Friday, May 4, 2007

Watson Sales!

Dad asked me out to help in the shop cause his salesgirl is sick (ya right, always sick). And guess what, I found a Watson advertisement brochure in the shop! OMG OMG there's sales in Watson!!! Great discount for all kinda stuff including my ZA Cutiecurl Marcara! It's RM19.90 now! XD Maybeline Auto Eyeliner- RM14.90! And lipgloss, eye shadow and everything! My eyeliner just finished yesterday. I shall stick to Silkygirl's instead of Maybeline's, since Maybeline black liner was out of stockX( Oh, there are some cute boxers for girls which costs RM10.90 each! I was broke, so didn't manage to purchase it X( Is somebody willing to buy it for me? Kekeke. Oh, I just couldn't resist!

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