Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Plan Is Ruined

8.30am- mum took her key and unlocked my bedroom door. Thank God I wasn’t sleeping naked! They woke me up and asked me to go to Full Gospel Church with her. The service is 9.30am! One hour earlier than Emmanuel. I lazed on the bed for around 20minutes, woke up reluctantly, washed up, bathed, then she told me that we shall go there at night. Fine, fine, now I can continue to sleep. Woke up at 12pm, didn’t brush my teeth (not necessary right?), went downstairs only to realize that the breakfast wasn’t that appetizing. Okay, waited for lunch then. Ding ding! Guess what? I received a message from that psychic. So he has met the girl in his dream and it is very likely that his dream will come true. It sounds creepy. I never knew that my friend would have such ability.

Back to yesterday. My dial up credit finished so couldn’t online and update my blog. Mum drove me to Chia Hui’s house to pass him (more like to throw him) his present. I threw the parcel into his house, thinking that no one would caught me. Minutes later, he called me and said Thank You, and told me that I was spotted by his brother. (Argh stupiak Chia Da! No more suspense!) After that I passed Zi Li’s present to Hui Yi, since they were gonna send her off to the airport. At first everything was well-planned. I even asked for Meng Hong’s help to pass the present to Zi Li in Taylors on 24th. But sadly, Hui Yi actually forgot about it and brought it with her into the plane!!! Now what? His present is gonna travel to Australia and will not be back until June! When she phoned me and told me that she forgot, I nearly thought that she was kidding. Before that I even SMS and reminded her. She said she was too busy crying. Okay, honestly I wasn’t really mad. But, really disappointed cause my plan is ruined X( Hope she won’t forget to bring it back on June then. I will remind her everyday until she gets sick of me! Kekeke.

Luckily I managed to have a luxurious supper so I could forget everything about Zi Li’s present. I simply love eating! Crabby my favourite! Oh by the way, it’s to celebrate mum’s birthday which happened to be the same day as Chia Hui’s.

She looks retardedXD

Seriously, I think my life is really boring. I had got nothing better to do so I took out my nail polish, DIY manicure and pedicure. My toe nails are pinkish now and the shape is more like round round grapes! Gosh, I adore it! XD After supper, I asked for Zi Li’s help to reload my dial up. Finally I could online! Seem like I’m really addicted to Internet. Chatted with Andrew until 3am! I could hardly remember what we crapped about. Oh, I complaint about those girls who go around sending message-liked comments in Friendster and those who always type in big small letter. So he said, is it like “euu luUrbexx miexx” ? (yea, not exactly that but something like that) Yes, they irritate me! But those who put “the great” behind their Friendster nick are not much better, like stated in the uncyclopedia. LOL. He showed me 2websites, hotels that offer backpacker rooms. $17, $18. Gosh, really that cheap??? One day I must pack and go to Singapore! (Mum will kill me if I go and stay overnight alone, she will kill you as well if you sleep with meXD) Stop saying so much since my passport is gonna expiry soon. Blerkz.

The below shows what scholars do in Singapore:

Don’t watch. They’re stupid actually. I have no idea what the videos are about . Kekeke.

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