Sunday, April 15, 2007

BBQ Party

Last night was Zili and Chia Hui’s birthday party. They held it one week earlier at Zi Li’s apartment.

I love chicken wings! They were marinated, plus honey, super yummy and irresistable! There were also sausages, fishballs, satay, otak-otak and potatoe.

Katie: One of your sausages is missing one ball!
*wink wink* What does that mean? Kekeke. . .

I learnt from Zi Li’s mum that you can actually BBQ marsh mallow! Too bad, I didn’t get to taste it though.
Gotta try it next time! Blerkz.

I waited so long for Jessica. Finally she was there after 11pm. Poor girl, she had to rush back from KL after her exam that ended at 5.30pm. I remember how Zi Li pointed at her breasts and uttered “tik-tik sui” (pronounced as ‘tek-tek sui’ XD)

The ONS United (one night stand?) had their mini futsal competition during which they used a cute little football. Later on Jessica and I, the amateur learnt they way to strike the ball. We even played the “monkey-snatch-ball” game with Zi Li, Zi Khai, Andrew, Jin Sheng, Kay Vin and so on with our BARE FEET. So by the time it ended, our feet weren’t grey, but really BLACK like charcoal!
I don’t exactly like watching football games, but it’s really fun when you get to kick the ball around!

At around 1am+, there were only few people left. We sat in a circle and began telling ghost stories, mostly about MMU Ixora apartment. Okay, I’ll never ever study in MMU then! I didn’t wanna go on listening, so I decided to give Zi Li a helping hand by cleaning up the place.

2.15am: Dismissed.

Oh, by the way, Meng Hong is big in size, but why isn’t he mature in mind? =p

Here are the photos:

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