Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chew Win's Birthday @ Redbox Low Yat

Angryyyyy! The only reason that I haven’t been blogging is my lousy internet connection! It has been down for 3 days! Certain time of the day, it becomes slightly better but all I could do was tweet and MSN! Couldn’t even load any web page. FML.

Alright, let me just do a short update on Chew Win’s birthday celebration while I can. Redbox @ Low Yat Plaza.

Instead of buying a cake, we bought her a dozen of donuts as they’re her favourite. I took such nice photo of donuts right? XD

We had sent Weiyi and Mei Zhen for the mission of donut-hunting while the rest of us went into the karaoke room together with Chew Win. She was more touched than surprised. Teehee.

Black pepper lamb chop was the most worthwhile meal in Redbox. Highly recommended! Cheap and good. And very generous for the wedges.

Lastly, a very fat unedited photo of me. Oh man, tell me you don’t feel turn off =(

Gotta get ready to go Starhill! Meeting a potential employer, and hopefully I secure myself the job! I shall watch New Moon alone later. Pfft.

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HitoMi Ng said...

It is nice to see the donuts with candle!! hee, very very special