Thursday, June 26, 2014

[ADV] Sweedskin Soft Launch @ JW Marriott KL

I have been blessed with good skin thanks to my beautician mum who has always cultivated the importance of skincare ever since I was young. Now that I am approaching mid-20s (quarter life crisis!), she wouldn't stop lecturing about how I should not be stingy but to INVEST more of my money in good skincare products or to live my life after thirties in regrets T_T

Fortunately, I have always been introduced to renowned skincare and beauty products. One of the recent ones that I explored was Sweedskin as I attended the soft launch at JW Marriott Hotel with fellow MHB members.

Sweedskin is not an average pharmaceutical brand but a medical-grade skincare line that is only available in designated skin clinics and certified dermatologists.

Having won the European Cosmetics Innovation Prize 2014, Sweedskin is the very first skincare producer in the South East Asia to use the newly launched Snow Algae Powder, which acts as an active ingredient to protect and activates longevity factors in skin cells, rejuvenates and protects skin at cellular level and at the same time, safeguards skin's youthfulness by activating Klotho. They are also the firsts to use the newly launched Celtonyl worldwide.

Snow Algae Powder is the key to skin's longevity - a great anti-ageing property. It's never too early to start.

The soft launch was short and simple, yet markedly informative. There was a welcoming speech by the founders of Sweedskin and a brief introduction of what Sweedskin is all about.

The educational introductory session was followed by Q&A session during which most of the medical practitioners raised up some practical queries.

The 7 key products in the Sweedskin line:

Age Reversing Serum
Snow Algae With this extremely nourishing and ultra-rich serum it helps to reduce existing visible wrinkles/ fine lines and restore skin's comfort. Instantly skin feels firmer, plumper, lifted, leaving your skin smoother, supple and younger looking skin.

Luminous Purifying Cleanser 
Organic Amaranth Protein Luminous Purifying Cleanser can be one of the most valuable facial cleansers to maintain your natural healthy skin. It deeply cleanses and hydrates your skin in a mild yet efficient way, leaving your skin feeling fresh, supple and revived.

Skin Activator 
Celtonyl Experience an idea daily touch facial mist to clean, clarify and refresh your delicate skin. It is a non-drying facial mist formulated to restor skin's comfort by removing impurities, soothes and hydrates your skin.

UV Protection Day Cream 
Ecocert TiO SPF30 Natural and silicone free sunscreen with SPF30 helps to restore vitality and healthy skin. This luxuriously rich cream provides sun protection, hydration and intensively nourishing your skins, keeps your skin protected from UV rays and moisturize all day long.

Brightening Serum
Melavoid A serum formulated to restore a luminous and healthy glow to skin while leaving your skin feeling softer, smoother and progressively reveal the skin's natural youthful look, and the skin looks radiant again!

Luminous Moisturizer Serum
Patch H2O Experience the ultimate in skin hydration, This intensive hydrating serum instantly absorbs into the skin and offers instant, immediate and sustainable hydration, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Sebum Reducer Serum 
Affipore Specially formulated this exclusive non-greast sebum control serum for oily/ acne prone skin. It helps to reduce excess sebum secretion to avoid enlarged pores, shiny patches and improved the skin's appearance and texture.

A catch up session with the girls after the event.

OOTD: Corporate dress code

For more information on Sweedskin, click here.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

[ADV] @ Puchong IOI Boulevard

Ever since I started my permanent job, I have come to realize that every cent is hard-earned money and that I should always seek for new money saving tips! I want to eat great food and enjoy a couple of drinks every now and then, but most places that I visit are beyond budget! After a few visits I turn broke and resorted to eating chap fan instead FML.

That’s why comes in! is Malaysia’s first online pre-purchase café bear which offers customers a concept somewhat similar to budget airlines – the earlier you buy, the more you save! Now that’s something great I discovered indeed!

How exactly does it work? Say I want to meet up with my friends at the outlet in IOI Boulevard (there are more outlets opening around Klang Valley and beyond soon!) for some drinks and dinner next week. I just head over to and check our the deals and offer, place my order, pay as I would any online site, receive the QR code on my smartphone, then on the day of my visit just show it to the staff at the outlet, redeem my drink and enjoy with my friends! Easy peasy and done in less than 5 minutes.

If I didn’t like the prices at the IOI Boulevard outlet on that certain day, I could simply select another outlet or another date to see if the price is lower. Just like booking a flight -  the price increases as more seats are booked or in this case, the price increases as more drink packages are booked on that day. I have a more detailed run through at the bottom of this post.

Well enough talking, the girls from Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers (MHB) and I attended the special friends and media preview of the very first outlet at the IOI Boulevard in Puchong and here’s what we discovered!

The interior is chilled out bistro cum café environment with pipped in music that’s not overwhelmingly loud. You don’t need to shout to have conversation while the tables are spaced out nicely to ensure you wont hear your neighbouring table’s conversation.

There are many comfy sofas to lounge around in or for those of you who prefer playing some darts, there are 2 electronic dart machines.

Drinks wise, there is a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for you to choose from. As DeBudget,com is a GAB outlet, expect the usual draught options – Tiger, Guinness and Heineken. If you’re there during the daytime, you can also try their selection of coffee (latte, cappuccino, espresso etc), teas, smoothies, fruit juices, soft drinks and mocktails or if you prefer something with a little more kick you could try their cocktails as well as the wines, liquors and champagne.

There is also a selection of food ranging from breakfast (opening until 2.00pm), sandwiches (opening until 5.00pm), appetizers, main courses, snacks and desserts for those who feel rather puckish or are dining there during lunch time.

Pictured above is the Bacon Wraps – RM18.00++ which is pretty much bacon wrapped sausages aka Pigs in Blankets and this dish goes very well with beer!

Salty Pork – RM23.00++

Essentially fried siew yoke which is slightly on the salty side (hence the name) and this is another dish that goes tremendously well with beer.

Not many people would expect to see fresh oysters available in a bistro but of course DeBudget aims to break the mould. The oysters are available seasonally and are extremely fresh and huge!

Original Recipe Chicken Drumstick – RM16.00++

This is a must try dish at DeBudget. Crispy and flavourful chicken drumsticks that are great as a snack or even as a main depending on how hungry you are. But trust me, order one plate for yourself otherwise you might find yourself fighting over chicken drumsticks with your friends! XD

Carbonara Pizza – RM23.00++

Spaghetti Aglio Olio – RM20.00++ (seafood variant)

Beef Lasagna – RM18.00++

Spaghetti Marinara – RM20.00++ (seafood variant)

Chicken Chop – RM18.00++

Assorted desserts

The food is mainly Western favourites coupled with pizzas and pastas. Their spicy chicken wings are also worth a try!

Satisfied faces after dinner. Now time for more drinks!

There’s even a live band in the evenings to entertain you with some tunes allowing you to relax and unwind after work.

XPack offers always the lowest prices for you to have fantastic outings with your favourite people. With Xpack, plan your night out and be the early bird to enjoy great savings on your huge range of drinks! Psst, prices start from RM10 onwards daily limited to 3 packs per person.

Choose from 1 Tower of Tiger draught (2.5 litres) OR 4x Pints of Guinness Draught OR 4 Pints of Heineken. The earlier you buy the cheaper it will be (this is similar to the budget airline concept which is so popular and successful these past few years).

Do note that XPack is strictly for consumption at outlets and cannot be taken away (I’d really like to see how you’re going to tadao home some draught beer lol).

If beer is not your drink of choice, fret not as there are special promotions for liquor, wines and even champagne which you can purchase online as well.

There are many bottles including crowd favourites Johnnie Walker Black Label and Gold Label Reserve, Hennessy VSOP, Belvedere Vodka, Moet & Chandon, as well as single malt whiskies, tequila, bourbon, Bacardi, gin and wines.

Buying online is really fast and simple:
1. Select your desired outlet and date of visit

2. Choose the items you want

3. Complete your online purchase by making the payment. Payment can be made by either using your credit card or debit card (which uses PayPal secure payment gateway), or by using your PayPal account. After the payment is successful, you will be emailed a QR code from which you simply need to show on your smartphone at the outlet on your chosen date. No need to print out any vouchers. Really simple and convenient if you ask me!

4. Go to the outlet on the selected date and enjoy your drinks!

Remarks: If you want a lower price and its not available that day at that outlet, just select another outlet or another date and see if it’s cheaper. It will come very naturally to you as you’ve probably booked airline tickets many times before online. Same concept, just a different product.

Look out for the 2nd DeBudget outlet which will be opening in Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara in June 2014 and they will be having some really awesome opening promotions (such as RM10 for a tower of beer on the launch days!).

So near from my place! It will no doubt be my new regular hang out spot. Who would resist beer at such low prices?? What’s more the restaurant has really great ambience to chill out after a long day of work! ^^

More info on DeBudget at

Or follow them on Facebook at: Puchong
Address: Lot No. F-G-21, IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong, Selangor.
Operating hours: daily from 10.30am – 2.00am

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mi-Rae Inspired Korean Perm

Cut! Several inches gone.

Perm perm *anticipation*

Annyeong, ajumma! LOL.

Not quite done yet.

Waiting to dye.

Tadah! My first time trying out fringe. Have always fear cutting fringe as I have a low forehead. Gotta sweep it to the side.

Kinda resembles a wig now lol. Satisfied with the outcome!

Inspired by Na Mi Rae (Yoon Eun Hye) from Marry Him if You Dare ^^

Credits to New Top Point salon. Look for Patrick if you are keen :)

New Top Point
Address: 26, Jalan Sayang,
84000 Muar, Johor.
Tel: 06-9511241

Thursday, June 12, 2014

[ADV] TOUCH - K-Pop Online Dancing Game

Annyeonghaseyo! 最近看了多韩剧也跟随风!今天让我来介绍大家可爱新游戏思密达~

Calling all K-Pop fans and dance fans! Have you tried the latest K-Pop online dance game? It’s like one of those dance machines in arcade, except more enhanced with interesting features and a variety of K-Pop songs. Most important of all, you could play it right in front of the computer! Check out this short YouTube video:

TOUCH is the latest offering from Perfect World, the leading online game developer and operator based in China.

TOUCH is a web-browser-based game that is dancing themed and requires players to input commands according to the beat via keyboard, camera, joypads and more. It was developed using the Unity3D Engine and features impressive graphic performance, texture and realism.

Hassle free, no big files to install. In fact, you don’t even need to go through the trouble of registration as it can be linked to your Facebook! All you need to download is the Unity 3D video code if your computer does not have it yet. Simple clicks which require only a couple of minutes.

Gather all your friends and create your virtual characters! As TOUCH is meant to be a social game, you can even play with strangers!

Choose to be a skinny charming Korean boy or a pretty Korean girl with long legs! *yeppuda* 

A very exciting step for me in this game is the dressing up! Your character has a wardrobe with thousands of customizable costumes to show off to other players!

Accessories galore. The more coins you collect, the more and better accessories you could redeem! You get to choose your facourite hairstyles too. From head to toe, TOUCH will give you a complete makeover!

Tonnes of outfits available for both boys and girls! Fairytale princess, leopard lady, biker chic etc, I’m gonna get more coins to dress my character up in different OOTD everyday! XD

Now come to the dancing part, you can either challenge other players or simply play in  single player mode. I would opt for the latter first since my dancing skill isn’t exactly impressive :/

Check your ranking versus other players in the TOUCH universe! HAHAHAHA don’t ask me my ranking. But I will dance hard to be the top 20! *fighting*

Hop onto the Social Centre to check out your horoscope, interact with your friends and make some new friends! Who knows you might meet your oppa who looks as cool in real life as his virtual character? Teehee.

In TOUCH, you can flirt as much as you want without feeling sinful! ^^

There's even something called "Wedding" where you can sign a "Deed of Love" with your partner!

As mentioned, there are plenty of K-Pop songs available in the game from famous artistes such as Girls' Generation, Super Junior, f(x), BoA, SHINee, TVXQ, and lots more! New songs will be constantly added so rest assured the songs will not be outdated!

The graphics are cool. It feels as if I am performing live onstage with the camera panning and zooming in and out like a K-Pop music video! But I am guessing in real life those camera flash would be downright annoying. The woe of a K-Pop star~

Needless to say, the dance action is non-stop and more challenging as you level up!

Want to level up quickly? Complete the missions and get the rewards!

Practice your hand-eye coordination and get combos to get even more points! No doubt challenging. Being my slow and clumsy self, I still need a lot of single player practice in order to achieve the combo T_T

You can’t call yourself a K-Pop fan without trying out the dance moves yourself! Challenge yourself with this cute and fun dancing game today!

Yo yo, no more waiting, let's TOUCH!