Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Mega Sales! =D

Spotted. The Gardens Mid Valley.

Yes, I am that fat. And that tanned.

And actually, those are not my shopping bags. Like, why would I ever go to Converse??? What’s there for me in Robinson? Formal suits? Seed? Hmm maybe. Zara? Oh Zara oh Zara! Ok, one of those bags was mine. Only one =PPP

Tell me, who is the shopaholic?

Pictures on another shopping day:

Topshop high-waisted shorts. Should I, should I not?

Wanted to camwhore in Forever21 fitting room, so randomly picked a denim vest and tried it on. Turned out that it looked kinda cute on me! XD

Mehhh. Too much shopping, too little time.

Currently working on my birthday plan. Any suggestion where I should go for my celebration?

Clubbing? No thank you.



Anonymous said...

yealur..1 zara bag lur..with ANOTHER zara bag inside dat zara bag mar..u hide it..hmpf..

joshuaongys said...

ahaha suggestion?? go BOOK a specific mamak stall for the whole night hahahaha and celebrate there wtf..

Copykate said...

my beloved gay lou, LOLLLL only one wat. unlike u, bought so many. such a shopaholic! hiak hiak

Copykate said...

joshua, mamak? eew so unglam wtfreak. my birthday cake will be roti tisu then??? XD