Sunday, March 7, 2010

CNY Hair Bow

After 4 days of work at the Export Furniture Exhibition at Serdang, I finally get to enjoy 1 day of rest! It was so exhausting to wake up as early as 7am every morning especially after graduating college for so long. Sleeping in late has become part of the everyday routine.

Tomorrow will be another busy day. One job briefing and one interview in a row. Have to rush from KL to PJ in such a short time! Better pray for smooth traffic so I could reach there in time. Meanwhile, I have to postpone my visit to Lembaga Peperiksaan till Thursday as I’ll be working on Tuesday and Wednesday. Freaking hectic but it’s fine as long as I’m getting paid. Rejected a volunteer modeling job from a friend recently. Sorry, now that I’m a realistic workaholic, money seems to be my only motivation. Wtfreak.


Some photos taken during the first two days of CNY. Cute hair bow thanks to my future hairstylist sis!

My cousin of the same age whom I grew up with.

And my two younger sisters.

My brother was obviously tip-toeing.

Little cousins.

As usual, aunt brought her Chi Hua Hua back to BP (Batu Pahat, which is my mum’s hometown). Fake Gucci spotted! LOL.

Look, he’s lauging at you! Hiak hiak.

That’s all for now, till I’m free to update again!

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