Monday, March 1, 2010

CNY with the Usual Gang

Hello people, how was your CNY? Can’t believe that the precious 15 days are over now! I’ve been MIA for the entire first week as every single day was filled with activities.

Just like the previous years, our group of friends went for house visiting together. However, there were a few of them including Zi Li, Meng Hong and Joo Kim who couldn’t join us this year as they aren’t in Malaysia. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you people =)

Since we bai nian with a big group like this, the ang pow we received were mostly 5bucks. Some rich and generous hosts gave 10bucks though XD

Well, you know that getting ang pow isn’t exactly the purpose of bai nian, but it’d be a bonus to get it. Teehee.

The guys are suckers for mafia game ever since I introduced it to them last year. Their loud arguments could probably be heard from the next neighborhood.

It was one of the best CNY I had.

The warmth and happiness of being reunited with all my friends were inexplicable, even though some of them might be a little nasty.

The dinner we had at Malacca was awesome! For the price of RM500 per table, we’ve got Lou Sang, shark fin soup, chicken, roasted pork, sea cucumber, cereal prawns, steam angel fish etc. There were 3 tables of us! By the time they served the dessert, I was already beyond bloated.

That wasn’t all for the night. We proceeded to Yong Haw’s new house for the after-party.

But instead of staying over, we girls went back to Muar before the guys turned drunk and horny. Oopsie, tities alert!

How sad it is that all great things have to come to an end. For my last night in Muar, we held a farewell gathering for Yong Haw before he left to Sydney on the next day.

And as for tomorrow, Katie will be leaving to Melbourne. Due to my work and job training, I couldn’t go back for our last GNO. Feel so bad about that, but I’ll be seeing her again in May! Time to apply for my visa! XD

Of course, CNY isn’t just about friends, but most importantly, family. Will update about that later =)

p/s: Zhi Ang has got a DSLR now, which kinda lifted my burden of being the photographer. All pics are credited to him.

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