Monday, May 7, 2007


9am-11am: Badminton at 99 court.
Me, Joo Kim, Chia Hui, Winston, Jin Sheng, Yaw Theng.
I think the last time I played badminton was three years ago, excluding those kiddo match with my siblings in my garden. My skill is so and so, lousy you might say, kept getting smacked by Kim. What to do? She’s our school representative! I would prefer not to play with her so my self-esteem would not get badly injuredXD I haven’t been panting and sweating so much in ages. It feels good, except I hate the bad ventilation in the court. Gotta get out once in a while to breath in some fresh air. I badly needed OXYGEN!

Just when we reached Nam Kee for “brunch” (breakfast+lunch), I received a call from +603 something, a KL number. It was FELDA Holdings, asking me to attend the interview on this Thursday, 8.45am at Hotel Selesa JB, 9th Floor, Dewan something. Kim and James are selected for the interview too. Hotel Selesa, any idea where it is? It’s early in the morning! It isn’t a good idea to take a two hours plus journey from Muar to JB early on that morning, cause by the time we reach there, we will be all tired and sleepy. We might not reach in time since nobody is familiar with the location. Another option: Stay over at my uncle’s house which is situated at Permas Jaya. I guess it can’t be that far from the hotel huh?

I was kinda excited after being informed about the interview that the moment I reached home, I told mum about everything. Unlike usual, she didn’t seem pleased at all. In fact, she hardly said anything about it, not even when I asked how I’m supposed to go. I guess it was because of dad, who had just extracted his wisdom tooth and therefore laying in the living room like a dying person who gave mum a big trouble having to serve him like a nurse serving a patient. Yes, he does look as if he’s dying. He always behave that way whenever he’s sick. Sometimes he would even blame people for his sickness. WTF? I felt disgusted. Now what? Mum didn’t bother at all about my scholarship interview! She responded coldly to whatever I said. I felt so hurt and disappointed. She stupidly asked what it is for, what do they offer, why don’t you just go for matrik, wait for your JPA, bla. “Mum, it’s a scholarship! I have no reason for not attending the interview! How can I let go this opportunity?” I got so fed up by her that I took my things and ran upstairs. And took a shower to cool down myself. She spoilt my entire mood. But luckily here it is, my blog where I can release all my feelings and emotions, and throw off all my unhappiness, much effective than yelling at anybody who passes by the road.

Am I crazy? I’m actually starting to consider whether to attend the interview. It seems a little troublesome cause I’ve gotta photostat my certificates and bring it to school to be signed by whoever the Guru Kanan is. I’ve gotta cop them myself=.=” Besides, if the interviewers happened to ask anything about FELDA, I will pretty much stunned there, or worse, I might just break down out of embarrassment. I don’t even know the full name for FELDA, I don’t know a shit about the forest or estate or whatever, and shall never care to know. Unless one day they offer me to inherit some big estates that will bring me a million fortune. Ehem, think you’re Paris Hilton? Kekeke.

My two new Baju Kurung^^

My new pencil case from GIRLS! With my Emily and Jack accessories! XD

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