Thursday, May 31, 2007

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Blogging? Fame? Popularity?

Ever since April this year, blogging has become part of my life. A girl who is neither studying nor working for the time being, nothing could fill up her time better other than blogging. People often said, “You update your blog everyday ah?” “You so free hor?” Certain time I was encouraged by people who told me that my blog is interesting and could keep them reading instead of just come and go. But I thought, no, this is not right. People wouldn’t want to know what you do everyday, let alone what you eat for every meal. After all, it’s your problem, and they’ve got their own life! However, that’ the point of blogging- writing your electronic diary. Contradicting huh? Yes, apart from that, I’m actually practising my writing through blogging. I used to have difficulties when it came to writing essays, especially English essays. For your information, my English is just slightly above the average, or perhaps just on the average level, much lousier than many of my friends. How much I envy them especially Katie, whose essay mark was always the highest in our class. Three methods in order to get improvement: more reading, more writing, more speaking. My English may not be as superb as others’, but I shall not give up learning. In fact, I might be qualified to become a journalist in the future! What do you think? XD

I’m always taught to be nice to others. For example, when I see somebody, I should smile and greet them. Do not underestimate a simple “hi” for it might brighten up someone’s day. Always remember to compliment others like, “You look pretty today”, “I think this dress suits you” and mean what you say instead of being sarcastic. A nice comment might seem useless to you, but it would definitely cheer up the second party. Sadly, the world has soon become a more and more cruel place. Friendships are no longer true as people are prone to betray and backstab each other. These things happen among my friends, not to mention people whom I don’t know. People are so used to criticizing that they soon forget how they should be nice to others. Criticisms on others’ looks, criticisms on others’ thoughts, criticisms on others’ dreams etcetera. Forget about the others and lets’ talk about me. So what if I look ugly? So what if I’m not as pretty as the Miss Universe, so what if I don’t have even half of your super gorgeous girlfriends’ looks? If my have big boobs, you say they’re fake. If I have small boobs, you say I’m flat. So do you actually prefer bumpy roads or airport? “OMG you’re so ugly! Please don’t take these pictures to scare people!” It’s my problem to be ugly. Why should you care? You haven’t fainted after seeing my pictures huh? “Your camera is gonna spoilt.” “Your mirror is gonna cracked.” Hey, do you think these criticisms are gonna knock me down? Never!

Not to mention my dream of becoming a model, which will never come true, except one day when short models become the new trend. And are you gonna tell me even if they want short models, they will never ever find me because I’m too ugly? Hello, it is just my dream! Do you have to be so mean to tell me that I’m really super duper ugly? Come and tell me these things when you manage to find a girlfriend who is twice times more potential than me. Yes, I say it and I mean it. By then I will confess, “Oh she’s pretty. I’m ugly.” However, being beautiful is never enough in this new era. We’ve gotta be creative, be innovative, and be smart in order to survive. God did not give me a pretty face, but I’m blessed with a good brain. This is what mum often tells me. So, why not make full use of it? A pretty look helps though when you are seeking for a job next time, cause which company wouldn’t prefer to hire someone who has both beauty and brain instead of someone who only have brain but not beauty? As for beauty pageant, forget about it because I don’t intend to take part in any. I’m just envious of those girls who can step onto the stage and become well-known within a day’s time. It isn’t that easy to win the title either as it requires lotsa hard work and effort.

Recently, I actually thought of becoming popular through the network. Yes, I dunno why, but it has always been my dream to become popular. You can say I’m desperate for fame, whatever. Like Kenny Sia who earns $1000 a week merely by blogging? I’m actually hoping to become a professional blogger one day. If a company will suddenly appear out of nowhere and hire me to blog for them. . . I’m thinking too much XD But seriously, there are many ways to earn some extra income through the net. You might be interested to give it a try. Anyway, stop the critics and make the world a happier place. Just don’t claim that you know Kate when she becomes popular one day by any means. COPYKATE shall be well-known world-wide! Sneer at me all you want =)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pictures Tell Everything

Who said camwhores must be those pretty ones?

Half a day spent in Wetex. Zili and Mavin came. I'm gonna borrow Wild Hogs which Zili just bought.

Dad's daily routine- checking on Kenwealth site =.="

Zilo the wolf and Kate the princess XD

Adorable siblings <3>

Had our dinner at grandma's house. We ate chicken rice yesterday, and today we had it for dinner again! Haiz haiz. . .

Outside granny's house where I spent my childhood playtime. . .

This is a cool way to hang your eggs.

And this? A cool way to hang your bra! XD
p/s: they aren't mine!

Some old boring antiques.

My mischievous cousin and sis. OMG. . . Okay, her eyes are really scary. Hope that they won't really turn out this way one day. Blerkz.

A visit to Tongling Nursery before heading home. Wherever it is. Somewhere near Zili's apartment. Dad suddenly turns passionate towards plants. He actually intends to turn our house into jungle-liked!

Flower-pot Runway?

Gosh, I love these cactus!

The caged prisoner. It says: " Have some mercy on me. . ."

Miss Universe 2007

The five finalists of the Miss Universe 2007 pageant (L-R) Miss Venezuela Ly Jonaitis, Miss Korea Honey Lee, Miss Brazil Natalia Guimaraes, Miss USA Rachel Smith and Miss Japan Riyo Mori stand together during the final round of the competition at the National Auditorium in Mexico City on May 28.
Miss Japan Riyo Mori won the title.

Riyo Mori nervously grabbed the hands of first runner-up Natalia Guimaraes of Brazil just before the winner was announced. Miss India, Puja Gupta, who had made it to the last ten, however, failed to reach the top five.

Gorgeous, aren't they? Noticed that their hair are all curly. When will Kate be able to step onto the beauty pageant stage? To be crowned as Miss Malaysia, or even Miss Universe? Kekeke. Kate is definitely too short to enter such contest! She won't even be shortlisted! One day when I go to US, will any company hire me to be their part time model? Then I shall be America's Next Short Model! So, dream on! XD


After reading those popular blogs, for example Xiaxue the blog queen from Singapore, I noticed how boring my blog is! Yes, that's my life, it's not necessary to follow others. However, I'm attempting to make mine a more interesting one. To attract more visitors? To make myself popular? Who wouldn't want all these to happen? Anyway, stay connected but not just come and go! Will be updated soon. See ya! <3

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blogging and Big Bucks

Apparently nothing much happened today. I forced myself to wake up early and go to the hospital for the jab. It was sorta like the BCG we injected during Primary6, to avoid tibi. Much more painful than the blood test yesterday. I was like "ouch. . ouch. . ". If not mistaken Kim was laughing at me XD After that Chong Hao dropped us at Delikateza. Kim and I both ordered two roti canai each. Too greedy. At last we couldn't finish it. If I had known that one roti costs RM2.50, I wouldn't have ordered so much! X( The waitress even charged us RM2.50 for online! Gosh, it was supposed to be free! So wasted. I felt really bad for the loss. Later on, I got back my ATM card from BSN. Our RM50 deposit is now RM34 for they've made us paid RM16 for that useless card. Whatever. Finally, today I managed to take a nap on my cosy room. Yes, I love my bed! So sad that I'm gonna have to leave it soon. . .

Do you know that we can actually earn money by blogging? Gotta give it a try. But the most important of all is there must have a certain number of visitors each day. The more visitors you have, the more money you will be paid. Cool XD

Monday, May 28, 2007

Medical Check Up

Kim, Chong Hao and I went for medical check up at Poliklinik today. When we reached there at 2pm, it was already crowded with people, among which 85% was “yalam”. We waited a long time for our turn, and finally our names were called. First, we were given a sterile container meant for urine test. Anyway, I’m not gonna describe further on the procedure in case I gross you out XD Kim and I kept laughing as we discussed how yellowish our urine could be. Then she started telling me about kepekatan osmosis. Chong Hao’s test result appeared to be all normal because he had been fasting for the whole day. My EU +-10 was highlighted, which means it was a little abnormal. I asked the nurse what EU stand for, and she told me that it’s probably because I’ve eaten too much seafood whatsoever. As for Kim, her ET was +-5 while her EU was +-10. Two things highlighted. Worse than me. So, ET +-5 actually means that her air kencing kotor, according to the nurse. We laughed out loud when we heard that. LOL.

The next thing was weight and height measurement. I’m 42.6kg and 162cm. I didn’t know I was that short! And I can’t believe that the hospital is still using such outdated weight measurement machine. I mean, it’s not even a machine! It’s like those penimbang ceper that we used in our school science lab. Any wind or movement would cause an impact to the scale hence result in the inaccuracy of the measurement. Anyway, who cares? No matter what I’m still underweight with BMI 15.1. After that, we took our number for X-Ray test and waited for our turn. When I entered the X-Ray room, I nearly blushed in embarrassment as a man was standing half-naked inside. So, I quickly dashed into the changing room and took a long time changing myself into the gown cause I couldn’t figure out how to tie it with the one and only strap. I was thinking whether to change my pants too, as there was a long pants hanging in the changing room. After second thought, maybe not, since it was a chest X-Ray. The nurse had been calling my name for several times, so I just walked out without tying my gown strap. It couldn’t possibly fall if I hold it tightly. Kekeke.

We waited really long to get our X-Ray film. Finally our names were called, our films were ready, but the nurse said that we had to come back three days later for the report. By the time it was nearly 5pm (poliklinik closes at 5pm). We rushed into another room for blood test. OMG blood test! At first I thought it was really nothing, but Kim and Chong Hao kept wondering how painful it would be, so I began to feel scared. “God, tell me it’s not painful. It’s only a blood test! Help me to be a brave girl!” I turned my head away as the male nurse inject the needle into my vein. I tried hard not to imagine how my blood would be sucked into the tube. It took around 8seconds. Phew! Finally it was over! Well, it wasn’t exactly painful at all. More like an ant biting me. Blerkz. After that, we went to another room to make our next appointment, which is on 12th June. At the same time, we carried out eyes test there. Actually I couldn’t see any of the words on the wall, not even the biggest one. But since I’ve memorised some of the words before I took out my glasses, I told the nurse that the first word was H. Yang lain, tak nampak. How embarrassing XD But of course, I passed my colour blind test without much difficulties.

All of us felt hungry and decided to eat at Tanjung. Wu xiang, rojak and drinks. Kim was broke cause she did not bring RM170 for the check up while Chong Hao was broke after lending his money to Kim. So I paid for them first since I was the “richest” among the three! XD Kim was going to have her dinner at Star Restaurant. How I miss the delicious curry prawn there! I must beg my dad to bring me to the restaurant one day! Another Mantoux test still. Gotta go there again tomorrow morning.

By the way, I had a really weird dream in which my mum threw a scary-looking dead poisonous viper towards me. She was the one who killed it. I screamed like crazy and woke up in horror! As I continued my sleep, I entered another dreamland- my old house and both of my ex-es were there at the same time. Nothing much happened cause I didn’t know what to do with both of them. Like, to keep one and chase out another, to keep both at the same time, whatever XD

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Public Apology?

I was just thinking posting some nonsense. Then Zili taught me a way to let the matter rest. Okay, as if it would. So here it is. Listen, I've already apologize to Chia Hui personally. Yes, days ago. If somebody is not satisfied, here it goes:
"Sorry to Chia Hui for the offence. Here is a sincere apology from me."

So, was that considered a public apology? Maybe someone's gonna say something like "it's lack of sincerity", "not sincere", "she doesn't feel sorry" blabla. I've already gave way. What else do you want? Happy now? LOL. Oh by the way, perhaps his relatives wouldn't have known about it if someone hadn't make a big fuss. My opinion. Kekeke.

That's all for now. Getting my butt off the matter. Peace=)

Batu Pahat 2days


After having breakfast at “Yellow-roof-place”, I went to Wetex while waiting for Joo Kim and Jasmine to open our CIMB bank account as required by JPA. We wasted more than two hours in the lousy bank, formerly known as Bumiputra-Commerce which is operated by “yalam” race who can’t be compared to we Chinese when it comes to working attitude. Imagine, there were more than five copies of documents which she needed to photocopy, yet she did not bring all of them along at once but chose to walk to the photocopy machine for several times. We got so irritated that we handed everything to her and suggested that she does it altogether. But still, she walked as slow as a pregnant woman! And finally, she asked us to bank in our deposit through the machine, at the same time change our Pin code. Jasmine and I appeared to be so helpless as we had no idea which machine we should use and how we were supposed to use it. Fortunately there was this kind lady who offered to teach us. We had a good time laughing XD Before Kim left for her work, we had our lunch in Wetex food court. Jamine and I shared a claypot chicken rice. Obviously I wasn’t full by just eating half pot of the rice. So later on I went down to McD and bought myself a regular fries.

Me and Beky zilian-ing

Too poor to buy new socks XD

I was back to Emmanuel church again! I attended youth last night with Jess. Before that I prayed hard that nobody would ask me why I hadn’t been there for so long, but instead ask me where I’m gonna further my studies. Praise God that my prayer came true! In that case I had a good answer for them instead of having to give excuses for not attending church during the past few months. However, I told myself that from now on I won’t give any excuse for not attending youth or Sunday service. The peace from God is a feeling which can’t be explained by the human minds. Indeed, it felt good to be back in his sanctuary to praise His name and worship him. Finally I felt whole and complete again. And that is the best place where I could let go all my worries and cares and surrender myself to Him. I was glad that the programme last night was bible study. Before the session ended, Uncle David gave each of us an opportunity to pray. I used to have such fear to pray in public, but not anymore.

Auntie Eng Siew brought Mian Yi and Candy from Pahang to our youth! They’re studying at KMJ, same as James. He got lectured for not bringing them over there. Kekeke. I listened to him telling his stories on whatever happened in Matrik, and not forgetting his 2nd FELDA interview which tuned out to be a disaster. Yaw Theng and Jin Sheng came over to church to fetch Jess. I didn’t follow tough, in case somebody says I treat Yaw Theng as my driver. James drove us to Anna’s house, then to Jalan Salleh (his dad’s friend’s house). By the time we reached Hao Jie Ikan Bakar, it was already 11pm+. No more angel fish. Ordered sambal sotong instead.

Jess, Kate, Mian Yi, Candy


Mum brought my three siblings and I to Batu Pahat in the morning. It was grandpa’s death anniversary, so there were plenty of food including my favourite wings (bird eggs, mushrooms, fishballs) soup. There was this cousin of mine aged 6 or 7 who really cares about (is it air muka?) whatever, just like his mum. I remembered he was sorta hugging a little baby boy from behind as they walked along and I happened to be standing behind him. Eventually he fell, and caused the baby boy to knock his forehead. Having to “save his face”, he accused me for pushing him! I was like. . . what the?! Why on earth would I push him? I hate the feeling of being accused. At the moment I felt like slapping him on the face. Yes, I would have slammed his big head on the floor if I hadn’t much self-control. Instead I defended myself, “What did you say? I DIDN’T.” That’s all. It wasn’t like anyone would ever believe him. After all, he’s just a kid. Later on, I heard from another cousin that the annoying boy always blames on others when he himself is at fault. Okay, his mum isn’t any better. Blerkz.

We shifted all our stuff to Auntie Catherine’s house at night (mum’s sis’s hubby’s mum’s house XD). She has got a big garden with beautiful plants! Gosh, I can’t resist seeing and touching those beautiful flowers. I was actually thinking of planting some in my garden. That will make my house a more cooling and beautiful place. There was also a swing aged 35years old, as old as Uncle Eugene. We ate some rice dumplings in the kitchen while the kids played in the tv room. Joshua, Alisha and Jeremy who can barely understand Mandarin. However, they could still get along well with my sister.

Future cousin-in-law cutting hair for sis in his newly-opened Kazumi Hair & Academy

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Confession

Last night, after being lectured by Daniel, I spent my night for some soul searching instead of wasting my time online. After much thought, I’ve came to a realization that all this while I had been straying away from God. Everything I had done has never pleases Him. He was absolutely right about me spending too much time in Secret Recipe instead of taking part in church activities. I was blindly influenced by my friends and the environment. I’ve been relying too much on my non-believers friends instead of relying on Him. I wonder when was the last time I actually surrender my heart and pray with the right attitude. I was supposed to change to the better, but now it seems to turn the opposite way. I feel really ashamed of myself for not being able to present myself as a good example. I quote, “Come back to me, my precious child.” How much it hurts my brother-in-Christ seeing my stumbled, let alone my Heavenly Father who loves me the most. I was lost in darkness, but here I am, coming back to Him again. Thank God for giving me this really big trial which caused me to turn back to Him again. I am glad that he has sent his messengers in order to bring me out from the darkness. I asked for His mercy, to forgive me for all my sinful behaviour. I shed my tears, being touched by His unfailing love. My saviour, you’re my pillar of strength. You have guided me along as I overcome evil temptations. I invite you back into my heart again, to stay in me and lead me in whatever I do. Please do not forsake me, for I am your precious daughter.

Galatians 5:22 But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives, he will produce this kind of fruit in us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, and self-control. Here there is no conflict with the law.

I had been trying to search for this verse. And thank God I finally found it! I tried to memorise the fruits of life as it’s going to be part of my life principle. To be a loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle and self-controlled person.

Philippians 2:3 Don’t be selfish; don’t live to make a good impression on others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourself.

I found this verse important because someone had been saying that I look down on people. Perhaps I used to think of myself as better than others, so God has shown me this verse last night. I will change, and I hope people will give me a chance and come together as my witness.

From now on, I shall live a new life to present myself as a good Christian. And lastly, I hope that my brothers and sisters who read this will keep me in prayer.

May the glory be with God forever and ever =)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Fantasy

One fine day, I was having my meal at a fast food stall, and there came an obese boy who started pointing his finger at me and shouted “Shameless slut!” I became so fuming that I stood up and pointed back at him, “Fatty, what did you call me?!” And so he repeated it. Twice. I was like. . . what the. . . “If I were a shameless slut, what do you think you are? You shameless jerk!” I went mad and threw my half-eaten burger into his wide-opened mouth. He spewed it out and, eew, there was mayonnaise sauce all over his face! He began crying and asking for his mama. Sicko! Wakakaka. He yelled at me, “F*ck you!” three times continuously and I got so annoyed that I started walking towards him. I slapped him on the face and pushed his forehead hard which caused him to fell and started rolling on the ground. “You need a hand job or something?” Then the moment came. The band started playing “Joy To The World” (Any better song?) while the girls started cheering and sneering at the super irritating fatty. There came a thunderous applause from the crowd who started shouting “Bravo! Well-played!” as the ball-shaped boy started bouncing his way off. “You deserve it for provoking me.” The music ended. The crowd slowly dismissed. But I knew that wasn’t the end yet. Far off the horizon a messy-haired boy was running towards me and my gang of girls. No, he wasn’t running. In fact he had some difficulty walking. I didn’t know what was wrong. Probably drunk? He was much taller than I was, but I wasn’t afraid of him. He took out a stick from his pocket, a stick as tiny as a cigarette that I don’t think it could be used for fighting. He handed me one and said, “If you have guts, come over and fight with me.” I took it as I glared at him. Then I found a lighter on the ground. I picked it up. I lighted the stick. I threw it onto his messy hair. And it caught on fire! The girls were very much amused when he started jumping and asking for help. I was too much a compassionate girl hence I felt pity for him, so I fetched a pail of cold water as splashed it on his head. “Nah, you need to let off steam.” LMAO. Thank God he was safe. Suddenly, two handsome policemen appeared out of no way. One blonde and one brunette, both were wearing their uniform. I thought they were gonna accused me for hurting others. However, they escorted the messy-haired (now known as the drenched chicken) away as they pleaded him guilty for doing drugs. They assured me and told me that they were gonna call up his mum and sent him into the rehab centre. Woo-hoo! Peace on the earth! XD

That wasn’t my dream, but merely my fantasy. Yes, such mischievous thought that came out of a child’s mind. But meant no harm to no one. Back to the reality. It won’t be as easy as it is in my fantasy. I’ve gotta deal with the chiefs of turmoil with a much different way. They should be forgiven for they don’t know what they’re doing. The kind and forgetful girl will let matter rest.
Make peace. Make love. Make no war =)

I need some illustration. Kekeke.

Spring Chicken

Jess is back in Muar! Zili said no wonder Jin Sheng jio us out limteh. I wonder whether he knew that Jess was coming back, or was it just a coincidence. The latter, I suppose? Jess, Jin Sheng, Yaw Theng and I had our supper at Ah Qiang at 9pm. And later on Yee Kiat joined us. We introduced my favourite Spring Chicken to Jess and Yaw Theng who happened to be there for the very first time. Gosh, I simply love the sweet chilli sauce! Anyway we had a good talk there and couldn't stop laughing when Yee Kiat told us about funny things that happened during his orientation! I should have just gone there and join them! XD

My mouth doesn't look small in this picture o.O

I ate the buttock without realising, until I found that it tasted weird. Yikes.

William and Ang were spotted in Orchard today. Kekeke. As if I have some spies in Singapore. My passport will be expiry soon. There's no way I can go X'(

Too tired for a long post. Haven't had my nap for two days. I told mum that I'm gonna learn cooking from her. Right from today. I have approximately one month until I leave Muar. Oh, Yaw Theng is leaving this Saturday. It's getting more and more boring in Muar then. Blerkz.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Meng Hong: dou I’m in no position to comment abt dis but some ppl r jus shameless. takin 4 granted ppl’s help and cal him a DRIVER. SHAMELESS SLUT

I don’t know who you’re pointing to, but since you changed it to your nick instead of personal message the moment I signed in, and in addition to my previous post, I assume that it was me?

First of all, you do have the right to comment about this but I would prefer if you send me a blog comment since that will make it clear that you are actually pointing the message to me.

Secondly, I don’t take people’s help for granted. You wouldn’t know how much I appreciated his help. Besides, I always said “please” or “can you?” whenever I needed a ride instead of demanding him.

Last but not least, I’m not a SHAMELESS SLUT. Calling him a “driver” doesn’t make me a SLUT, moreover I had done no SHAME. I supposed you’ve misinterpret the term “driver” used. Calling me such names shan’t make you appear any wiser.

To end my points above: I don’t really give a damn if somebody thinks I’m ungrateful, heartless or whatever. But I can’t simply sit still and watch someone calling me a SLUT.

Bu yao lian de jian nv ren?
Such awful name.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Chasing Insects Off

I’ve received JPA letter this morning. It’s a big envelope with lotsa paper and booklet. Not much difference from the one from Matrik. And many column to be filled in. So irritating and troublesome! X( 2 years in INTEC UiTM and 3 years in USA. I thought it’s 1+4! Blabla, I took a calculator and counted the money provided over all, it’s only around RM 150, 000 over? I thought it’s at least three hundred thousands? If that’s the case, I can simply pay it off upon graduating instead of having to work for the government. LOL. But anyway, that can’t be accurate. And remember something I’m good at saying during interview? “I shall feel honoured to be able to work for the government.” Make my nation proud eh? XD

Kim told me that Chia Hui has gone to KL yesterday, which means our "driver" is gone! Sobz. . .

To recall what happened last night before I slept. A fly flew into my room and I tried to chase it out. It’s a really big fly, a big and stubborn head fly! It kept flying high above and rested on the light bulb. I got so fed up that I shouted “Get out of my room!” at it, but it didn’t seem to understand me. I wanted to throw something at it but after second though, it might damage my light bulb. Whatever. I ended up panting after the hide-and-chase. Finally I gave up. Off my light, sleep tight tight.

A similar case: Mum and sis tried to chase a dragonfly out of the house. Slippers on the fan. How funny XD

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mad mad mad

Apparently I'm in a bad mood. I'm really mad at an undeserving jerk to whom I scolded "fuck you, asshole!" And I nearly threw my phone out of the window, if only I was less rational. Thanks to Huiyi's great suggestion! I'm cooling myself down with some beer. Yeah, Carlsberg from the fridge. It's freezing cold! I should feel happy instead of making myself upset. Cheers! XD

Malacca Shopping Spree

Chia Hui fetched Kim, William, Yaw Theng and I to Malacca for shopping yesterday! For me, shopping is the main purpose while eating comes next. However, I wasn’t satisfied cause:

1. I didn’t get to eat the tiny chicken rice balls for lunch.

Kim: Yer, not nice one, I don’t want to eat!
William: You go back and eat in Muar lah!
WTF. Okay, if you think the chicken rice in muar can be compared to the one in Melacca. Angry X( So we ended up having lunch at 3pm at Mahkota Parade food court instead of enjoying some other nicer local food out there. (Go back to Wetex food court and eat lah you!) It’s really susah to go out with people who don’t appreciate nice food. Especially people who is on diet, people like Kim who only ate a bowl of ais kacang tat could last for the whole day and in the end claimed that she was not hungry. If I were her, I would have died of hunger!

2. I didn’t get to eat Satay Celup for dinner.
The truth is, because Kim had to go back to Muar in time or else she would get scolded. We had already reached the eating place with some other MMU friends. But it was so crowded that we had to line up, so Chia Hui suggested that we went back straight without eating. William chose to stay over with them (if only I weren’t a girl). Am I really mean or something? I told Kim straight to her face that it was her fault. And she responded by saying, “What my fault? What my fault leh?!” Chia Hui heard that and came to her rescue. He said it was not her fault at all. And her said it was actually good for us too. Ya, good to know that you were helping her. LOL. Kim apologized and said she felt so embarrassed that we had to go back earlier because f her. There’s no need of her to say those things cause no matter what I was still HUNGRY and DISAPPOINTED. And by the time we reached Muar, it was already 10pm, and I felt DIZZY+HEADACHE for not having my dinner.

So it was considered a bad day? Not so, because I bought myself 3 P&CO shirts, 1 new hat and 1 new bra! Before I entered Padini Concept Store, I could see that there was 50% 70% OMG OMG! There was a SALE in Padini! I nearly shouted as I half ran in. But still, I regretted for not buying more. Mum accused me for not buying any for her and now she’s gonna steal one of my newly-bought shirts! No way! I like all of them a lot! I told her to wait for the next time I shop in KL. Next next week perhaps, Zili will be having his holiday, and he will be 3 or 4days or so there! XD

I suggested Kim that we took a neoprint machine picture but she refused, saying that I’m not her boyfriend. So I told her, “Not like you have a boyfriend!” Again I was kinda mean. But she didn’t have to remind me that I don’t have any boyfriend either. When the guys came and gathered with us before leaving Dataran Pahlawan, I saw one of them holding an umbrella. What the. . . you guys bought an umbrella?! I nearly burst out in laughter XD So they actually shopped in F.O.S. and got the free umbrella. Okay. I thought who was so auntie-liked. Kekeke.

We went all the way to MMU to find Zi Khai, Winston and Zhi Ang, only to discover thet they were having a good time swimming in the pool. I called Wan Yung, hoping to see her but she wasn’t in Ixora but in her friend’s house. I hope she wasn’t in her boyfriend’s house. William and Yaw Theng went up to their room while Chia Hui drove Kim and I to Jusco since we girls were not allowed to enter their hostel. Ixora is such a horrible place! Somebody threw a tin or whatever from the window upstairs and made a loud BANG as it hit the shelter roof! And nobody actually cared! What a dangerous place! I bought Scarlette bra in Jusco. We were on a hurry, so I didn’t have much time for any second thought. I should have bought the front hook one! X( But anyway, it wasn’t expensive so I don’t really care.
Nice Singapore car^^
On the way to MMU. . .
Indian stalls along the street. The car was moving so the picture is blur.

Anyway, I found that Chia Hui is extremely good to Kim. He brought her many brochures of laptop and gave her many suggestions which brand to choose for. And every shopping complex we went, he would go around looking for computer shops. And he would say something like, “I wonder whether there’s any computer shop here.” Woo-hoh! Meaning: he thinks of her all the time! XD Too bad none of them is willing to admit the truth.

Today is the REAL BAD DAY. My underwear was stained (by you know what, this is my first day of this month), and I had a bad time washing it! I brushed it until the skin on my fingers peeled off! And for the whole afternoon, I could do nothing except lying on my bed. No period pain. But I felt awful. So I took a nap. And feeling much better now.
A promoter gave Kim and I this each. Estee Lauder Model Search huh? I have the dream, but not really qualified XD
If you are interested=)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Black Mavin

I dragged mum to Uncle Sam’s CafĂ© this afternoon. She asked me to treat, I said okay but in the end she said she would pay the bill. The lady boss asked whether I’m working as a hairdresser. What the? Do I look like I’m working at a saloon? Was that a good thing? Maybe I looked stylish? Kekeke. So I answered honestly that I’m still studying. Oh by the way, she has a handsome son who is studying in Sri Muar. And another handsome son who just came back from oversea if not mistaken. But after all, I’m not interested. I shall find a better one in US eh? XD


When my make up remover fails to work. . .

Mavin was back from NS yesterday! We went to Ah Qiang for “tong zi ji” around 8.30pm. He’s all bald and dark now. Exactly like a Malay. Or perhaps an Indian? When mum saw his picture, she said he’s more like a black African! XD Anyway, I updated him about what was happening back here in Muar when he was not around. I was quite surprised that he didn’t know what happened to Ang and Wan Yung. Obviously he’s really outdated. He showed me a picture of him and his new girlfriend from Negeri Sembilan whom he came to know from NS. How fast. I hope this time will be a long, serious and lasting one. Blerkz. He told me that one of his NS friend captured a ghost picture. And a Malay girl was possessed during midnight. Scary X(