Saturday, May 5, 2007

Pizza, No Wing X(

I’ve finally brought myself to wake up early, although not so early XD The alarm rang twice, at 8.10am and 8.20am. Time to wake up and get ready for lunch with the usual gang! I had no reason to be absent since I was the one who invited them last night. Laze for a while, then woke up reluctantly only to realize that it was already 8.55am! Sheesh. I’m late! I called CHui and he said he was gonna fetch me NOW. A little while more please! I hadn’t even bath! Kekeke. So this morning there were Chia Hui, Winston, Jin Sheng, Yee Kiat and me. Winston’s and Yee Kiat’s hair are short! Not quite used to seeing their hair this way. Form6 starts on 14May if not mistaken. Good luck to Yee Kiat! He’s gonna have a really really tough time! The guys had been complaining about feeling hot with their long hair and the uneasiness while sleeping. Imagine we girls have got our long long hair for decades, it doesn’t feel that bad after all. Jin Sheng and I ordered Laksa while Chia Hui and Winston had white rice and a bowl of pork soup or whatever. Yikes. Yee Kiat is worst. He ate the food that I dread the most- Kue Zap!!! Pig intestines sort of food. I can’t stand the smell! I wonder how people actually eat them, those intestines of poor stinky piggy. Disgusto X(

Haven’t eaten pizza for a long time, not until this afternoon. Gosh, Yong Chin took half an hour to find my house even though I had explained really clearly to him! He blamed me for staying at “sua ba”, like who’s the one who deserves to be labelled as “ba kou ren”? LOL. I was starving! By the time he reached, it was already 2pm. Since it was his treat, I chose Pizza Hut. Smart eh? I thought I would have the chance to eat my favourite Deli Wings, but who knows? “Sorry, no wing today.” Not even hut platter! Why am I so unlucky? Disappointed X( Never mind, we should stick to Pizza. Oh, a regular one. I asked for another meat ball bolognaise. Pepsi. Mushroom soup. Yeah. I assumed he could finish. Kekeke. But he said he was gonna play basketball later on, so better not eat so much. What the freak? Doesn’t matter, we still managed to finish every bit in the end. I grabbed his phone and check whether there’s ehemm, whatever thingy you should knowXD~ He admitted that there is, and he thinks it’s perfectly normal. Good, I like that attitude! Unlike some people who dare to keep but dare not admit. Blerkz. There are 6, 7 or so. What do you think? I did not open them and watch k! In case somebody passed by and wow wow. LOL. Isaac and Jason (two cute brothers) came in just when we were ready to go. Uh oh, misunderstood dy. By the way, Yong Chin's parking skill really sucks! So glad that I was able to come hme safely!

Finally I bought Baju Kurung at the stalls next to High School Muar. One blue, one red, each RM40 and RM50 after discount. Quite cheap right? The red one is kinda revealing, so I gotta wear a tube or something inside, in case I get caught by some old fashion close-minded conservative Malay authority in Matrik. I don’t really care if you can see my bra or something, I used to wear it just like that in Convent. There’s so much to be done! I haven’t buy necessary clothes, haven’t find myself a leather shoes, haven’t fill the registration stuff, haven’t open a Bank Simpanan Nasional account and most important of all, I’m not exactly mentally prepared. To think that I’m gonna have to leave my comfortable room in less than two weeks time. Bid farewell to my cosy bed. I can only come back to Muar once in every two weeks! That sucks! I’ve gotta share toom with three other people (who knows what sorta people). Bla Bla. What to do? I wouldn’t want to get myself in deep trouble by taking Form6! Blerkz.

Dad looked like a Chinese Vampire with the thing on top of his head. Mum and I laughed our asses off without his knowingXD


Anonymous said...

is there anything wrong to be ba kou ren?

I am proud to be one of them!

Copykate said...

y can't u state who u r? i din say there's anything wrg v tat. like, is there anything wrg to live in sua ba? though i don'tXD

Copykate said...

i juz realized, my dad looks like a drug addict=.+