Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kate the Lesbo

OMG I’m crazy! I’m totally out of my mind! Why would I ever dream of being a lesbo with Katie and actually had xxx with her?! It was so real! I thought I wasn’t dreaming! We did it and. . . garn! I felt high. Was that actually orgasm?! We enjoyed it so much that I thought it was perfectly acceptable. In fact I thought I’m gonna be a lesbo since girls can perform better. Oh, I think she had some problem with William in my dream that turned her into a bi, and I was the super lesbo going around hunting for girls. LOL. I think I’m getting used to that idea in real life. I’m considering to become one. NO! Wait, this is crazy. I can’t be! Get over the idea! People will think that I’m a sicko! I don’t wanna lose my girl friends! But wait, I think girls attract my attention far better than guys. !@#$%^&* Wtfreak! Shut up! I don’t wanna think about it!

This afternoon me, Chia Hui, Jin Song and Yaw Theng went to witchery ider (it’s mo li dian zi, if some of you do not know where on earth it is). Thinking that there would be wireless, I brought my laptop along. “Connection Unsuccessful”! Chia Hui’s laptop was facing the same problem. I tried every way, diagnosed the problem, turned off my firewall, changed the setting and everything but failed to connect anyhow. Why on earth?! Is it because we are using Window Vista? What does that have to do with the connection? I didn’t even face such problem in Starbucks. I could even connect to my neighbour’s unsecured wireless(oopsXD). We met Sze Yong there, wearing his Axis uniform, together with an unknown girl. Well, I don’t think that was his girlfriend. In his SMS, he told me that was his ‘sis’. Yea right, as if. Kekeke. Okay, I know his character quite well. It’s better not to mention. LOL.

At night we went to Bakri Pasar Malam with Joo Kim. Too bad Jin Song couldn’t make it, saying that he had to go out with mummy. We “shop” there for less than 30minutes, then headed back for “cha kuey tiao” at somewhere near Chung Hwa Presbyterian. I was too full to order anything. For once I was free of food temptation! XD Now dad is back with supper. Char kuey tiao! Good, good, now I’m no longer full! Yummy! Sleep, eat, enjoy. That’s about my current life!

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