Monday, July 21, 2008

Sakai Sushi

Forgive me for the lack of update. Been wanting to post up some new entries, but unfortunately I LEFT MY CAMERA CABLE IN MY HOMETOWN!!! Someone please borrow me your card reader so that I can transfer my dolly pouting pictures into my laptop. Or maybe I should get my sis to courier my cable here. Teehee. Garn, why can’t they install a blue tooth device on cameras?!

Anyway, boring pictures from the past few weeks.

My third trip to Eye On Malaysia.

The same old view.

Romantic purple.

Yong Tou Fo (the food obviously, not the girl)

Chilli with filling is a must-have.

The black thingy was some pig intestine which nearly made me puke. I mean, it was tasty, but I have this phobia of consuming intestine. Yuck. Gross.

Sakae (I pronounce as sakai =P) Sushi kinda sucks. And I swear I am getting sick of Japanese food already. Caught frowning.

California roll.

The soft shell crab was so oily that it kinda nauseated me.

Potato salad, one of my all-time favourite.

Edamame also my favourite wtfreak.

No no, I think chawan mushi is my favourite. But someone stole the mushroom on top X(

Ironic how I always complain about my fatness but never once stop eating.

More update laters peeps. If I am able to steal the wireless ;)

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