Monday, April 16, 2007


Blogging in Wetex Parade. Failed to connect to Classic's wirelessXD

I was thinking, how do we define LOVE?
Love birds are sweet and happy. But once it comes to separating, it HURTZ.
First it was Joo Kim. Then Yee Kiat. Later on Ang. Not forgetting Zi Li. And me, of course. We've got our hearts broken. We cried. We suffered. There is no way to describe our pain and sorrow. Would we ever start our relationship if we knew that we would end up like this? I guess we would answer YES still.

The LOVE may be totally gone one day. But the MEMORIES will never fade away.

Cheer up, my friends!
Let bygones be bygones.
A bright future awaits.

Good Bye my LOVE.
Some other day perhaps. . .

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