Thursday, November 29, 2012

[ADV] Get Passes to Samsung GALAXY Y Hello Kitty Launch

Attention all Hello Kitty fans!

Samsung is having their Super Sweet BFF Party this Saturday (1st December) 2.30pm at GSC Pavilion!

Gather your BFF, dress in pink, white or blue and come party with us at this girly affair! You’ll be one of the first to witness the launch of Samsung GALAXY Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition!

Reasons why you should be excited about this event:

1)            You’ll get 2 movie passes to ‘Rise of the Guardians’ on the day itself.
2)            Free manicure and airbrush tattoo service!
3)            Makeover session for you and your BFF!
4)            A bonding opportunity with your besties.

And the best of all,

5)            A chance to win free phones if you’re picked as the best dressed!!!

I can’t wait to put on my Hello Kitty costumes and party with the girls!

Quickly get your launch passes from this link!

See you there!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

[ADV] Where's The Party 3 @ Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

Many of you must be aware of the third installment of Where’s The Party that was held recently by Carlsberg. Lucky for me, it happened a few days right after my exam! A million thanks to Carlsberg, I was invited along with a few other MHB bloggers to experience the one-of-its-kind party where the location is kept secret until we arrive at the venue on the day itself!



Occupied the back seat of the media bus. Any idea where we were heading? The suspense was getting us excited! Couldn’t wait to party with Carlsberg!


Meanwhile, Tim Chew, Ashley, Chelsea and Aivee went to the meet up point at Queensbay Mall Penang in a Honda Stream RSZ – a stylish and fuel efficient 7-seater MPV!


After a few hours of journey, we arrived at Queensbay Mall, Penang for the registration. After being given our room number, we ascended the bus again to be brought to the secret location.

So where’s the party? The party was held at Hard Rock Hotel Penang’s beachfront!!! There aren’t sufficient rooms to occupy all of us at Hard Rock so some of us stayed at Bayview Beach Resort which was merely a stone’s throw away from Hard Rock.


A spacious room with 2 balconies!


And a full length mirror. Teehee.


Beautiful bay view from the balcony. It felt wonderful just sitting there and enjoying the breeze.


Getting ready for the press conference.


My roomie, Jane and I while waiting for the shuttle van to chauffeur us to the party location. To be honest it was so near we could have just walked there! LOL.


The international artistes who performed that night includes Twilight Action Girl, DJ Nikki, Mad August, Rubberband, Love Cubic dancers, DJ Inquisitive, Kelis, DJ Norman Doray and DJ Mayumi.

Other than the artistes, the party featured plenty of fun games, ice-cold Carlsberg beer with 1200 guests from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore! With all the party lovers gathered, that truly calls for a Carlsberg! XD


A group photo of us during the press conference. Lesson learnt, never stand at the edge of the photo or your body will be stretched horizontally resulting in you looking way fatter than you already are T_T Yea, go ahead and blame it on the photo.


Headed off
After the press conference, it was time to fill our stomach. There were so many stalls set up at the chill-out zone that prepared local food like char kuey tiao, ojian (fried oysters), satay, murtabak etc. Best of all, everything was free courtesy of Carlsberg!

Since we were at Penang, everyone went for char kuey tiao first thing first. The queue for ojian was crazily long!


Pedo bear is watching you. Soon. . . HAHAHAHA :X


Wilee and I.


And not forgetting, Chelsea and Jane.


The MD of Carlsberg, Soren Ravn and fellow MHB babes.


Then it was time to party!!! As usual, Joey G and Patricia K were the hosts of the night.


Soren made his cool appearance at the party arriving by a jet-ski! The concert kicked off with him rapping on stage with the well-known beatboxer, Shawn Lee.


Rubberband, a Cantopop band from Hong Kong entertained the crowd with a fews Cantonese songs.


My favourite of all (and probably all the guys’ favourite as well XD) was Love Cubic dancers from Korea! Realized they have such great skin when I looked at them close up during the press conference. Super envious!


These pretty Korean babes performed a few hits from Girls’ Generation, Hyuna and PSY! Mad love!!! ^^


Towards the end of the night, R&B and hip-hop diva, Kelis performed her pop and dance music.


Joel and Wee Sin showing off their topless body XD




Met Jen Ni there! We screamed like those typical bimbos you see in chick flicks!


It’s been ages since I last met Foy! Carlsberg really brought everyone together XD (and why must the guys be half-naked? LOL)


Jackie, Ben and Jane.


Yeeing in her sexy bikini. I never had the guts. Perhaps when I get my 6 packs. It’s only 2 packs now. But no,  by saying 2 packs I don’t mean my boobs -.-


Ryan, Ben and Yeeing. Cute photo~


Ernest, Leonard and Radius. I’m deeply amused by that expression! XD

In the meantime of enjoying the concert, we helped ourselves to the free flow of ice-cold beer.

A little info on Carlsberg originated from Denmark with 5% ABV/alcohol, it is a well-known international lager beer founded by J.C. Jacobs in 1847.


Bumped into Chee Hoe there too.


Met his 2 pretty friends Ashley and Stephy ^^

It was a fantastic beach party with all the beer, music, bikini etc. The party lasted until 3am before which we had such great fun drinking and dancing to the awesome hits played by the DJs!


Woke up the next morning with the music still playing in my head. 

As an effort in increasing knowledge and awareness on responsible drinking, Carlsberg Malaysia deployed their ambassadors to distribute brochures to consumers and test their BAC (Breath Alcohol Content). Always practice responsible drinking to make sure you don’t get any hangover! Teehee.


Roomie Jane and I woke up on time for the hotel breakfast.


A group photo of MHB bloggers and our blogger friend Chuckei from Nuffnang at Bayview Beach Resort lobby after checking out.

For more info on Where’s The Party, visit Carlsberg Malaysia’s Facebook page:

Remember to support MHB by clicking like on our Facebook page:

We look forward to partying with you at the next Where’s The Party! For now, always remember to enjoy responsibly! :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ombre Dip-Dye

So excited with my new hair today I can't wait to show you guys!!!

Bored with my volumous long locks and sick of the visible black roots, I paid a visit to my usual salon, New Top Point. Hair cut, dye and manicure altogether!

My old boring hair. Okay maybe it wasn't that boring. But still, I'm sure you'll love my new hair even more!

This time I decided to get ombre hair - darker hues at the roots and lighter shades at the end. At least that's how it supposedly looks, but instead of doing the usual dip dye, my hairdresser dyed it two-toned by separating the inner and outer part of my hair. That being said, the whole strand of my hair inside is of a different colour!

Sooooooooooo many self-portraits to edit! *faint* No caption needed. Just gonna number all the following photos so you can tell me which one you like the best. Teehee.













Only 12 after filtering and leaving only the nicest ones! Not that many after all. LOL.

Ending the post with 2 photos of my pretty gel nail. Baby angels, snow flakes, Christmas trees, presents etc. Hoping it'll last till Christmas! It's everyone's favourite season of the year!

December come quickly!

New Top Point
26, Jalan Sayang,
84000 Muar, Johor.
06-9511241 or 9531241