Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blessed 2010

Hello peeps! Miss me much? We’re back from our Singapore trip! Unfortunately Hunt is down with food poisoning so he slept through the entire journey. Instead of spending our new year eve in Marina Bay, we had to call it off early and headed back this afternoon.

It sucked having to squeeze our trip into one day. I had to rush through my shopping spree in Orchard Road and alas, I didn’t buy anything much except two cute t-shirts from Pull & Bear (the same design, one for Hik one for me XD), one denim shorts from Cotton On, a pair of jeans from Forever21 (which costs only $19 wtfdamncheapomg!!!), a long-sleeved top and a tank top from Forever21, that’s all. FML, I couldn’t even do a proper shopping because Hunt kept looking for a place to sit down and rest! He urged us to go back when it was only 6 o’clock. Wtfreak.

Anyway, 2009 will come to an end in a few hours time! In conjunction of that, I’ve got myself a new look to welcome 2010. What do you think? Tell me that I look good! Teehee.

Happy New Year, loves! <3

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Greetings from Molek

Greetings from Taman Molek, JB! No we did not manage to go to Singapore today, cause it was rather late by the time Hunt reached. Cocky is driving us there tomorrow.

That's Mama Chua's LV which I borrowed to camwhore. Teehee.

I did a little something for my hair in New Top Point (uncle's saloon). No I don't mean the curl. That's only temporary. I'm in love with my new look. Don't you wanna see it? XD

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Decoration @ Pavilion KL

On Christmas Day, while traffic at everywhere else was quick and smooth, Bukit Bintang area was as congested as it’ always been.

After having a contented Christmas dinner at El Cerdo (will blog about it later on), Darl and I went to Pavilion for Gelato Fruity and to take a stroll.

It was crowded outside, as everyone was obsessed with Christmas decoration photo session.

My attractive silhouette.

Someone offered to take a photo for us, but it turned out rather stupid. LOL.

I guess we’re better off camwhoring this way.

Oh I hate my camera! Failed me again.

Imma reindeer. Teehee.

Finally a decent photo of me. Skinny and long-legged. Hiak hiak.

Hectic life these two days! Just got back to Muar from KL today. Shifted to aunt’s place yesterday, which means I’m no longer staying in my previous condo. It took us quite a while to move everything from one place to another. Thank you darl for your biggest help! Really appreciate it. There was no way to hail a taxi from aunt’s place, so I had to drag my luggage and walked all the way to Carrefour to hop onto a taxi to get to Setiawangsa LRT, from which I departed to Masjid Jamek and interchanged to Plaza Rakyat before I finally reached Puduraya. As if my life wasn’t miserable enough, my bus turned up 40minutes late! FML. Tomorrow morning, my family and I will head down to JB together. Yay! Gonna meet up with Hunt and Kok Chun to go to Singapore. Pray that it’s going to be a pleasant trip. Still unsure of where I’m spending my new year eve though. We shall see. Till then =)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Malacca Trip 3 - A'Famosa Resort

To end my Part 1 and Part 2, here’s the part 3 of our Malacca trip! I know this post comes half a year late, but don’t complain, for it’s better late than never! Posting it now makes me realize how much I miss my classmates and how I wished that our course wasn’t over yet *sobs*

After leaving Malacca town, we rented a bungalow in A’Famosa resort. If you’re hosting a house party, this is the right place! For a few hundred ringgit, you get to rent the whole bungalow with swimming pool to party all-night long! And I kid you not, the bungalow isn’t small. For the one we rented, there were 4 big fully furnished rooms with comfy bed and sheets. In fact, the house was way too large to host just 11 of us XD

Our swimming pool! i have no idea why the filter wasn’t switched on. The water was calm and still all the time. More like a lake than a swimming pool. We were too engaged with our mafia game, hence let go of the opportunity of utilizing the pool. What a waste!

It had been ages ever since I last visited A’Famosa Water Park. It kinda sucked as there wasn’t anything much to play. Look, Weiyi is in the photo! How miraculous. HAHA. Chew Win and Su Ann were missing cause they were busy shopping for swimming suit. Wtfreak.

Met up with my family there. Mum didn’t want to join us in the pool cause she was afraid of getting tanned. Dad didn’t either, cause he was too embarrassed to wear his swimming trunk infronta my classmates. What a pair of vain couple! LOL.

Long legs. Teehee. I refrained myself from wearing bikini to avoid the unnecessary stares of jakuns.

Look at this photo! With dad day-dreaming, Shan stoning, Ben posing, Kian How scratching, Sai emo-ing and mum yawning! ROFL I’ve got nothing better to do than observing each and everyone in the photo.

My siblings and the blind folded horse at the entrance. After saying bye to my family, we went to check in to our bungalow and took a good rest before proceeding to our next activities.

With the bottle of Chivas Eyu brought along and numerous bottles of cocktails that we bought from Jonker Street, we were ready to rock the night.

Remove your contact lens, ladies!

Camwhoring is essential before drinking session.

Well, at least for the three pretty girls. I didn’t intend to join as I knew I wouldn’t post up ugly pictures of me wearing spectacles. Teehee.

Su Ann with Eyu's guitar. Spot Shan’s stinky pillow on the bed. It was our biggest fear throughout the trip.

Soon, it was our bartenders’ show time.

Super bue ta han. Wtfreak.

Trying to spice things up with a little romance. LMAO.

What’s with the pointing? I can’t remember!

Hunt would never let go of any opportunity to steal the limelight.

With my detective fedora and bimbotic shades T.T

He’s sooooooooo gay. Reminds me of Bryan Boy.

Yammmmmm Senggggggggggggg. A toast to our straight A’s!

That night, we were so hooked up with Mafia game. After all the screaming and yelling and accusing and defending, we finally got tired around the wee hour. That was when everyone sat down and had a few bowls of instant noodles before hitting the sack.

Although it’s been 6 months, I would never forget the fun and excitement we experienced in Malacca. As we depart from the journey to our respective pathways, the memories we shared shall stay on forever.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Armani Chocolate BA

If you’re my Twitter follower, you should be aware that I have been working in Starhill Gallery for A Journey Through Time III 11days event from 3-11 December. Unlike the other usherettes and registration counter girls who had to work from 10am-10pm, my brand ambassador job starts at 11am and ends at 7pm! Besides, I had the privilege to put on one whole set of clothing from Giorgio Armani. The suit itself costs around RM6K!

My job was to stand at the lounge area and spot any potential customers. Not allowed to approach them anytime and anyhow I like as most of the customers are businessmen who are busy having their meeting or whatever big-talk. Besides, one tiny chocolate cube already costs around RM15. So as time passes, I become very judgmental whether one is rich enough to afford the luxury, and if one is rich, will he be too kiam siap to buy the chocolate etc. There was this time when I spotted 2ladies carrying a Chanel and a LV bag. They bought 4 boxes immediately after I gave them the samples. One box of chocolate costs RM185! XD

There was one particular question that people like to ask: are you local? They think I look China-liked. Wtfreak. Is it because I had my hair tied up?

That’s me hanging out at the main entrance counter and pretending to be the receptionist. This photo is supposed to be serious lah what are you doing, Jane and Vennice!

Yomiko aka Okimoy (HAHAHAHA), Prisca (walao wtf), Stepfanie (who happened to have seen me in Emmanuel Church once before when she came to Muar for NS, who happened to be my ex’s friend from JB omg what a small world!), Sun and I. The only time I could see them was during the one hour lunch break =(

Me looking cool after getting off from work. Photo courtesy of Vince who taught me how to tilt my head to the right angle. What a great photographer.

Wonder when I’ll be able to find a part time job that pays as much as this. Recommend me if you’re aware of any! And girls, don’t hesitate to ask me if you’re looking for a part time job with decent pay! =)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Batu Pahat Mall

On Monday, while I was still in Muar, we had a family trip down to Batu Pahat, mum’s hometown to pay a visit to grandma. It was our first time going to grandma’s new house ever since they shifted a few months ago. To be honest, I prefer the old one better as it was so much more spacious. Surely my sis wouldn’t agree better since the old house holds her childhood memories as she was raised up there before she reached her kindergarten age.

Taken outside grandma's house.

The four of us. Kate, Gigi, Nicholas and Priscilla.

Pretty mummy. Her hair is longer than mine!

Hemsem daddy who always gets mistaken as a Korean. Teehee.

Camwhore in the car.

Unlike her usual self, Priscilla is always the first one to wake up whenever we’re going to BP. We wouldn’t forget how she used to insist on staying there during her school holiday and cried whenever she came back. LOL.

Gigi who is blessed with natural wavy hair (which is so much wavier than mine) and Nick who hogs my laptop to play his games whenever I go back.

We went to BP Mall, which is such a boring place as there really isn’t anything much to shop. Better than Muar still, cause there’s a cinema there. Teehee.

Don’t be fooled by the photo. Priscilla is in fact much taller than me. And she’s only Form3! FML. I feel so short =(

Met up with Eyu before leaving. We went to Summit where he bought something for his baby Shan. Hiak hiak.

For those of you who haven’t been to Batu Pahat, that’s the BP Mall that I mentioned. It was raining when we left.

The journey from Muar to BP takes around 45minutes to 1hour. Our next trip there will be on Chinese New Year.

I am so NOT looking forward because grandma’s new house smells like dog poops! Thanks to the Rottweiler’s master next door who never bothers to clean the shits.