Wednesday, September 23, 2015

[ADV] TGV Indulge @ One Utama

There is no place better than TGV Indulge @ One Utama for an unforgettable movie experience. As the name suggests, TGV Indulge is unlike the usual cinema hall you visit. For the price of only RM45, you get to be pampered with luxurious and comfort without burning a hole in the wallet.

We already felt like VIPs the moment we were greeted at the entrance. There is a private ticket counter specially designated for Indulge moviegoers. No queue, no hassles.

It would be advisable to arrive an hour or two earlier prior to your movie to indulge yourselves at the lounge/restaurant. Great spot for a date with your significant half as well as an outing with your group of friends. The dining area is designed in such a way to emphasize the atas concept of Indulge. Dim lighting and an overall soothing ambience which takes all your worries off the weekend.

Indulge offers quite a selection of items on its menu. We managed to try out a few dishes which surprisingly were above par. The price was quite reasonable as well.

Oven Roasted Tomato Soup – RM14

Not a fan of tomato but I enjoyed this soup as it was sweet (not sour as I thought). The taste was further enhanced by bits of crabs inside.

Smoked Meatballs – RM16

Butter Mushroom Tempura – RM14

Crunchy deep fried on the outside and juicy on the inside. We definitely enjoyed the mushrooms for appetizer.

Rocket & fruits – RM18

Pan Baked Mango Chicken – RM26

Broiled Salmon Kabayaki – RM32

One of my favourite dish that night. The taste was as good as the presentation itself. I like it as the salmon wasn’t overcooked and it did not lose its tenderness. Even the sides - sauteed mushroom, asparagus and mashed potatoes were great! Finished every bit of it :P

Grilled Lamb Rack – RM48

Enjoyed the medium rare serving which was really juicy and yummy. Slightly charred at the side which blends well with the sweet chili mint sauce.

Slow-Cooked Seafood Rice – RM38

Was quite stuffed by the time we reached this final dish. We were served our bottled beer of choice before adjourning into the cinema. It’s okay to bring in your beer into the cinema too. How cool is that, having beer while watching a movie!

Be prepared to be amazed by Indulge’s cinema hall. Unlike your ordinary cinema, this one is huge and spacious with reclining sofas and personalized call-waiter service. Don’t worry if you forget to bring your jacket as blankets are already provided on every seat the moment you walk in. Not just any cheap blanket but thick and cosy comforter that could keep you warm! ^^

We were really thrilled to be able to be able to adjust the sofa to properly place our legs. No more sitting upright for 2 long hours!

Besides the sumptuous food we had, hot tea and chocolate brownies were served in the hall that night (courtesy of TGV Indulge and MHB). If you ever feel like getting some bites anytime throughout the movie, just press the button on the little table next to you and the waiter will be at your service. Really thoughtful and convenient, isn’t it??

Overall it was a wonderful experience, although ironically the movie we had that night, Fantastic 4 wasn’t so fantastic after all. I would recommend a blockbuster or a high-rated movie if you were to visit Indulge.

Since it was first opened last year, TGV Indulge has also hosted several private and corporate functions. Feel free to check out more from their website:

You know where to get pampered this weekend! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

10 Perks of Being Single

1. Weekends are well spent sleeping in and reflecting on your own life.

2. Money saved on birthday, anniversary, valentine gifts.

3. No matching bra and underwear? Who cares? The only person who ever wants to see it is the girl in the mirror after all.

4. One less worry off the chart - no need to get yourself concerned on where he’s going, who he hangs out with and why he isn’t home when the clock strikes 12.

5. No more obligations to reply one specific person’s texts at all times.

6. Gone are the days when someone wakes up complaining about not having even a quarter of the blanket.

7. No more feeling guilty for having one-on-one dinner with your guy friends anymore.

8. Don’t have to shave your legs anymore since no one is gonna brush against them anyway.

9. No one will nag you for eating too much. Or too little. In fact no one cares if you eat at all! Yay :(

10. Finally, some time to hang out with friends whom you don’t usually bother seeing when you are attached.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

[ADV] The FACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion

This summer, The FACESHOP introduced Oil Control Water Cushion - a total solution cushion foundation for humid summer weather that delivers all-day perfect make up look.

The Oil Control Water Cushion contains whole liquid foundation in a hard foundation case by using LG Patent Micro Foam - 4 times denser than the usual polyurethane sponge which keeps its moist-full contents and enables even application for non-clumping effect.

To apply Oil Control Water Cushion:
Use at a step of foundation. Put suitable amount to puff and apply onto the skin. Tap all over the face.

No filter so you could see the effect more clearly. Noticed how the water cushion has reduced my blemishes and uneven skin tone!

To place refill:
Push the middle part of the case with two fingers. Take apart that comes up from the case and replace the refill.

Reasons for choosing The FACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion:

1. Pat pat one step. Easy one step application. The cushion creates a matte effect on the outside yet hydrated inside the skin.

2. Light and fresh application provided by the synergy of the selected ingredients: Water from Tasmanian (Australia), Italian Oxygen Water, Citrus Unshiu peel extract, blooming rose powder and skin fit cover powder.

3. Sweat-proof. The new innovative product is clinically tested to be strong against water, sebum and sweat. Even after sweating, it maintains the coverage and UV protection effects.

4. Improvement of stickiness. No more sand or hair sticking to the face!

5. SPF50+, PA+++. Ministry of Food and Drug Safety certified powerfull protection of harmful UV rays.

6. Micro foam for even and meticulous cover without caking.

Personally, I like the Water Cushion product for its natural make up look. The effect is matte without eliminating the healthy glowing radiance of the skin. Besides, by using Water Cushion I can now eliminate the loose powder step. More convenient and less time consuming.

If you have tried to reapply sunscreen product or foundation in the middle of the day, you would have realized that those products usually cake up due to the multiple layers application (I was told it is caused by the zinc content in the products). However, you can easily reapply Cushion Foundation without caking!

The moist contents from the sponge has cooling effect for your heated skin which I thought was rather impressive as it is something that most products are unable to deliver.

And I couldn’t be happier that the product allows me to apply the water cushion foundation using the Micro foam without having to dirty my hands! ^^

From 1st September until 31st September, The FACESHOP is having a promotion for Oil Control Water Cushion. Visit to get 10% off Oil Control Water Cushion (retail price: RM88.93) and a free pack of refill! A really good deal indeed!

The FACESHOP currently operates at 49 outlets in Malaysia. More info:

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Frangipani Restaurant & Bar @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

When I first heard about Frangipani several years ago, it was known for being a gay bar at Changkat area. Eventually, I read numerous reviews on the restaurant which were mostly positive. After so long, I finally had a chance to suggest this fine dining spot for a friend’s birthday dinner!

Although its located along the bustling street of Changkat, Frangipani does not lose its elegance. Once we stepped in, we were immediately greeted by the awe of tall pillars surrounding a pond in the middle of the restaurant which emphasized the tranquility of the dining area.

Frangipani’s Tasting Menu is priced at RM295++ each which is pretty reasonable for a French dining standard. Inclusive of wine it would be RM495++ but we opted to pick our own wine in fear of being served inferior house wine.

From the Tasting Menu, we get to taste a variety of Amuse Bouche which made me really happy because I always like my food in a variety.

Freshly Shucked Tasmanian Oyster served with condiments. Tasting Menu serves 2 oysters but we added 2 more for RM12 each. Those oysters were fresh. Sadly by the time we decided to order more, the kitchen was closed :(

Petuna Ocean Trout (tea smoked) served with confit potatoes, horseradish and salmon roe. That’s what it said on the menu, but ehmm, I don’t see the potatoes? Anyhow, the smoked trout tasted great.

Hokkaido Scallop (pan roasted) served with potato sliced, king oyster mushrooms and mushroom ragu. The scallop and huge piece of king oyster mushrooms went really well with the ragu.

Foei Gras (pan seared) served with apple “rendang”. I always prefer my foei gras served with something else to make it less “jelak”. In this case, the apple “rending” foei gras was quite a good combination.

For main, we had the option to choose either Organic Duck Breast or Black Angus Tenderloin which we picked the latter.  Medium rare tenderness with red oozing juice.

Ordered another main course – Organic Duck Leg Confit with mashed potatoes, grain mustard, smoke plum and potato crisps. I always dread ordering poultry as sometimes they could be cooked rather dry. I suppose this was quite alright.

Dessert served was Milk Waffles with yoghurt ice-cream, wild berry and caramel sauce which was the least of the highlight that night.

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience. Quite satisfied with the food served that night and no doubt, the remarkable ambience.

We adjourned to their bar after dinner. Quite a chilled place unlike the other noisy bars on that street.

Frangipani Restaurant & Bar
Address: 25, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
Wilayah Persekutuan 50200, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 – 2144 3001

p/s: As of 15th June 2015, Frangipani has stopped operating. I am glad to have experienced it once right before it was closed. It was a wonderful dining spot, if only we could visit again.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

[ADV} Watsons Really Syok! Campaign Launch

Watsons launched it’s Really Syok! Campaign with a little get together for members of the media and bloggers at Paradigm Mall on 27 August 2015 with news that’s sure to excite Watsons VIP Card members. The campaign is in conjunction with its members programme’s 5th anniversary and will start from 3 September and run till 28 September where the highlight is the redemption reward for an exclusive pass to the largest outdoor concert in the region, MTV World Stage 2015. This year’s concert will feature international acts like Jason Derulo, Carly Rae Jepson, Apink (Korea) and Sekai No Owari (Japan).

At the launch, we got to witness the preview of Watsons Really Syok! video staring model Kit Mah! 

Top male model and the face of the campaign Kit Mah shared, “Once again I am glad to be part of Watsons campaign, and shooting the TV commercial and viral video of Watsons Really Syok! was fun especially the interactive part with the 3D animal effect. But the most challenging would have been the part where I had to wear nothing on me so watch out for that scene!”

Watsons Celebrity Friends were also in attendance including Amber Chia, Reem Shahwa, and Hansen Lee. Popular host Serena C who hosted the event said, “I travel a lot from one place to another and using my Watsons card is convenient because of its Touch ‘N Go feature. And not surprising that I look forward for the Touch ‘N Go redemption available. “With my hectic schedule juggling between hosting events and at the TV station, I rely a lot on my gadget hence shopping online has always been the easiest way for me. I am sure those who are like me would enjoy this redemption for online shopping voucher,” explained Astro Supersport host Reem Shahwa during the interview session.

Celebrity model, Amber Chia added, “The Watsons VIP Card is known for its dining privileges and the redemption for dining voucher is definitely mouthwatering. My family and I have been enjoying as a member since the first day I was officially a member, so thank you to Watsons for making this journey wonderful for me.”

Hansen Lee, a well-known host and model was happy to share, “I have never miss shopping at Watsons especially for my grooming essentials everything is on the shelves. With the reward redemption, I’m happy to redeem La Gourmet products made available. They are good to have.”

We also got to see an interpretation performance from the mime artists who showcase the five rewards redemption in the most artistic ways. Also present at the launch were Caryn Loh, General Manager of Trading, Watsons Malaysia and Jessica Ng, Digital and Consumer Experience Director, Watsons Malaysia.

So what’s in store for Watsons VIP members?

There is the special reward redemption which is available in 5 tiers and redemption can be made at all Watsons stores nationwide.

500 points: MTV World Stage 2015 pass
400 points: Watsons online shopping voucher
300 points: La Gourmet household product
200 points: RM5.00 Touch N’ Go reload
100 points: Dining voucher

Running at the same time is the Watsons Really Syok! members sale offering a fantastic 50% discount with more than 500 products made available from 3 until 28 September 2015.

“We are extremely excited to partner with MTV World Stage for the very first time. And the reward is money can’t buy experience offering to Watsons VIP members as entry to this concert is exclusive. We want to provide our loyal members a really syok experience and partying to the likes of international acts would be one experience not to forget. To party in style, Uber will also offer free rides to Watsons VIP members to the concert venue,” said Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia at the campaign launch.

For more information, head over to: or Watsons Malaysia Facebook page