Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Embarrassing Incident

8.21pm yesterday +6069544989 calling. . .

Dunno-who: Where are you?
Me: At home, who are you?
Dunno-who: Giant (Zion)
Me: Ang is it!
Ang: Know already still ask. I’m coming to fetch you now.
Me: (kong mong) Where to??
Ang: Dunno yet. Later only discuss.
Me: Who else going?
Ang: Me only.
Me: Huh. . . Okay. . . (reluctantly)

We went to Uncle Sam’s Café. As it was drizzling, I got a little bit drenched before entering his Waja. He said that car “si beh chi you!” His petrol finishes off once in a four days time despite that he only drives to and back from town. Gosh, that must have cost him a lot!

An embarrassing incident occurred in the café! While I opened my bag and took out my cell phone, a 50cents coin eventually dropped on the floor. Thinking that it was mine, I picked it up and put into my purse. Moments later, the lady boss came forward to me and uttered something (which I couldn’t hear clearly). When she pointed to the next table, somehow I realized that. . . Oh no! It was the idiotic coin! It wasn’t me but them who dropped it before it rolled to my seat! Garn, why must I be so “lucky”? The owner of the coin kept repeating “never mind, never mind”. I felt so embarrassed that I wished there was a hole for me to hide myself in! Rather, I laughed at myself and passed the coin to the lady boss in order to return to its owner. To think about it, it wasn’t exactly my fault right? I mean, it happened that my bag was left opened and I was half way taking out my phone at that moment. Okay, frankly, it was a 50cents coin and you can’t expect me to just leave it on the floor right? If you were I, wouldn’t you have done the same thing too? Worst of all, Ang kept laughing and saying that I always do embarrassing things. If you were I, wouldn’t you have done the same thing too? X(

Back to the point. Obviously his purpose of asking me out was no other than telling me his stories, expressing his anger and disappointment. In fact, he called me out because Wee Ling wasn’t free! Okay, so I was sorta a spare tyre huh? Mean! So he talked about how he cried in his lecture class that caused 200 over people to turn back and stare at him. I guess he must be famous star in TARC now.

Later on, we joined Katie, William, Winston, Jin Sheng, Yee Kiat, and Meng Hong in “Ah Kiong” eatery. My favourite spring chicken! And my favourite part-chicken wing! Pity Katie that her chicken wing dropped on the floor. Never mind, let's go to Pizza Hut some other time for Deli Wings! XD

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