Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pictures Tell Everything

Who said camwhores must be those pretty ones?

Half a day spent in Wetex. Zili and Mavin came. I'm gonna borrow Wild Hogs which Zili just bought.

Dad's daily routine- checking on Kenwealth site =.="

Zilo the wolf and Kate the princess XD

Adorable siblings <3>

Had our dinner at grandma's house. We ate chicken rice yesterday, and today we had it for dinner again! Haiz haiz. . .

Outside granny's house where I spent my childhood playtime. . .

This is a cool way to hang your eggs.

And this? A cool way to hang your bra! XD
p/s: they aren't mine!

Some old boring antiques.

My mischievous cousin and sis. OMG. . . Okay, her eyes are really scary. Hope that they won't really turn out this way one day. Blerkz.

A visit to Tongling Nursery before heading home. Wherever it is. Somewhere near Zili's apartment. Dad suddenly turns passionate towards plants. He actually intends to turn our house into jungle-liked!

Flower-pot Runway?

Gosh, I love these cactus!

The caged prisoner. It says: " Have some mercy on me. . ."


Anonymous said...

since u are the winner of Miss Bunga Mawar 2007,i hav nothin to comment about all the pic tat u took when u are at the nursey...haha...cause model always like tis de it the boss of the nursery ask u to help him make some advertisment???haha...i think no gua....if yes,i personally think tat the nursery will be closing soon....u know,ppl wun suddenly close shop bcos of nothin...sure there are the reason....haha...haha....haha...Miss Bunga Mawar pls dun sue me...haha..haha.....

from:yaw theng

Anonymous said...

haha..tonglin nursery maybe will be closing soon la bcos for some reason...haha...haha....

from:yaw theng

Copykate said...

hu yao gou siao ka? i'm advertising for that nursery. and it's gonna earn big bucks this month! kekeke.

Anonymous said...

dun hope la....u so sure ppl wan to hire u to be their model meh??i think they should hire me la cause i got work for Orlando b4 and i know how to ask ppl to buy things...but,but,there are some ppl tat onli know how to take pic..dunno how to persuade ppl to buy...tong lin nursery closing soon la...bankrupt bcos pay to the ''Miss Bunga Mawar''...miss rosy lee ting hua..haha

from:yaw theng