Saturday, May 19, 2007

Malacca Shopping Spree

Chia Hui fetched Kim, William, Yaw Theng and I to Malacca for shopping yesterday! For me, shopping is the main purpose while eating comes next. However, I wasn’t satisfied cause:

1. I didn’t get to eat the tiny chicken rice balls for lunch.

Kim: Yer, not nice one, I don’t want to eat!
William: You go back and eat in Muar lah!
WTF. Okay, if you think the chicken rice in muar can be compared to the one in Melacca. Angry X( So we ended up having lunch at 3pm at Mahkota Parade food court instead of enjoying some other nicer local food out there. (Go back to Wetex food court and eat lah you!) It’s really susah to go out with people who don’t appreciate nice food. Especially people who is on diet, people like Kim who only ate a bowl of ais kacang tat could last for the whole day and in the end claimed that she was not hungry. If I were her, I would have died of hunger!

2. I didn’t get to eat Satay Celup for dinner.
The truth is, because Kim had to go back to Muar in time or else she would get scolded. We had already reached the eating place with some other MMU friends. But it was so crowded that we had to line up, so Chia Hui suggested that we went back straight without eating. William chose to stay over with them (if only I weren’t a girl). Am I really mean or something? I told Kim straight to her face that it was her fault. And she responded by saying, “What my fault? What my fault leh?!” Chia Hui heard that and came to her rescue. He said it was not her fault at all. And her said it was actually good for us too. Ya, good to know that you were helping her. LOL. Kim apologized and said she felt so embarrassed that we had to go back earlier because f her. There’s no need of her to say those things cause no matter what I was still HUNGRY and DISAPPOINTED. And by the time we reached Muar, it was already 10pm, and I felt DIZZY+HEADACHE for not having my dinner.

So it was considered a bad day? Not so, because I bought myself 3 P&CO shirts, 1 new hat and 1 new bra! Before I entered Padini Concept Store, I could see that there was 50% 70% OMG OMG! There was a SALE in Padini! I nearly shouted as I half ran in. But still, I regretted for not buying more. Mum accused me for not buying any for her and now she’s gonna steal one of my newly-bought shirts! No way! I like all of them a lot! I told her to wait for the next time I shop in KL. Next next week perhaps, Zili will be having his holiday, and he will be 3 or 4days or so there! XD

I suggested Kim that we took a neoprint machine picture but she refused, saying that I’m not her boyfriend. So I told her, “Not like you have a boyfriend!” Again I was kinda mean. But she didn’t have to remind me that I don’t have any boyfriend either. When the guys came and gathered with us before leaving Dataran Pahlawan, I saw one of them holding an umbrella. What the. . . you guys bought an umbrella?! I nearly burst out in laughter XD So they actually shopped in F.O.S. and got the free umbrella. Okay. I thought who was so auntie-liked. Kekeke.

We went all the way to MMU to find Zi Khai, Winston and Zhi Ang, only to discover thet they were having a good time swimming in the pool. I called Wan Yung, hoping to see her but she wasn’t in Ixora but in her friend’s house. I hope she wasn’t in her boyfriend’s house. William and Yaw Theng went up to their room while Chia Hui drove Kim and I to Jusco since we girls were not allowed to enter their hostel. Ixora is such a horrible place! Somebody threw a tin or whatever from the window upstairs and made a loud BANG as it hit the shelter roof! And nobody actually cared! What a dangerous place! I bought Scarlette bra in Jusco. We were on a hurry, so I didn’t have much time for any second thought. I should have bought the front hook one! X( But anyway, it wasn’t expensive so I don’t really care.
Nice Singapore car^^
On the way to MMU. . .
Indian stalls along the street. The car was moving so the picture is blur.

Anyway, I found that Chia Hui is extremely good to Kim. He brought her many brochures of laptop and gave her many suggestions which brand to choose for. And every shopping complex we went, he would go around looking for computer shops. And he would say something like, “I wonder whether there’s any computer shop here.” Woo-hoh! Meaning: he thinks of her all the time! XD Too bad none of them is willing to admit the truth.

Today is the REAL BAD DAY. My underwear was stained (by you know what, this is my first day of this month), and I had a bad time washing it! I brushed it until the skin on my fingers peeled off! And for the whole afternoon, I could do nothing except lying on my bed. No period pain. But I felt awful. So I took a nap. And feeling much better now.
A promoter gave Kim and I this each. Estee Lauder Model Search huh? I have the dream, but not really qualified XD
If you are interested=)

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