Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blogging? Fame? Popularity?

Ever since April this year, blogging has become part of my life. A girl who is neither studying nor working for the time being, nothing could fill up her time better other than blogging. People often said, “You update your blog everyday ah?” “You so free hor?” Certain time I was encouraged by people who told me that my blog is interesting and could keep them reading instead of just come and go. But I thought, no, this is not right. People wouldn’t want to know what you do everyday, let alone what you eat for every meal. After all, it’s your problem, and they’ve got their own life! However, that’ the point of blogging- writing your electronic diary. Contradicting huh? Yes, apart from that, I’m actually practising my writing through blogging. I used to have difficulties when it came to writing essays, especially English essays. For your information, my English is just slightly above the average, or perhaps just on the average level, much lousier than many of my friends. How much I envy them especially Katie, whose essay mark was always the highest in our class. Three methods in order to get improvement: more reading, more writing, more speaking. My English may not be as superb as others’, but I shall not give up learning. In fact, I might be qualified to become a journalist in the future! What do you think? XD

I’m always taught to be nice to others. For example, when I see somebody, I should smile and greet them. Do not underestimate a simple “hi” for it might brighten up someone’s day. Always remember to compliment others like, “You look pretty today”, “I think this dress suits you” and mean what you say instead of being sarcastic. A nice comment might seem useless to you, but it would definitely cheer up the second party. Sadly, the world has soon become a more and more cruel place. Friendships are no longer true as people are prone to betray and backstab each other. These things happen among my friends, not to mention people whom I don’t know. People are so used to criticizing that they soon forget how they should be nice to others. Criticisms on others’ looks, criticisms on others’ thoughts, criticisms on others’ dreams etcetera. Forget about the others and lets’ talk about me. So what if I look ugly? So what if I’m not as pretty as the Miss Universe, so what if I don’t have even half of your super gorgeous girlfriends’ looks? If my have big boobs, you say they’re fake. If I have small boobs, you say I’m flat. So do you actually prefer bumpy roads or airport? “OMG you’re so ugly! Please don’t take these pictures to scare people!” It’s my problem to be ugly. Why should you care? You haven’t fainted after seeing my pictures huh? “Your camera is gonna spoilt.” “Your mirror is gonna cracked.” Hey, do you think these criticisms are gonna knock me down? Never!

Not to mention my dream of becoming a model, which will never come true, except one day when short models become the new trend. And are you gonna tell me even if they want short models, they will never ever find me because I’m too ugly? Hello, it is just my dream! Do you have to be so mean to tell me that I’m really super duper ugly? Come and tell me these things when you manage to find a girlfriend who is twice times more potential than me. Yes, I say it and I mean it. By then I will confess, “Oh she’s pretty. I’m ugly.” However, being beautiful is never enough in this new era. We’ve gotta be creative, be innovative, and be smart in order to survive. God did not give me a pretty face, but I’m blessed with a good brain. This is what mum often tells me. So, why not make full use of it? A pretty look helps though when you are seeking for a job next time, cause which company wouldn’t prefer to hire someone who has both beauty and brain instead of someone who only have brain but not beauty? As for beauty pageant, forget about it because I don’t intend to take part in any. I’m just envious of those girls who can step onto the stage and become well-known within a day’s time. It isn’t that easy to win the title either as it requires lotsa hard work and effort.

Recently, I actually thought of becoming popular through the network. Yes, I dunno why, but it has always been my dream to become popular. You can say I’m desperate for fame, whatever. Like Kenny Sia who earns $1000 a week merely by blogging? I’m actually hoping to become a professional blogger one day. If a company will suddenly appear out of nowhere and hire me to blog for them. . . I’m thinking too much XD But seriously, there are many ways to earn some extra income through the net. You might be interested to give it a try. Anyway, stop the critics and make the world a happier place. Just don’t claim that you know Kate when she becomes popular one day by any means. COPYKATE shall be well-known world-wide! Sneer at me all you want =)

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