Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Love Starbucks

Pomegranate Peach Frapupccino
Did I tell you that I love Starbucks?
It is the only place where I can online in peace =)))

Jusco Members Day

Yesterday, I spent my entire evening reading Cum Passion instead of doing what I should be doing. Trust me, it is one of the most interesting blogs I have ever seen. Lengthy wordy posts yet never failed to keep me reading. Well, just take a look at it! That is, if and if only you’re someone who enjoy sexy steamy turn-me-on articles. No, I don’t mean that I’m horny. And they didn’t really turn me on. Teehee.

I am not lying -.-

Anyway, I always thought I have dozen of random thoughts to blog about, but when I actually get to access the wireless and signed into my goggle account, my mind went completely blank. That’s when I start wasting my entire day blog-hopping but never-once-drop-a-comment. LOL. Sorry peeps, just to let you know that I do read your blog.

Oh oh, last week we went to join in the fun during Jusco Members’Day at Mid Valley! I know this isn’t very flattering as it makes me sound like a cheap-bargain auntie who queues up 2 hours just for the sake of that 50cents discount. Just thought it would be fun seeing people mountain people sea and women fighting over filthy cheap bra on the departmental store as I haven’t been to such special sales day before.

Upon our arrival, we had to show our member card before entering. By then, I had already regretted for even going cause it was indeed people mountain people sea. The whole Jusco was so crowded with people, among whom 80% were aunties, that I was having difficulties breathing, let alone shopping. Never-ending of pushing and shoving and making our way through the tiny gap in between people. I prayed hard that I would not come across anyone with body odour.

The queue at every cashier gets longer and longer.

Briefs for RM10, anyone?

SEED formal attire being thrown around like thrash. There was a 70% off for selected items =)

50% off for loafers.

And bags! Yes, how could there not be sales for bags?

Except that, well, I don’t think I was much amused by the sight of it. Reminds you of the pasar malam you visit every week, don’t you think? Just look at my weird expression -.-

Me: OMG look at this! I didn’t know they sell COACH bags in Jusco! Is this really COACH??? But it’s so cheap!

Hik: COACH??? You look clearly, it’s O, not C!

Me: Oh. . owh. . jeez! (throws the bag away immediately) It’s an O! Wtfreak. I didn’t see!

Hik: HAHAHA. COACH? Cun dou sei.

Dammit. I must have been blind. The O was pretty obvious, no? Perhaps the lack-of-oxygen was making me confused and couldn’t think straight. Stupid enough to have thought that COACH was being sold there. Even stupider for not being able to identify a fake “COACH”, especially one with big O’s instead of C’s.


Couldn’t stand the stuffy and humid store. Decided to get out of the place without paying a single receipts. Got our way out to the shop lots after several pushing and shoving.

It’s mega sales anyway, many shops are having their clearance sales!

Clearly someone had been camwhoring using my camera (my camera! My camera wtfreak!) when I was shopping in Dorothy Perkins.

Cheap cheap Zara tee. The words are meaningful during this period of time because



Hiak hiak. Bimbo theory O.o

Squirrel. ROFL.

I miss you, mahchibai <3

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Mega Sales! =D

Spotted. The Gardens Mid Valley.

Yes, I am that fat. And that tanned.

And actually, those are not my shopping bags. Like, why would I ever go to Converse??? What’s there for me in Robinson? Formal suits? Seed? Hmm maybe. Zara? Oh Zara oh Zara! Ok, one of those bags was mine. Only one =PPP

Tell me, who is the shopaholic?

Pictures on another shopping day:

Topshop high-waisted shorts. Should I, should I not?

Wanted to camwhore in Forever21 fitting room, so randomly picked a denim vest and tried it on. Turned out that it looked kinda cute on me! XD

Mehhh. Too much shopping, too little time.

Currently working on my birthday plan. Any suggestion where I should go for my celebration?

Clubbing? No thank you.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Henessy Artistry @ Bkt Kiara

VIP invitation from Nuffnang.

We were late that night, so missed Pop Shuvit part X( Heard that it was far more greater than Flo Rida?

*pic credit to Joshua Ong. We got so bored of each other that we didn't even bother taking a picture together huh? LOL.

What could be better than the free flow of Henessy cocktail throughout the night?

Me, Hikaru, Yat , Desmond and Diane.

Chicks. And Thomas at the back doing-dunno-what. Teehee.

Steph looking seductive as always XD

Steph, Kate and Sue.

Jan, Kate, Amy and David.

Simon who wouldn’t stop cam-whoring.

Adeline from MDG was there too. Heck, I was looking short next to her! Can see how unhappy I was from my expression. Wtfreak.

And this is me looking pissed off lol?

Ji-ann and me.

The Fuzz gang.

I love Jen’s DSLR! ^^

See, it makes us look so fair. Teehee.

Josephine, Jen and me =)

Hikaru, me, Yat, Nicholas, Kelvin and Mike.

Hikaru, me, Nicholas, Kelvin and Jason.

How Zan red shirt and red face, gf and mini cooper in blue and sei gay lou in white XD

At the end of the party, we have people getting dragged out of the place and vomiting all over, like this:

LMAO poor fella.

Wait a minute. . .

Is this the same young-innocent-kind-looking Shin Chan that I met during Henessy Artistry at Aloha?

*smacks head*

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sakai Sushi

Forgive me for the lack of update. Been wanting to post up some new entries, but unfortunately I LEFT MY CAMERA CABLE IN MY HOMETOWN!!! Someone please borrow me your card reader so that I can transfer my dolly pouting pictures into my laptop. Or maybe I should get my sis to courier my cable here. Teehee. Garn, why can’t they install a blue tooth device on cameras?!

Anyway, boring pictures from the past few weeks.

My third trip to Eye On Malaysia.

The same old view.

Romantic purple.

Yong Tou Fo (the food obviously, not the girl)

Chilli with filling is a must-have.

The black thingy was some pig intestine which nearly made me puke. I mean, it was tasty, but I have this phobia of consuming intestine. Yuck. Gross.

Sakae (I pronounce as sakai =P) Sushi kinda sucks. And I swear I am getting sick of Japanese food already. Caught frowning.

California roll.

The soft shell crab was so oily that it kinda nauseated me.

Potato salad, one of my all-time favourite.

Edamame also my favourite wtfreak.

No no, I think chawan mushi is my favourite. But someone stole the mushroom on top X(

Ironic how I always complain about my fatness but never once stop eating.

More update laters peeps. If I am able to steal the wireless ;)