Monday, April 30, 2007

Secret Recipe. Again.

*Sneeze* *Sneeze* *Sneeze*
This time nobody is missing me. I’m SICK! My sore throat just got better, and here it comes flu and cough. No way! I can’t be sick! I can’t just sit still at home for the whole day and do nothing. I gotta go out and have fun! Kate is not to be kept at home! I have to do something. Get a life! I need to meet my friends. I need to go out and grab some food. I’m craving for fish! Yes fish! I love fish!XD And fruits! I haven’t eaten any fruits for quite some time. I’m gonna buy a big watermelon, honeydew and grapes. Oh, and papaya! Yes, papaya! I’ve got only one year and three months(and how many days?) to enlarge(or what’s the term?) my bust size. Everybody thinks it’s flat. It can’t be! I gotta prove to them that Kate can have C cup!XD Oops, too big? The bigger it is, the more confident you will be!

Oh great, just received a SMS from Jin Sheng. 2.30pm, Secret Recipe! Can online there!

Yesterday Me, Jess, Meng Hong, Chia Hui, Jin Sheng, Winston and Jess’s Sunway friend, Liang Qian(2000) went for “bakuteh” lunch opposite St. Andrew church, next to a pet shop. When I asked Chia Hui to fetch me, he warned me that he was fetching Winston too. So we would have to face each other in the car! Okay, I have no choice since nobody was home and I had been waiting so long to eat bakuteh. Facing my so called “good-friend” isn’t a big deal anymore. In fact, it had never been a big deal for me. So everything just went on as usual. Come on, we are adults! (young adults at least=p) No matter what we will still see each other sooner or later. There’s no use hiding or running away avoiding each other. Things were better than I had expected cause we even talked! That’s a good thing. For once I feel that he’s actually a nice person(could be better if he uses less foul language). LOL. I remember what I told Kim and Chia Hui in Secret recipe the other day, if someone hates me, I shall like him in return. Define LIKE? The liking between friends of course. Peace shall be upon us if there isn’t anymore hatred. May we be free of turmoilXD Finally, I feel that we are one gang again despite every unpleasant happening in the past. Thank God I’ve got less enemies now, or perhaps no more enemy.

Let's recall the time when I watched Brokeback Mountain which I borrowed from Zili. Anne Hathaway happened to be one of the female actresses. I was thinking, she looks familiar, but I couldn’t figure out what show she acted in. Now I remember, the Devil Wears Prada! Oh Prada Prada, how could I ever forget! I like her! I’m so so attracted by her smile! And her role in Prada, she simply impressed me! I thought her black hair was cool in the movie. Now I’ve got black hair, but the colour is fading and it no longer looks like a wig (like what William said). Some day I gotta dye it to black colour, that really really black one.

Chia Hui is in Melacca! He sounded guilty when I called him. Don’t think he’s in A’Famosa. I guess he’s shopping there with Meng Hong and Winston or whoever. Never mind. I’m having my pleasure time at Secret Recipe. Kekeke.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

SPM Award Ceremony

Garn. Somebody said I'm irrita****. Obviously it's irritating. But he kept insisted that it was actually "irresistable". Yea right, like I'm so dumb to believe you. Well, who cares what you think about me. Because, Kate simply rockzXD

Mum brought us for dinner in Uncle Sam's cafe and poor dad gotta eat in grandma's house. Okay, serves him right. He's never interested in Western food, never even thought of trying for once. So five of us had our own sweet time there, ordered whatever we want since mum was paying for it. I simply love the food in Uncle Sam's! They always come in big big plate, delicious with reasonable price. Unlike "pepe" cafe (PP cafe), where you will need to pay RM5.50 for merely a glass of ice lemon tea! Anyway, we ordered Fish 'n' Chips, Chicken Cutlet, Chicken Spagetti, Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce and Potato Salad. It took us almost one hour to finish our food(slow yeaXD). When mum went forward to pay, meanwhile chatting with her ladyboss friend, we decided to play with the leftover(carrot, cabbage, tomato, chili sauce etc). As usual, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth. Typical design. Like a clown's face. Nick was worse! He took a stick(the one we use to stir our drink) and poke it on his leftover as if it's a joss stick. What the freak? I told him that it was stupid and lame. Finally mum was done chit-chatting(aunties always have alot to talk to each otherXD). Uh oh, got lectured by her for playing with the food! "How old dy still teach them like that blabla. . ." Who cares? PLAYing is a MUST! XD

At night I was cheated to Uncle Sam's again! Yaw Theng called and said they were going to Secret Recipe. Ever since that incident, I've lost my passion in hanging out with them, especially when certain people still exist. Yaw Theng told me that W was not going. Okay, I still went reluctantly, although whether he was going anot didn't make any difference. The same cafe for dinner and supper! Gosh! The whole night I just sat there like an idiot without ordering anything. I didn't talk much either, realizing that there wasn't much topic for me to discuss with them. So I just sat there. And stare. And look. And stare. Oh perhaps it wasn't that bad after all. I played with Chia Hui's brother. Wrote his name with chili sauce on the plate and he did the same. Teaching a little kid bad things? LOL. Thank God Chia Hui have to fetch his brother back earlier, so I just followed his car instead of sitting there like stupid. By the time it was only 11something. Really EARLY.

Let’s skip to today. 7am alarm clock rang. Pressed it off and wanted to continue my sleep, but got a morning call. Pressed it off too. Okay okay. I was feeling tired. Then received a new message. Half-consciously, I read it once and sent my reply. After around 3messages or so, finally I was wide awake. After washing up, I changed into my OL suit which I’ve prepared days ago. Gosh, I looked dashing! Like a superior businesswoman, or perhaps a lawyer!XD It was the PIBG meeting and prize giving ceremony. The prizes for SPM students this year is considered good, thanks to our new principal. Frankly, I like her better because she’s modern, supportive and not so conservative like the previous Latifah. However, RM50 is obviously not enough for me to treat my family let alone my friends. I wonder why both straight As’ students and non straight As’ students but get good results ones got the same amount of money. I thought we should deserve better. You wouldn’t know how much I envy Hui Yi. She received the plate with her name engraved on it compared to our cheap and fragile little trophies which could easily be broken at anytime. Well, I felt glad to be able to meet up my old schoolmates again. Some of them are studying in Singapore. Life must be good for them. *envy* Managed to capture a few photos before leaving. Wonder when we can gather together and meet again. . .

After the ceremony Chia Hui fetched me and Kim to Secret recipe. Yong Haw was there too. Do you know that we can online there? There’s wireless! Well, I think it’s not under Secret Recipe but Muar Trade Centre Hotel which is situated next to it. No difference, as long as we can online thereXD Somebody said I always become “Edison” between Kim and Chia Hui. I wouldn’t want to be their light bulb again! Blerkz. Chia Hui was willing to fetch her today just to see how she looks like in her “papaya” , as in kebaya. Why papaya? No idea. Their language perhaps. LOL. Anyway I love cheesecake! Gotta buy cheesecake for my birthday! Yummy~

Chia Hui and the others went to Batu Pahat. Obviously I didn't get to go since the car was already full. In fact you should know the main reason that I didn't get to go. Certain people will be there, so I should just stay put in my house to avoid further dispute. Is that right? XD Who cares if he wanna fight with me? Stay cool=)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Baby Boy

The other day somebody jokingly said “We better stop sms-ing before I fall in love.” So I thought, he isn’t the only one who can’t differentiate like and love. I’m not gonna indulge in anymore i-love-u-u-love-me thingy or be someone’s girlfriend in rebound. Nope, nobody’s gonna be my REBOUND guy. I wouldn’t be so cruel and unfair to guys although they’re just some heartless and ungrateful creature. Kekeke.

Anyway, I wasn’t feeling well last night. I was having sore throat(thanks to my newly-bought chocolate), and I could sense that I was getting a little fever. I tried my best to drink as much water as possible thus visited the toilet more frequently. Learnt from my lesson not to tell mum that I wasn’t feeling well, in case she stops me from eating this and that. Some people might wonder, is FOOD more important than my HEALTH? Duh, of course I do care about my health, but don’t you think it would be very miserable not getting to eat whatever food you want? Not knowing that I am sick, mum bought “pisang goreng” this afternoon and gonna bring us to Uncle Sam’s Café for dinner! Great! Now I don’t feel sick at allXD

This afternoon, after sending my sister to school, mum and I paid a visit to our ex-neighbour, a primary teacher’s house. Our main purpose is to see her new born baby boy, who happened to be 4.5kg when he’s born. 4.5kg, nearly half of a normal baby’s weight! To think that I was only 3.7kg when I came out of mummy’s womb, and I was already considered a big baby. Oh, mum said he resembles Ker Jia. Kekeke. We listened to her experience of child birth, from the breaking of her placenta until the day when she discharged from the maternity centre. For me, it was an exciting and interesting story although I’ve heard about many child-birth experiences. I began to wonder, will I choose for natural birth or operation? Whichever that will be less painful. By merely giving birth to a baby, we gotta pay up to a few thousands to the gynae, and later on there will be milk powder, baby bottle, diapers, baby clothes, baby trolley etc which will cost us a whole lot of money! Argh, no matter what I have to be a rich woman next time! It’s a must to find myself a RICH HUSBAND! No money, no talk. That’s all.

Gosh, am I that materialistic?

Don’t worry, money isn’t everything=)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kate the Lesbo

OMG I’m crazy! I’m totally out of my mind! Why would I ever dream of being a lesbo with Katie and actually had xxx with her?! It was so real! I thought I wasn’t dreaming! We did it and. . . garn! I felt high. Was that actually orgasm?! We enjoyed it so much that I thought it was perfectly acceptable. In fact I thought I’m gonna be a lesbo since girls can perform better. Oh, I think she had some problem with William in my dream that turned her into a bi, and I was the super lesbo going around hunting for girls. LOL. I think I’m getting used to that idea in real life. I’m considering to become one. NO! Wait, this is crazy. I can’t be! Get over the idea! People will think that I’m a sicko! I don’t wanna lose my girl friends! But wait, I think girls attract my attention far better than guys. !@#$%^&* Wtfreak! Shut up! I don’t wanna think about it!

This afternoon me, Chia Hui, Jin Song and Yaw Theng went to witchery ider (it’s mo li dian zi, if some of you do not know where on earth it is). Thinking that there would be wireless, I brought my laptop along. “Connection Unsuccessful”! Chia Hui’s laptop was facing the same problem. I tried every way, diagnosed the problem, turned off my firewall, changed the setting and everything but failed to connect anyhow. Why on earth?! Is it because we are using Window Vista? What does that have to do with the connection? I didn’t even face such problem in Starbucks. I could even connect to my neighbour’s unsecured wireless(oopsXD). We met Sze Yong there, wearing his Axis uniform, together with an unknown girl. Well, I don’t think that was his girlfriend. In his SMS, he told me that was his ‘sis’. Yea right, as if. Kekeke. Okay, I know his character quite well. It’s better not to mention. LOL.

At night we went to Bakri Pasar Malam with Joo Kim. Too bad Jin Song couldn’t make it, saying that he had to go out with mummy. We “shop” there for less than 30minutes, then headed back for “cha kuey tiao” at somewhere near Chung Hwa Presbyterian. I was too full to order anything. For once I was free of food temptation! XD Now dad is back with supper. Char kuey tiao! Good, good, now I’m no longer full! Yummy! Sleep, eat, enjoy. That’s about my current life!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wonderful Dreamland

I had approximately eleven hours of sleep last night and have had two interesting dreams. First, I was playing at a really huge playground, in which the slides were pumped by air, the kind that we often see in shopping complex where kids need to pay to gain entry, except that it was many times bigger in my dream. I was thrilled! I thought, what a paradise for me! It seemed that I wasn’t tied down by time in my dream. In fact, there was no such thing as TIME at all! I could just play and play there without having to rest, without having my parents bugging me home and without having to care about anything in the world. I remember seeing Jess there, and some other girls whom I can hardly remember. I stupidly asked Jess how we were supposed to play. So she taught me something as simple as sliding myself down the slide=.=” There wasn’t any guy though. The playground was located high above the ground. When I glanced down, the scene was exactly like the lobby of Genting First World Hotel! So I told myself, cool, I’m in Genting Highland! Kekeke. So I continued playing on the slides, played and played and played, until I realized that my handphone was ringing. Garn! I should have muted it! Half-consciously, I could see that Zili was calling. I can rarely remember what he talked to me about. Probably something about his birthday? Crystal? Delwyn? Anyway he spoilt my dream!!! How dare he woke me up from my wonderful dreamland! When he finished talking and hung up, I tried to close my eyes to bring myself back to the playground only to end up in another dreamland.

Dad was driving me and my sister(or perhaps both sisters) in his Naza along the highway. He was either trying to catch up or to race with a Beige colour Proton Wira in front of us. Whoever the driver was, his enemy perhaps? But halfway of speeding, he turned his car into a tiny lane surrounded by an oil palms estate. I asked him, “Why did you turn in here?” He answered, “This is the short cut. So we’ll reach before them.” But soon we came to a dead end. It was impossible that we could drive any further. Next to us was a train without shield, like those we play in theme park. Without hesitating, we came down from the car and took a ride on the train. I didn’t know how the train functioned since there wasn’t any switch or any engine, but once we sat ourselves on it, it slowly moved. There we go! The view along the way was more or less like those we see when we are in a Genting cable car. Whenever we reach a corner, the train would moved on faster. I could feel the wind blowing against our direction. There was once when we found ourselves on a unstable hanging bridge and underneath was a little stream. People were swimming and kayak-ing on the stream. Out of my surprise, dad jumped down into the stream as I watched in horror! Later on I heaved a sigh of relief after seeing him swimming in the water.

Finally we reached our destination – Langkawi beach! Gosh, I couldn’t believe that we were on the beach! Mum, uncle, aunt, cousins, even my maid and some other friends of mine were there. Somebody asked why we were late. I thought, thanks to dad’s fantastic “shortcut” =.=” There were many banana boats and other kind of boats around. My favourite place, the beach! However, I wasn’t wearing my bikiniXD We ran and played around on the sand. It was simply relaxing and enjoyable!

By the time I woke up, it was already 1pm! Didn’t expect myself to have slept for so long. How I wish I could live to play in my dream! The playground. The beach! Oh, I can’t bear to leave! X(


Pissed. Pissed. I’m so pissed off! Meng Hong kept on FUCK U FUCK U in msn chatroom. For more than four times I bet. It was making my eyes sore! It isn’t that nice to say those words, is it? When I asked him to stop he actually answered “as if you never swear before”. Yes I do, certain times when I couldn’t control myself. But I don’t keep repeat writing big big F words in msn. Okay, perhaps like what KayVin said, it’s no big deal for you guys. But I got fed up when people keep using it. My problem then. To prevent further argument, I decided to leave the chat room and sign out my msn. What else can I say when people think it is okay to use F U frequently?

Calm down. It’s no big deal. And none of my business X(

I had my supper at the mamak opposite Zili’s apartment. I shouldn’t have ordered claypot noodles. I should have just ordered Malay food! It was obviously overcooked that the noodles became twice fatter than usual. When the food came, I uttered “What is this?!” yes, the yee mee looks more like fat overcooked magee. But there’s no doubt that the soup was simply tasty! When we had nearly finished our food, an old Chinese beggar came over and said “ai jiak, ai jiak” (wants to eat) in Hokkien. Eventually dad gave him a 50cents coin. Knowing that its not even enough for him to buy a drink, he repeated the same phrase over and over again. At first I thought dad would just ignore him and rush us back to the car, since we had finished our food. But unexpectedly, he walked towards the owner of the stall, gave him a five-dollar-note in order to pay for the beggar for the food he wants. It turned out that his “ai jiak” was actually rojak, according to the mamak boss. He claimed that he knows it well because the beggar goes there almost every night and happened to live in his neighbourhood. Later on, dad told us that the beggar is not a poor man after all. He’s part of the share holders of a company, in which everything is taken care by his elder sister. He’s not poor, but kinda insane hence ended up asking around for food.

I was quite touched by what dad has done. How many of us will actually do so when we happened to meet a beggar? When I first saw him, my first instinct was quickly get away from there. Dad’s action has left me thinking. I think about life, about people, the rich and the poor, the hustle and bustle of modern life, the cruelty in the society, the compassion that rarely exists. . . To think about it, I’m starting to feel guilty. I should have been more compassionate towards people. I should pity them instead of try to run away from them. I could have done better than that. It has been a long time since I last use the inner part of me to think. Think think think. When you start thinking, you will realize certain things that you hardly ever take notice of. Think about life. Think about people. Think about love. Think about the wonderful world you are living in! Okay, I’m feeling happy now. Kate is the best! Kate will be on top of the world! XD

Hey, it’s my dream to be popular k. Blerkz.

By the way, happy birthday to Zili! Kekeke.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Kim Is Back From China!

I had a dream again. This time it was about me having two snakes as my pet. I rare them since they were babies, perhaps one or two mm long like little worms (ridiculousXD). Somehow I was in my primary school, and I left the snakes on a long, messy table. Jessica and I were walking outside the school. I have no idea where we were heading though. Halfway, she piggy-back me and walked for quite a distance! (Jez, don’t laugh when you read this, I have no idea why I would ever have such a dream) Later on, when we were back to school again, I saw Yong Sern (why him?) throwing his bag hard on that same table. When I took away his bag, at my first glance, I screamed like a crazy girl! One of my pet snakes. . . Its head was somehow twisted in a scary way! In fact the whole body seemed to be twisted and certain part was flat! I think there was a little blood on its mouth. I screamed really loud and half jumping, half running to get myself away from there. I don’t think I would react such way in real life, but didn’t know why I would feel so scared and shocked in my dream. Gotta search for dream interpretations. Kekeke.

This morning when I woke up and switched on my phone, 6missed calls from Chui(Chia Hui), 2missed calls from Latak(Joo Kim). So Kim is back from Shanghai, and I could guess that she was gonna ask us out. We went for wan tan mee lunch at somewhere near Jiang Nan Hotel(hooker place?). We talked about whether to accept matrik’s offer, and not forgetting Kim’s experience in China. She told us that China people simply spit around the street without first checking whether there are people around. She nearly got spat on and got really angryXD Gosh, I heard that the stuff in China are really cheap! But I didn't follow her there cause I don't really like to visit those historical places. Chia Hui drove his Kancil instead of Myvi, so I didn’t get to use the car pillow I bought for himX( Hold on, the reason of buying that for him is not because I wanna use it k! I just wanted to reward his car for always fetching me. Kekeke. Oh, by the way, I have the thought that those who get matrik probably won’t be getting JPA, since both are link through the government. Moreover Remina couldn’t have failed to get matrik since so many of us got it. Anyway that’s merely my guessing. Whether it is true or not, we shall find out on 30th!

Before I forget, last night I chatted with Abel(and Zion who happened to be in his house in Singapore). Two horny guys sleeping together! They couldn't stop talking about blow job blow job blow job! Gosh, please don't tell me you guys do that for each other! LOL. They even asked me to join them! Thanks for asking, but no thank you! Oops, sorry Zion, actually it was Abel who kept talking about all these stuff. So I started showing him a few hamsap emoticon. Horny guys can be fun as long as they don't demand anything from meXD

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Miss Singapore Universe 2007

Miss Singapore Universe 2007 Results:

Champion: Jessica Tan (also the best body line winner)
1st Runner-up: Joey Feng
2nd Runner-up: Christabel Campbell

The pageant wasn’t really that exciting. There’s no suspense throughout the whole contest. It seems that everyone could predict who was gonna be the winner according to the ranking board. However, Jessica Tan definitely deserves the crown! I was instantly attracted to her the moment she appeared. And she really did well in the Q&A part. Impressive!

There are a few funny questions like “Will you strip for the sake of art. . . Will you shave your head bald. . .” etc. I’m never good at answering questions. I need to be given some time to think of a good answer X( I will be the first to get kicked out during the audition for beauty pageant! Kekeke. And sadly, I don’t have that kinda model feature. Neither do I have the minimum height in order to become a runway model. Sob sob. . . Mum always tell me, “God has given you a good brain. You should be satisfied with what you’ve got instead of complaining about your looks everyday!” Beauty vs Brain. Which would you choose? Why can’t I have both? Blerkz.

As for the Project Superstar, Henley and Orange managed to defeat the other two contestants to become the Champions. I thought Wee and Diana would be the winners! Their singing was better than the other two! How could this be?? Perhaps Orange is better looking than Diana and Henley is more stylish than Wee. But that is not the main requirement for this contest! Overall, my conclusion is LOOK DOES MATTER. If you’re good looking, congratulations! If you’re not, well, just get yourself a good hair-stylist and a fashion designer! Your look will be determined by your HAIR and ATTIRE! =)

My Plan Is Ruined

8.30am- mum took her key and unlocked my bedroom door. Thank God I wasn’t sleeping naked! They woke me up and asked me to go to Full Gospel Church with her. The service is 9.30am! One hour earlier than Emmanuel. I lazed on the bed for around 20minutes, woke up reluctantly, washed up, bathed, then she told me that we shall go there at night. Fine, fine, now I can continue to sleep. Woke up at 12pm, didn’t brush my teeth (not necessary right?), went downstairs only to realize that the breakfast wasn’t that appetizing. Okay, waited for lunch then. Ding ding! Guess what? I received a message from that psychic. So he has met the girl in his dream and it is very likely that his dream will come true. It sounds creepy. I never knew that my friend would have such ability.

Back to yesterday. My dial up credit finished so couldn’t online and update my blog. Mum drove me to Chia Hui’s house to pass him (more like to throw him) his present. I threw the parcel into his house, thinking that no one would caught me. Minutes later, he called me and said Thank You, and told me that I was spotted by his brother. (Argh stupiak Chia Da! No more suspense!) After that I passed Zi Li’s present to Hui Yi, since they were gonna send her off to the airport. At first everything was well-planned. I even asked for Meng Hong’s help to pass the present to Zi Li in Taylors on 24th. But sadly, Hui Yi actually forgot about it and brought it with her into the plane!!! Now what? His present is gonna travel to Australia and will not be back until June! When she phoned me and told me that she forgot, I nearly thought that she was kidding. Before that I even SMS and reminded her. She said she was too busy crying. Okay, honestly I wasn’t really mad. But, really disappointed cause my plan is ruined X( Hope she won’t forget to bring it back on June then. I will remind her everyday until she gets sick of me! Kekeke.

Luckily I managed to have a luxurious supper so I could forget everything about Zi Li’s present. I simply love eating! Crabby my favourite! Oh by the way, it’s to celebrate mum’s birthday which happened to be the same day as Chia Hui’s.

She looks retardedXD

Seriously, I think my life is really boring. I had got nothing better to do so I took out my nail polish, DIY manicure and pedicure. My toe nails are pinkish now and the shape is more like round round grapes! Gosh, I adore it! XD After supper, I asked for Zi Li’s help to reload my dial up. Finally I could online! Seem like I’m really addicted to Internet. Chatted with Andrew until 3am! I could hardly remember what we crapped about. Oh, I complaint about those girls who go around sending message-liked comments in Friendster and those who always type in big small letter. So he said, is it like “euu luUrbexx miexx” ? (yea, not exactly that but something like that) Yes, they irritate me! But those who put “the great” behind their Friendster nick are not much better, like stated in the uncyclopedia. LOL. He showed me 2websites, hotels that offer backpacker rooms. $17, $18. Gosh, really that cheap??? One day I must pack and go to Singapore! (Mum will kill me if I go and stay overnight alone, she will kill you as well if you sleep with meXD) Stop saying so much since my passport is gonna expiry soon. Blerkz.

The below shows what scholars do in Singapore:

Don’t watch. They’re stupid actually. I have no idea what the videos are about . Kekeke.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Saying Sorry Without Feeling Sorry

After the dispute in MSN, I dreamt about my friends including Zi Khai for the whole night. There were Yong Haw and Chia Hui, and some others who did not appear that clear. We weren’t fighting in my dream, instead we were really good friends and couldn’t have been happier. It was dimly-lit in my dream, sort of “orangy” light which made it more romantic and peaceful (I don’t mean that kinda ROMANCE). We were talking and joking and laughing, not those offensive jokes about each other though. In my dream, I knew that I was dreaming yet reluctant to wake up. That was why I wasn’t awake until 12pm, when lunch was almost ready.

Back to last night, the dispute that occurred between me and Zi Khai. Honestly, after the party that night, I realized he wasn’t exactly that bad after all hence I’ve already forgiven him. I did not demand any apologise from him. Unfortunately, he said that before he read my blog he actually felt sorry, which literally means he doesn’t feel sorry after reading my blog. Worst of all was Winston who threatened me to delete my post. So let me make it clear here. It is MY BLOG and I have the right to post whatever I want. Moreover I was posting the truth. I wasn’t lying or exaggerating about the whole story. Since you really did it, why must you be afraid to let others know? Eventually Zi Khai apologized for what he did, but at the same time indicating that he doesn’t feel sorry. You wouldn’t understand how I felt seeing the way he apologized. “Sorry. Ok now I apologized. Settle.” (I should be the one who had the right to say SETTLE). He said whether feeling sorry or not was his problem, the main point was that he had apologized, I just had to accept or decline it. So, he was SAYING SORRY WITHOUT FEELING SORRY. In that case, which should I accept his apologise which wasn’t sincere at all? He even said something like “If I hadn’t . . . , he wouldn’t . . .” So it was my fault that he insulted me huh? Some of you might think that I should simply accept his apologise and let off the matter. However I hold on to my principle. I may be easy going sometimes but I’m not that easy going in certain circumstances. Knowing that I refused to accept his apologise, he scolded me UGLY FREAK, asked me not to go out with them ever again and that they do not want to see me (they=he and Winston). I got really tired of everything so I just went offline, shut down my computer and dashed into my room.

His jokes and insults weren’t a big problem for me any longer, but I was just fed up with his attitude. Is that the right way to apologize? Thinking all over again about our conversation, I asked God why is Zi Khai like that. Yes, that was the exact sentence I asked. All of a sudden God spoke to me, “forgive and thou shall be forgiven”. I was really surprised, at the same time thrilled by His answer. He took away my hatred, leaving mercy in my heart. So I quickly took my phone and SMS Zi Khai and at last, what a relief! So far I haven’t received any reply. Hopefully I’ve sent to the right number. Praise the Lord! He has solved the complicated matter with his simple way.

Ten years later if we recall this, we will just laugh about how silly and childish we used to be. But still, we shall have no regret for all these had brightened up our teenage lives. I don’t mind if whoever claims that he doesn’t wish to see me or come out with me again. The fact is, I might not be able to hang out with you guys any longer as it’s time to further my studies. Thank you anyway for all the joys and sorrows within these few years. I shall keep the memories in my heart forever. . .

Ok, i did look ugly. But I'm still gonna post it anyway. Chill XD

p/s: I'm gonna cry X'(

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The "zi-lian" Xin is Back!

Act cute


Anyway, that's my favourite dress!
Nice, isn't it? So please stop insulting! Blerkz.
Oh by the way, Me and Katie went to Pizza Hut for Deli Wings today!
Poor Jess, she was so jealous of us! Kekeke.

Managed to snap some funny pictures of us in Katie's phone. Sweet memories! XD
She's flying back on Saturday night. Will miss ber badly X(
Should I follow her to KL?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Difficulty In Apologizing

How many of us actually apologize whenever we do or say something wrong which upset somebody, whether it be family, friends or even strangers? Frankly, I rarely apologize to my family as I find it extremely difficult to do so. It seems much easier to apologize to my friends by sending him/her a message like “sorry for just now”, “I’m sorry for what I’ve done”, “sorry, I din mean it”, sorry, plz forgive me” etc. However, I find it awkward to say a SORRY, or even send it, write it to any of my family members.

Today, I offended my dad by saying something stupid (which I prefer not to mention) during dinner time. The moment I uttered it, I knew there’s gonna be a disaster. Bad, bad, this is really bad. I shouldn’t have said that. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep back what I’ve said. I felt really guilty. I couldn’t face him anymore. I quickly finished my dinner and ran away. Die, die. I didn’t feel like apologizing. I could hardly recall when was the last time I said a “sorry” to my family.

While dad was bathing, mum came forward and lectured me. I knew I was wrong, but it seems so hard for me to admit it infronta her. So I just kept quiet, bite my lips as she lectured me and nodded once in a while to indicate “understood”. After that, I thought I should make my very first attempt to apologize. After an hour or so, finally I took out all my courage to sms him. There weren’t any punctuation between the sentences though. So, you can imagine (no you don’t call it reluctant), I was kinda in a rush while typing the message, trying hard to hide my self-conscious and embarrassment.

So far I haven’t receive any response, probably because it is equally difficult for him to tell me that he has forgiven me too. At least, I’ve forgiven myself. What a relief! I’m really brave this time! Gotta use my brain before I say something next time. Blerkz.

Do not be shy to utter SORRY =)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Embarrassing Incident

8.21pm yesterday +6069544989 calling. . .

Dunno-who: Where are you?
Me: At home, who are you?
Dunno-who: Giant (Zion)
Me: Ang is it!
Ang: Know already still ask. I’m coming to fetch you now.
Me: (kong mong) Where to??
Ang: Dunno yet. Later only discuss.
Me: Who else going?
Ang: Me only.
Me: Huh. . . Okay. . . (reluctantly)

We went to Uncle Sam’s Café. As it was drizzling, I got a little bit drenched before entering his Waja. He said that car “si beh chi you!” His petrol finishes off once in a four days time despite that he only drives to and back from town. Gosh, that must have cost him a lot!

An embarrassing incident occurred in the café! While I opened my bag and took out my cell phone, a 50cents coin eventually dropped on the floor. Thinking that it was mine, I picked it up and put into my purse. Moments later, the lady boss came forward to me and uttered something (which I couldn’t hear clearly). When she pointed to the next table, somehow I realized that. . . Oh no! It was the idiotic coin! It wasn’t me but them who dropped it before it rolled to my seat! Garn, why must I be so “lucky”? The owner of the coin kept repeating “never mind, never mind”. I felt so embarrassed that I wished there was a hole for me to hide myself in! Rather, I laughed at myself and passed the coin to the lady boss in order to return to its owner. To think about it, it wasn’t exactly my fault right? I mean, it happened that my bag was left opened and I was half way taking out my phone at that moment. Okay, frankly, it was a 50cents coin and you can’t expect me to just leave it on the floor right? If you were I, wouldn’t you have done the same thing too? Worst of all, Ang kept laughing and saying that I always do embarrassing things. If you were I, wouldn’t you have done the same thing too? X(

Back to the point. Obviously his purpose of asking me out was no other than telling me his stories, expressing his anger and disappointment. In fact, he called me out because Wee Ling wasn’t free! Okay, so I was sorta a spare tyre huh? Mean! So he talked about how he cried in his lecture class that caused 200 over people to turn back and stare at him. I guess he must be famous star in TARC now.

Later on, we joined Katie, William, Winston, Jin Sheng, Yee Kiat, and Meng Hong in “Ah Kiong” eatery. My favourite spring chicken! And my favourite part-chicken wing! Pity Katie that her chicken wing dropped on the floor. Never mind, let's go to Pizza Hut some other time for Deli Wings! XD

Malaysia - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

Malaysia - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

A must-see web! Part of its content:

History of Malaysia
“Ha! We finally found what we are looking for, a country that shaped like a penis with a broken dickhead.”
~ British Captain on arriving in Malaysia

Wow, nice try! XD

Yee Kiat the Korean Actor

Ok, so you guys have seen the circled face.
Can you believe that my sister said he looks like a Korean actor?!
Oh gosh. . . It indicates that I can be a Korean actress as well eh?? XD
I just can't believe that my sister's eyesight is so "GOOD"!
Okay, now he thinks that i post his picture here cause I'm trying to make him feel touched and like me. Gimme a break! =.="

Never mind, Korean actor can be ugly also. blerkz.

Monday, April 16, 2007


What do you know about PSYCHIC?

The following is what I got from Wikipedia:
Psychic is a term that describes mental abilities or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by known natural laws, since they seem to transcend the confines of the brain. People who are thought to have these abilities or to be able to produce these phenomena are often called "psychics". The term comes from the Greek word psychikos, meaning "of the soul, mental," which is in turn derived from the Greek word psyche (soul/mind). It was first used by French astronomer Camille Flammarion (1842 – 1925), who was also a noted spiritualist and psychical researcher.

So the other I went out with a friend(anonymous), he told me some of his dreams which later really came true. Well, I believe that he's a total psychic!
There was once when he dreamt that he was studying Sejarah in his uncle's house. And guess what? 2 years later the dream actually came true! The exact place, the exact table, the exact page, the exact title! Like what we call DE JA VU! He could vividly remember that it was something about HICOM! Gosh, how do we explain this phenomena?
There are some other dreams too which he has truly experienced in real life, and some of them may be his future experience. I got some goosebumps while listening to his stories!

I believe sometimes when we are doing something we might feel that "oh, this scene is familiar! the de ja vu feeling. it feels like we were here, doing the same thing, speaking the same sentence some times ago." I had such experience sometimes. However, the cause is really indescribable.

Is he considered blessed to be able to predict his future? He was actually worried that he might lose the ability once he told me all these. He even reminded me that if I'm gonna post it in my blog, I'd better not mention his name. kekeke.
However, if I were to choose, I wish to be normal instead of being a psychic. Well, I mean, 50% of psychic should be okay, but not the kind that can predict the future! Afterall I don't wanna spend everyday in fear knowing that something bad is gonna happen!

What do you think about my blog?

Kayvin: nice blog! about true life story

Katie: probably because your life is interesting

Wow, I feel so flattered!
It's a good start for Kate the amateur blogger eh?
Hope I will get more inspiration to continue blogging!XD

Wait, wait, Yee Kiat thinks my blog is boring and not interesting at all!
He said it's too formal (what the freak?)
He said I should type like:
~DaRkNesSiN~ says:
like , walao eh.. tat onz pattern bayk or sthing like tat lar.

No way! I prefer good English! And of course plus a little bit of copykate's styleXD


Tahniah! Anda telah ditawarkan ke Program Matrikulasi,
Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia.
No Kad Pengenalan: 900824-xx-xxxx
Program Pengajian : 1 Tahun
Kursus: M001-SAINS
Tarikh Mendaftar: 15 Mei 2007

This is unbelievable! I've never thought that i would get the offer! XD
Me, Joo Kim, Jasmine, James, Koon Hua, Wee Lit, Wee Guan. . .
Okay, I just checked for all my classmates by using their index number.
Guess what? More than half of them received the offer!
But some are in Melaka, Perak, Pahang and N9 instead of Tangkak Johor.

Now the question is, should I accept the offer?
Obviously the duration is shorter than form6, but it's only recognised by Local U.
So so? Any comment? kekeke


Blogging in Wetex Parade. Failed to connect to Classic's wirelessXD

I was thinking, how do we define LOVE?
Love birds are sweet and happy. But once it comes to separating, it HURTZ.
First it was Joo Kim. Then Yee Kiat. Later on Ang. Not forgetting Zi Li. And me, of course. We've got our hearts broken. We cried. We suffered. There is no way to describe our pain and sorrow. Would we ever start our relationship if we knew that we would end up like this? I guess we would answer YES still.

The LOVE may be totally gone one day. But the MEMORIES will never fade away.

Cheer up, my friends!
Let bygones be bygones.
A bright future awaits.

Good Bye my LOVE.
Some other day perhaps. . .

Sunday, April 15, 2007

BBQ Party

Last night was Zili and Chia Hui’s birthday party. They held it one week earlier at Zi Li’s apartment.

I love chicken wings! They were marinated, plus honey, super yummy and irresistable! There were also sausages, fishballs, satay, otak-otak and potatoe.

Katie: One of your sausages is missing one ball!
*wink wink* What does that mean? Kekeke. . .

I learnt from Zi Li’s mum that you can actually BBQ marsh mallow! Too bad, I didn’t get to taste it though.
Gotta try it next time! Blerkz.

I waited so long for Jessica. Finally she was there after 11pm. Poor girl, she had to rush back from KL after her exam that ended at 5.30pm. I remember how Zi Li pointed at her breasts and uttered “tik-tik sui” (pronounced as ‘tek-tek sui’ XD)

The ONS United (one night stand?) had their mini futsal competition during which they used a cute little football. Later on Jessica and I, the amateur learnt they way to strike the ball. We even played the “monkey-snatch-ball” game with Zi Li, Zi Khai, Andrew, Jin Sheng, Kay Vin and so on with our BARE FEET. So by the time it ended, our feet weren’t grey, but really BLACK like charcoal!
I don’t exactly like watching football games, but it’s really fun when you get to kick the ball around!

At around 1am+, there were only few people left. We sat in a circle and began telling ghost stories, mostly about MMU Ixora apartment. Okay, I’ll never ever study in MMU then! I didn’t wanna go on listening, so I decided to give Zi Li a helping hand by cleaning up the place.

2.15am: Dismissed.

Oh, by the way, Meng Hong is big in size, but why isn’t he mature in mind? =p

Here are the photos:

Prince William and Kate Split

Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleston have ended their four-year relationship, dashing hopes of a royal wedding to rival that of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

The newspaper said the split was caused by the huge pressures on the young couple and by William's career in the army.

"As far as Kate is concerned, William simply hasn't been paying her enough attention. She is stuck in London while he is living in an officer's mess. Kate feels hugely frustrated that their relationship just seems to be going backward at a rate of knots."

So sad X(
Will they ever get back together again?
I don't care, Kate must become the princess! XD

Just one month ago ... Kate Middleton with Prince William at the Cheltenham race festival in Gloucestershire. They became friends at university.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

It is no one else but Zi Li whom I would like to thank. Thank you for being there to listen to my problems. You’re a good comforter!


Smokers Are Suckers

I couldn’t believe that Winston actually came forward and exhaled his smoke to my face! I was stunned. That was really HUMILIATING!

We, the innocent become your victim by inhaling your second hand smoke. Ever thought of the consequences of smoking?

Do you actually think it’s cool and trendy to be a smoker?

Repent. It’s never too late to quit smoking.

Some People Are Just Assholes

It was a terrible night for me. I shouldn’t have stupidly followed them to Tanjung. I thought Hui Yi would be there so I wouldn’t be the only girl. I should have just gone home after having supper!

I’m absolutely not a “help-mama-they bully-me!” kinda girl. But does it mean they have to pick on me all the time? Do they actually find joy insulting me? They’ve had fun teasing me as if I’m worthless.

I would have slapped Zi Khai on the spot! I would have taken my revenge. If only I can make him feel sorry. I don’t care if you think I’m ugly. You would have got yourself a girlfriend if you’re really that handsome! Please stop staring at me all the time as if I owe you in my previous life? Seriously, I don’t ever want to talk to you again! You should feel guilty for how you insulted me.

Obviously he wasn’t the only one. I decided not to name the others. They’ve wounded me to my heart by simply pairing me with some other guy and poking fun about us. Outspoken, I don’t fcking like him and will never make love to him! So stop your dirty jokes! If you’re that desperate, why don’t you find your girls and try it out yourselves instead of making fun of people?! I considered you as my friends, but look at the way you treated me. You don’t call it humour cause I thought that was really too much.

Everybody was against me. I appeared really helpless. God had given me the strength to deal with it on my own. Neither did I cry nor use foul language. There wasn’t any tear. I took it as a trial instead. I was learning to be strong.

If one of you happened to read this, I hope you will understand how I felt. Don’t misunderstand that I’m asking for your apologise. I just wanted to release my anger.

So why should I care? =)