Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wonderful Dreamland

I had approximately eleven hours of sleep last night and have had two interesting dreams. First, I was playing at a really huge playground, in which the slides were pumped by air, the kind that we often see in shopping complex where kids need to pay to gain entry, except that it was many times bigger in my dream. I was thrilled! I thought, what a paradise for me! It seemed that I wasn’t tied down by time in my dream. In fact, there was no such thing as TIME at all! I could just play and play there without having to rest, without having my parents bugging me home and without having to care about anything in the world. I remember seeing Jess there, and some other girls whom I can hardly remember. I stupidly asked Jess how we were supposed to play. So she taught me something as simple as sliding myself down the slide=.=” There wasn’t any guy though. The playground was located high above the ground. When I glanced down, the scene was exactly like the lobby of Genting First World Hotel! So I told myself, cool, I’m in Genting Highland! Kekeke. So I continued playing on the slides, played and played and played, until I realized that my handphone was ringing. Garn! I should have muted it! Half-consciously, I could see that Zili was calling. I can rarely remember what he talked to me about. Probably something about his birthday? Crystal? Delwyn? Anyway he spoilt my dream!!! How dare he woke me up from my wonderful dreamland! When he finished talking and hung up, I tried to close my eyes to bring myself back to the playground only to end up in another dreamland.

Dad was driving me and my sister(or perhaps both sisters) in his Naza along the highway. He was either trying to catch up or to race with a Beige colour Proton Wira in front of us. Whoever the driver was, his enemy perhaps? But halfway of speeding, he turned his car into a tiny lane surrounded by an oil palms estate. I asked him, “Why did you turn in here?” He answered, “This is the short cut. So we’ll reach before them.” But soon we came to a dead end. It was impossible that we could drive any further. Next to us was a train without shield, like those we play in theme park. Without hesitating, we came down from the car and took a ride on the train. I didn’t know how the train functioned since there wasn’t any switch or any engine, but once we sat ourselves on it, it slowly moved. There we go! The view along the way was more or less like those we see when we are in a Genting cable car. Whenever we reach a corner, the train would moved on faster. I could feel the wind blowing against our direction. There was once when we found ourselves on a unstable hanging bridge and underneath was a little stream. People were swimming and kayak-ing on the stream. Out of my surprise, dad jumped down into the stream as I watched in horror! Later on I heaved a sigh of relief after seeing him swimming in the water.

Finally we reached our destination – Langkawi beach! Gosh, I couldn’t believe that we were on the beach! Mum, uncle, aunt, cousins, even my maid and some other friends of mine were there. Somebody asked why we were late. I thought, thanks to dad’s fantastic “shortcut” =.=” There were many banana boats and other kind of boats around. My favourite place, the beach! However, I wasn’t wearing my bikiniXD We ran and played around on the sand. It was simply relaxing and enjoyable!

By the time I woke up, it was already 1pm! Didn’t expect myself to have slept for so long. How I wish I could live to play in my dream! The playground. The beach! Oh, I can’t bear to leave! X(


Katie ♥ said...

as a psychologist, i'll interpret your dreams for you. you most probably wish to go on a holiday with your friends and family, maybe to genting XD

stupid analysis =.=

Copykate said...

thats not true! i dun wanna go genting! hmm. . . perhaps i juz wanna have fun like a kid! XD