Monday, April 16, 2007

What do you think about my blog?

Kayvin: nice blog! about true life story

Katie: probably because your life is interesting

Wow, I feel so flattered!
It's a good start for Kate the amateur blogger eh?
Hope I will get more inspiration to continue blogging!XD

Wait, wait, Yee Kiat thinks my blog is boring and not interesting at all!
He said it's too formal (what the freak?)
He said I should type like:
~DaRkNesSiN~ says:
like , walao eh.. tat onz pattern bayk or sthing like tat lar.

No way! I prefer good English! And of course plus a little bit of copykate's styleXD


Anonymous said...

hmm...really nice bl0g!


Anonymous said...

interesting one!sorry,my identity's ano cox i've no blog ere..ur one interesting person!