Wednesday, March 31, 2010

JB Tomorrow!

Hello peeps, I’m leaving to JB tomorrow! Won’t be back till Monday, and might even extend my stay. Will be working for PC Fair, so if anyone is going there, please drop by and say hi! Hopefully my job won’t be that boring T.T

No updates until I’m free again! Okay not that anyone cares. *sobs* wtfreak. I love job offers (provided they’re highly paid ones). They keep me occupied and save me from i-am-rotting-at-home syndrome. But it’s really frustrating that certain jobs have to be on the same days! If only I can clone myself and work in 3 different places at the same time =/

Heading to bed now. I shall continue packing tomorrow. Nitex.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

笨蛋 is a cat

O hai! Black frame glasses are the love! Have been longing to get myself one pair but haven’t found any suitable one so far. The specs I’m wearing right now are a little crooked and make me look like an auntie. I’m short sighted (very serious one) in case you don’t know. Can’t even see your face within 1 meter without wearing my specs.

5 days of Panasonic road show is finally over! Waking up early in the morning and rushing all the way from Wangsa Maju to Sunway Pyramid was never fun for me. The entire journey took me around 1 hour. Sometimes when I missed the bus, I had to spend more than 10 bucks for the taxi fare from Kelana Jaya. However like every other jobs I’ve done, it was great to be able to meet other agencies and freelancers. And it was the first time I got pooped on. Wtfreak. A birdie dropped its poop on my shoulder! Effing nasty! I totally freaked out when I felt the hard liquid that dripped down my shoulder! My first reaction was “SHITTTTTTTT!!!!” And Jolin said: “Oh my gawd literally shit!” Wtf. Thank goodness it did not shit on my head, and neither did the shit come into contact with my hair. Don’t even know whether it was considered heng or suey. Bought 4D but tak kena pun. Cheating =(

Without working at the road show, I wouldn’t have known this uber cute cat! Introducing Darren’s precious daughter, 笨蛋 (“ben dan” which means stupid/dumb dumb)! HAHA that’s her name. So bad of him right!

She hates taking photo but I managed to cheat her to look at my camera! Hiak hiak. See, her eyes are green under the flash XD

笨蛋 looks so slim and elegant in this picture! I sayang her throughout the entire way back from work. She’s not afraid of car journey at all! Even walked here and there with her tail standing up. Super proud princess!

But she’s damn lansi. See her expression when I tried to capture her with my phone cam! I called her 坏蛋 (“huai dan” bad egg) instead of 笨蛋! Kaka.

After 10 attempts or so, I think she got really pissed off and walked off. See that, she was trying to stop me! HAHAHAHA. Damn cute.

Heart my red rose. Some people from Lion’s Club were giving free roses to the ladies in Sunway Pyramid in conjunction with Woemn’s Day (thought it has passed 2weeks ago?) I got myself a red and a pink one. But at the end of the day, a biatch stole my red rose! Damn pissed off lo why did she steal my rose??? I found out who stole it but was being too nice not to confront her. She’s already taken it anyway. Takkan I say oi gimme back my rose or I will keeeel u! Sad.

Will be free till this Thursday as I have to travel to JB for PC Fair. Can someone please ask me out? Feel so bored to stay home. I’m rotting.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I watched Alice in Wonderland!!! Like finally. Been dying to watch it but the cinema was always fully occupied due to school holiday. You kids, don’t you have something better to do than watching Alice every single day??? Seriously, it’s like whenever I logged into GSC Online, the seats would all be taken. Sometimes there were one or two seats left, but before I managed to grab them, they would be all sold out. How frustrating.

So yesterday, after my job training at SS13, I carpooled Jolin and went to Mid Valley. It was probably my 46729135806th time shopping alone. But to be honest, I can’t help but to embrace the joy of being alone, doing whatever I like whenever I want without having to please anyone. I fear that I might be an old spinster next time, judging from my odd preference. I used to wonder how some people could go to the theatre or a restaurant alone. Don’t they feel lonely or awkward? But now it all seem clear to me. Eating out or watching movie alone really isn’t that bad after all.

There was still some time before the movie starts, so I loitered a bit around the mall. Usually soft toys and plushies don’t appeal to me. Yet this time, I got myself a new toy, not because I was attracted by its kawaii-ness that kinda bullshit, but simply because I wanted to pamper myself (and probably cause I haven’t received small lovely gifts for ages). Everyone, meet my Moka-chan!

My cute little teddy looking all new and silky. The shop keeper was even kind enough to have combed his hair upon the transaction. I hugged Moka-chan throughout the entire movie! Everything was perfect until the idiot behind started kicking my chair. I thought it was an accident, but moments later the kicking resumed. What the fuck was his problem??? I turned back to check how the idiot looked like. If he was hot, I might at well forgive him. But how often do you find hot people in the dark cinema??? As I’d expected, it was an unattractive average looking boring malay guy sitting at the back. I glared at him but he still wouldn’t stop kicking my chair! WTF! Was getting really dizzy with all the kicking. Had an urge to shout at him but I had to keep my cool. No choice but to move to the empty seat next to me, in front of his average looking bertudung (let’s not be racist. HAHA) girlfriend. Still felt a bit of the kicking though. Either the idiot was having a good time shaking his legs or having a hard time jerking off.

Well, I wasn’t really alone towards the end of the day. Hika-chan picked me up after his job interview and we went to Jung Won Korean BBQ to get his late lunch. In case you’ve never heard of it, Jung Won Korean BBQ is located at Ampang Hilir next to Sayfol International School. The service there was always good, but this time, I got fucking pissed off with the stupid waiter! Serious shit, I nearly cried when I complaint to the manager. When we asked for side dish refill, the waiter took away all the plates and never came back. And when we asked about it later on, he couldn’t remember what he was supposed to refill for us. He came back with just 2 plates (wtfreak he took like 6 away before that). At this point of time, I was being very patient trying to explain the situation to the foreign waiter who could barely comprehend simple English. I asked him to bring me my bean sprout very politely and noticed his reluctance. Then he came back with the bean sprout, reprimanded us that we cannot refill for so many times, keep refill and refill and that this should be the last time! WHAT THE FUCK?????? DID I JUST GET TOLD OFF BY A FOREIGN WAITER??????!!!! First of all, let me clarify that we did not “keep refill and refill” like what the waiter accused us. It was the first time that we asked for refill yet he took our plates away without coming back. Secondly, what is your fucking problem even if I keep refill and refill?? For all I know, whenever we visit a korean restaurant, we can refill the side dish as much a we want. But now, why did he say that we cannot keep refilling? Is it a new rule implemented by the waiter himself???!

I lost my appetite after getting accused and lectured. The next thing I realized, I was talking to the boss of the restaurant. I complained about how rude his worker is and how much I was dissatisfied with the service, before which he called up the manager. I babbled a lot to him at the same time of holding back my tears (very kelian la being mistreated, any girl would have cried).

Me: You should really train your worker! (Funny that was the first thing I said) He was being very rude to us! When we asked for refill, he took all our plates and never come back. And when we asked for it, he didn’t know what we wanted and told us that we cannot keep refill and refill but it was only the first time we asked for refill, we did not keep refill and refill! His attitude is VERY bad! What kind of service is this??? I’m a customer! This is not my first time here, no such thing ever happened before. It’s not that we never pay! We pay our share and expect to be treated well! I hope you understand! You better talk to your staff!

When I finished my words, that particular waiter walked near and kepo. Bet he knew I was complaining about him. At least show some sense of guilt! Dammit. TMD very angry lo. First time getting told off by a waiter and it was in a well-known supposedly high class Korea restaurant! Cannot suck down such anger! Meanwhile Hika-chan was very calm and did not bother to complain a single word to the person in charge. Please la I cannot be like him one. Must speak out when I get mistreated! Pfft.

Lastly, a photo of me and Hika sepet eyes. Teehee.

I need hugs and kisses to ease my anger.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reliance Travel

Didn’t update for 10days and my visitors dropped like never before!!!

I’ve been really busy for the past two weeks. First it was Export Furniture Fair at Serdang, then Matta Fair at PWTC.

Photos credited to Ejam.

Overly decorated trishaws all the way from Malacca.

Aww, poor baby kangaroo. Your mum did not realize that you were falling. LOL.

More photos from my Facebook! Teehee.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

CNY Hair Bow

After 4 days of work at the Export Furniture Exhibition at Serdang, I finally get to enjoy 1 day of rest! It was so exhausting to wake up as early as 7am every morning especially after graduating college for so long. Sleeping in late has become part of the everyday routine.

Tomorrow will be another busy day. One job briefing and one interview in a row. Have to rush from KL to PJ in such a short time! Better pray for smooth traffic so I could reach there in time. Meanwhile, I have to postpone my visit to Lembaga Peperiksaan till Thursday as I’ll be working on Tuesday and Wednesday. Freaking hectic but it’s fine as long as I’m getting paid. Rejected a volunteer modeling job from a friend recently. Sorry, now that I’m a realistic workaholic, money seems to be my only motivation. Wtfreak.


Some photos taken during the first two days of CNY. Cute hair bow thanks to my future hairstylist sis!

My cousin of the same age whom I grew up with.

And my two younger sisters.

My brother was obviously tip-toeing.

Little cousins.

As usual, aunt brought her Chi Hua Hua back to BP (Batu Pahat, which is my mum’s hometown). Fake Gucci spotted! LOL.

Look, he’s lauging at you! Hiak hiak.

That’s all for now, till I’m free to update again!

Monday, March 1, 2010

CNY with the Usual Gang

Hello people, how was your CNY? Can’t believe that the precious 15 days are over now! I’ve been MIA for the entire first week as every single day was filled with activities.

Just like the previous years, our group of friends went for house visiting together. However, there were a few of them including Zi Li, Meng Hong and Joo Kim who couldn’t join us this year as they aren’t in Malaysia. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you people =)

Since we bai nian with a big group like this, the ang pow we received were mostly 5bucks. Some rich and generous hosts gave 10bucks though XD

Well, you know that getting ang pow isn’t exactly the purpose of bai nian, but it’d be a bonus to get it. Teehee.

The guys are suckers for mafia game ever since I introduced it to them last year. Their loud arguments could probably be heard from the next neighborhood.

It was one of the best CNY I had.

The warmth and happiness of being reunited with all my friends were inexplicable, even though some of them might be a little nasty.

The dinner we had at Malacca was awesome! For the price of RM500 per table, we’ve got Lou Sang, shark fin soup, chicken, roasted pork, sea cucumber, cereal prawns, steam angel fish etc. There were 3 tables of us! By the time they served the dessert, I was already beyond bloated.

That wasn’t all for the night. We proceeded to Yong Haw’s new house for the after-party.

But instead of staying over, we girls went back to Muar before the guys turned drunk and horny. Oopsie, tities alert!

How sad it is that all great things have to come to an end. For my last night in Muar, we held a farewell gathering for Yong Haw before he left to Sydney on the next day.

And as for tomorrow, Katie will be leaving to Melbourne. Due to my work and job training, I couldn’t go back for our last GNO. Feel so bad about that, but I’ll be seeing her again in May! Time to apply for my visa! XD

Of course, CNY isn’t just about friends, but most importantly, family. Will update about that later =)

p/s: Zhi Ang has got a DSLR now, which kinda lifted my burden of being the photographer. All pics are credited to him.

Belated Valentine @ San Francisco

It was so unfortunate that Valentine’s Day had to fall on the same day as Chinese New Year this year. As darl and I are in different state on that day, we could only celebrate belated Valentine when I was back in KL after spending one week in Muar.

Just like last year, we went to San Francisco again, except that it was in KLCC this year. Did not manage to order the lobster+steak combo as they’ve altered the menu =(

Cream of mushroom soup. Darl loves it.

I’m so used to sharing soup with him so whenever I had to have one all by myself, I would feel a sense of loneliness.

Escargot with garlic sauce.

It was super yummy! We finished every bit from the bowl before he suggested that we should order one dozen instead of half on our next visit XD

Mashed potatoes. Had to ask for gravy cause there was no way I could possibly eat them like this.

His beef burger. Blehhh I hate processed meat.

My lamb rack. Soooooo delicious even without the mint sauce (which was horrible anyway)! And the portion was just enough.

Watch watch watch. Eat your food!

Of course I did not eat my lamb with the chili sauce. Those are for his fries. LOL.

Though it might not be Valentine’s Day, it did not matter as long as I felt loved.

Every moment with you is a blessing, and your love is all I would ever ask for.

Missing you already.

Love love.