bottles of red wine nicely arrange at the bar. Doesn’t look very halal. Teehee.

Nasi Campur Bali, my all-time favourite dish in Bali because there’s like everything on the plate! But those we had there were served in a smaller portion and didn’t have that many stuff.

Bali Trio that consists of Satay Lilit, Cumi-cumi goreng (fried squid) and grilled chicken wings. It’s meant for sharing but I had it all for myself XD

You bet I didn’t even finish half of it. Totally overestimated my eating ability again T_T

Love the ambience at Ole-Ole Bali but the music kinda killed the mood. Wish they wouldn’t play such hip and noisy songs.

Wore my Pacific Rim inspired red shoes for the first time. I’m a Scottish school girl ^^

White collared shirt – Topshop
Black skater skirt – Hollywood BLVD
Gingham scarf – Cotton On
White lacey socks – Topshop
Red shoes – Mixit
Leather bracelet – Hermes
Bag - Prada

Ole-Ole Bali
Address: Oasis Boulevard, Sunway Pyramid,
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Selangor.
Tel: 03- 7492 0308

Monday, August 19, 2013

[ADV] Free Maurice Lacroix Watch from Xpax

What time is it?

It’s time to reload and win a watch! LOL.

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Let’s check out the winning watch today:

A Maurice Lacroix!

Wait no more. Time to reload with Xpax and win that watch!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Human Trafficking and Douche

The other day I watched a movie Human Trafficking online. It’s about. . well, human trafficking. Stories about how an organization abducted girls (Russian mainly) to sell them as sex slaves. It’s a sad movie with tragic ending. True story that’s happening in the world right now, although not so common in Malaysia since the major crime here is robbery.

The movie made me realized how dangerous it was to go on date with someone you barely know, to travel for a job under a so-called modeling agency or to even wander around the night market. There’s a possibility of being targeted by human trafficker before you even realized. And by the time you realize they would have already gotten your passport in custody, all your personal details including where your family lives which could then be used to threaten you if you ever try to escape.

Soon after the movie I jokingly whatsapp someone I met online about how he could have been a human trafficker who wanted to prey on me. Of course I didn’t actually think of him as a human trafficker or illegal immigrant of any sort lah. We had already met in real life for a few times and I had done some research on his company and job position etc. If I really thought he was a threat I wouldn’t have made it a joke to him right?!

It was a stupid joke I made out of boredom. Then he had to go all the way out to clarify for himself. Can’t take a joke one ah??? What stock exchange and regulatory approval?? Do I look like I care? *rolls eyes*

As if it wasn’t bad enough that he couldn’t take a joke, he had to drag my friends, none of whom he knows anything of into his stupid argument. I only said he might be a human trafficker when I decided to meet him as a stranger. Is there a need to say that my other friends are more dangerous since they would run into financial difficulties, become desperate, then come kidnap and sell me?!!!

First of all, why makes him think that my friends would run into financial difficulties? Just because he is rich doesn’t mean that everyone else is poor! Even if he’s rich now it doesn’t mean he will be wealthy forever. Who knows he might also lose his job one day and face the crisis himself??

Second of all, why should I think that my friends are more dangerous than him? I have known my friends for years yet I had only known him for like. . what, not even a month virtually? (considering that point of time before we actually met in real life) I’m not saying that I should trust all my friends completely. Maybe some of them bitch about me behind my back (we all do that sometimes), or maybe some of them have sexual fantasy about me or something wtf. But saying that my friends are more dangerous than a stranger online is ridiculous!!!

Thirdly, what’s this theory about my friends kidnapping and selling me??? I haven’t heard of anyone who kidnap their friends just cause they have financial difficulties -.- Our friendships are based on mutual trust and understanding. I love my friends like how I love my family. I just can’t tolerate anyone saying things like that when he doesn’t even know my friends. Does he even know what the term “friends” means?? I suppose not, because this same person does not believe that men and women can be friends because men always have the same intention when they want to hang out with a woman. That’s fcking stupid because I actually do have guy friends okay! And they are real friends! Not a predator like him!

And my point is, was it necessary to drag my friends into this argument in the first place??? Totally stupid making such a comparison.

“A joke from someone surrounded by Malaysians”

WHAT THE FUCK??? Just because he’s a foreigner does not mean he is superior above Malaysians!!!

At that point of receiving his reply I was fcking fuming with rage! I didn’t want that arrogant prick to think any less of me though so I calmly replied politely hoping that he would get my point.

But he wouldn’t stop telling me about the difference between him and “the locals”!

“Find out I am safe within 2 minutes of using internet”


Is this a joke?

So whatever that exists in the Internet I should believe lah???

My name is Kate Lee on Facebook but that doesn’t mean I’m born with that name. Search me up on the Malaysian citizen date, or whatever you call it and you wouldn’t be able to track me.

For all I know he could have had a fake LinkedIn and Facebook profile. It’s not like there was a lot of personal details or photos of him online after all.

(But unlike him I have a blog, so I assure you I am real lah. Teehee)

Fcking pissed off by then so I asked him to shut up since there was seriously no point listening to anymore of his bull crap. I felt like I was wasting my life away making myself so agitated talking to a douchebag.

Of course he wouldn’t shut the fuck up because he thought he was right, I was wrong and that he should educate me about his “logical” thinking.

No more energy to argue so I just ignored him. Then 8 hours later he sent me a text again. Which I obviously ignored since I had already made up my mind not to associate myself with a douche who suffers from superiority complex.

Seriously, if you were I you wouldn’t be angry meh???

Being rich and successful does not give him the right to demean others. You may lose everything one day, but you will never lose your personality. In the end it’s your character that defines who you are.

Enough abut the douche.

Speaking of human trafficking, it reminds me of one time a few years back when I received a job offer from a random agency I had never heard of to become a Super GT girl in Dubai. The offer was tempting but thank god I didn’t go for it lah because it I did I might not even be blogging here right now. LOL. Maybe they brought some pretty Malaysian freelancers there to become a sex slaves. It’s Dubai hello! You know how ladies and foreigners there are being mistreated :(

If the job were so great they would have hired some other popular models instead of calling me desperately. I wonder if any girl were enticed into flying there and how they ended up.

Always sense the danger before you make any decision.

And yea, if you decide to meet strangers online, be prepared for them to turn from a prince charming to a douche -.-

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Coffea Coffee @ SS15 Subang Jaya

Why is it so difficult to find a decent coffee place around Subang? No I don’t want Starbucks or Coffeebean. Too mainstream. The only place I know of is Chilla Cup at Subang Avenue. But recently I discovered Coffea Coffee at SS15!

The first Coffea Coffee is at Bangsar and it wasn’t until recently that they opened one at Subang Jaya.

Order your coffee at the counter and have it delivered to your table. There was a selection of cakes on display too.

We went in the weekend it was almost impossible to fight for a seat with other coffee lovers.

There were more tables upstairs but they were all occupied too. We were quite appalled that some people were smoking upstairs but apparently the entire level was the smoking area T_T

For those who prefer the outdoors, there are tables at the balcony as well :)

You may request for coffee art here! Told the barista I wanted a panda, he made me a stoner bear. FML.

Looks like it’s high on weed don’t you think XD

Jess couldn’t decide on the design so she asked them to do whatever to “surprise her”. LOL. They made her a lion.

Managed to finish my coffee without ruining the coffee art! Okay lah have to admit that it looked more like a possessed panda now wtf. But still, it’s quite an accomplishment! Teehee.

Over all Coffea Coffee is a cosy and lovely place. Definitely in my list of new hang out spot! :)

Coffea Coffee
Address: A-10, Jalan SS15/4D,
Subang Jaya,
Tel: +603 2201 3338 (Bangsar Branch)