Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Confession of a Broken Heart

What is the use of asking me back now?
Haven’t I got enough of hurting?
I’ve cried to the last drop of my tears.
My wound deep down that no one can see.
Yet you haven’t changed..
Your words disgusted me. You make me feel sick.
What have I done to deserve this?

I hate the way you put the blame on me.
I hate the way you said I am childish.
I hate it when you didn’t understand me.
I hate it when you refused to talk to me.
I hate everything about you.

When I think of the past,
No, I wasn’t happy.
Everytime when we quarrelled;
Everytime when we had cold wars;
Everytime when we fought;
Everytime when you made me cry;
You said those were my fault.

You criticized my friends.
You couldn’t hit off well with them.
Each time you embarrassed me.
Yet I kept giving in to you.
I should have known
They deserve better than you.

My sorrow
That can’t be expressed by words.
Now I shall end my misery.
I turn myself into a cold-blooded girl.
I wave goodbye to the past.

I was silly.

Right from this moment
I will never be sad again.
And never shall I be shaken by your three words.


-aNnLi- said...

um...is this about him??yes dont b shaken!dis mth i going to c my ex again. sob hope i can b tough!!u write poems too??for me i do but very seldom...

Copykate said...

i dun write poems. it juz happened that i was furious, so simply type n it ended up like tat XD ur ex? good luck then. and dun be shaken. LOL.