Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Batu Pahat Mall

On Monday, while I was still in Muar, we had a family trip down to Batu Pahat, mum’s hometown to pay a visit to grandma. It was our first time going to grandma’s new house ever since they shifted a few months ago. To be honest, I prefer the old one better as it was so much more spacious. Surely my sis wouldn’t agree better since the old house holds her childhood memories as she was raised up there before she reached her kindergarten age.

Taken outside grandma's house.

The four of us. Kate, Gigi, Nicholas and Priscilla.

Pretty mummy. Her hair is longer than mine!

Hemsem daddy who always gets mistaken as a Korean. Teehee.

Camwhore in the car.

Unlike her usual self, Priscilla is always the first one to wake up whenever we’re going to BP. We wouldn’t forget how she used to insist on staying there during her school holiday and cried whenever she came back. LOL.

Gigi who is blessed with natural wavy hair (which is so much wavier than mine) and Nick who hogs my laptop to play his games whenever I go back.

We went to BP Mall, which is such a boring place as there really isn’t anything much to shop. Better than Muar still, cause there’s a cinema there. Teehee.

Don’t be fooled by the photo. Priscilla is in fact much taller than me. And she’s only Form3! FML. I feel so short =(

Met up with Eyu before leaving. We went to Summit where he bought something for his baby Shan. Hiak hiak.

For those of you who haven’t been to Batu Pahat, that’s the BP Mall that I mentioned. It was raining when we left.

The journey from Muar to BP takes around 45minutes to 1hour. Our next trip there will be on Chinese New Year.

I am so NOT looking forward because grandma’s new house smells like dog poops! Thanks to the Rottweiler’s master next door who never bothers to clean the shits.


Nic Da Nic said...

i am studying there
damn bored..with bpmall
and there's nothing else to see other than ground floor
bored really bored walking there

Copykate said...

nic da nic: u're studying there? bad choice! lol. really boring, can't stay there for more than 2 days XD

sabahking said...

yaya batu pahat is really a lousy place !! nothing to enjoy leh !! hehe !!

Copykate said...

sabah: worse than sabah yea? lol

Eu Jin said...

Batu Pahat worst than Sabah?!? Which part of Sabah first?

Copykate said...

eu jin: kk? of course we won't compare it to undeveloped kampung in sabah! XD

Eu Jin said...

KK is freaking happening Kate. Serious!

I've been to Batu Pahat and also to KK a lot of times, so I guess my comment is justified? :P

Copykate said...

eu jin: really??? wow, gotta visit there some time! XD