Thursday, July 10, 2008

Miaw Miaw I am Back

Don’t freak out. I know it’s been 2 weeks, but your girl is back in style, this time with more news and stories to tell!

LOL. You can forget the opening line.

So, update on Kuching!

Just thought you had been missing my face. This is me, sitting cross-legged like a decent girl in LCCT. Well, I’m a decent girl after all =/

First of all, credits to Maikarumikey who drove me around the miao miao city. A very young little kiddo tour guide instead. Yea, this is pot calling the kettle black. Teehee.

Look where we were!

I’ve read so much about The Spring, and now that I finally stepped my feet in, it is nothing but a 2stories shopping complex which is barely a quarter of Mid Valley.

At least you can expect some brands like this =)

Hui Sing Hawker Centre.

Trust me, I’m no longer obsessed with my camera. Need a new cam badly.

Food glorious food.

I like this picture despite the fact that my bra strap is showing. What’s your problem? BITCH.

According to the little tour guide and little friend Justin, Sunny Hill sells the best ice-cream in Kuching.

China Park, couple hang out place? And I told you I need a new camera.

So I’m from the southern gem? XD

Top Spot Seafood Restaurant.

Me ish hungary.

4dishes including crabs which cost us only RM40+! Cheap, don’t you think??? *happy*

I bet you remember this picture.

Old habits die hard. Wtfreak? And people, there’s no need to tell me I look flat in that outfit. I know I know =P

So, how could I have gone to Kuching without meeting the man? The man with sexy boobs.

The awesome dinner we had at Benson Seafood.

Teh C special Sarawak.

Met up with Mutu as well. It wasn’t until then I realized that he’s not from Sarawak but from Cheras -.-

Maikarumikey was certainly excited for being able to meet Kenny at last XD

Ok. Enough about the man. Bet you’re getting sick of him by now.

Some other food we had at the Sunday market!

Delicious Sarawak laksa.

My favourite mee sapi/ beef noodles/ gu bak mee.

In Sarawak, you should never travel around in a taxi as every trip costs RM8 minimum. This is me getting a taxi ride, smiling happily even though I had to pay RM10 for one short trip XD

Oh, or maybe I wasn’t the one paying =x

How would I forget to show your chubby face, sweetie? I know you were going to sulk cause there’s no mention of you =P

Looks like the trip was never complete without someone eh?

The next time you board Air Asia, try Combo Meal 2 which consists of ham and chicken sandwich and Hot Cocoa drink. My recommendation.

Can’t wait to update you with more exciting stuff but I’m a little bit caught up here.

Now, will you please excuse me? =)

10 comments: said...

uuh? why ur expression all same :P

and why is hikaru there! never ajak me. :P

Copykate said...

my expressions aren't the same in this post! X(

he ajak geh. u should ask him XD

John Mah said...

Indeed Man boobs are sexy. LOL

Simon Seow said...

Makes me want to fly to Kuching for the food.

Copykate said...

johnmah, u have man boobs too? LOL

Copykate said...

simon, yea lotsa nice food there! i like the mee sapi XD the seafood is really worth!

Anonymous said...

eh! kenny with man boobs t-shirt. he looks so much chubby now :(

joshuaongys said...

try Combo Meal 2 which consists of ham and chicken sandwich and Hot Cocoa drink..

hmm no other stuffs huh?? and hikaru.. hahahahahahh ROFLMAO!!

Copykate said...

jg, kenny looks like that all the time. don't forget he's photoshop pro XD

Copykate said...

joshua, wanted to try the roti jala but didn't :P

what's so funny about hikaru??? hmpf!