Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blogging and Big Bucks

Apparently nothing much happened today. I forced myself to wake up early and go to the hospital for the jab. It was sorta like the BCG we injected during Primary6, to avoid tibi. Much more painful than the blood test yesterday. I was like "ouch. . ouch. . ". If not mistaken Kim was laughing at me XD After that Chong Hao dropped us at Delikateza. Kim and I both ordered two roti canai each. Too greedy. At last we couldn't finish it. If I had known that one roti costs RM2.50, I wouldn't have ordered so much! X( The waitress even charged us RM2.50 for online! Gosh, it was supposed to be free! So wasted. I felt really bad for the loss. Later on, I got back my ATM card from BSN. Our RM50 deposit is now RM34 for they've made us paid RM16 for that useless card. Whatever. Finally, today I managed to take a nap on my cosy room. Yes, I love my bed! So sad that I'm gonna have to leave it soon. . .

Do you know that we can actually earn money by blogging? Gotta give it a try. But the most important of all is there must have a certain number of visitors each day. The more visitors you have, the more money you will be paid. Cool XD

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