Sunday, May 27, 2007

Batu Pahat 2days


After having breakfast at “Yellow-roof-place”, I went to Wetex while waiting for Joo Kim and Jasmine to open our CIMB bank account as required by JPA. We wasted more than two hours in the lousy bank, formerly known as Bumiputra-Commerce which is operated by “yalam” race who can’t be compared to we Chinese when it comes to working attitude. Imagine, there were more than five copies of documents which she needed to photocopy, yet she did not bring all of them along at once but chose to walk to the photocopy machine for several times. We got so irritated that we handed everything to her and suggested that she does it altogether. But still, she walked as slow as a pregnant woman! And finally, she asked us to bank in our deposit through the machine, at the same time change our Pin code. Jasmine and I appeared to be so helpless as we had no idea which machine we should use and how we were supposed to use it. Fortunately there was this kind lady who offered to teach us. We had a good time laughing XD Before Kim left for her work, we had our lunch in Wetex food court. Jamine and I shared a claypot chicken rice. Obviously I wasn’t full by just eating half pot of the rice. So later on I went down to McD and bought myself a regular fries.

Me and Beky zilian-ing

Too poor to buy new socks XD

I was back to Emmanuel church again! I attended youth last night with Jess. Before that I prayed hard that nobody would ask me why I hadn’t been there for so long, but instead ask me where I’m gonna further my studies. Praise God that my prayer came true! In that case I had a good answer for them instead of having to give excuses for not attending church during the past few months. However, I told myself that from now on I won’t give any excuse for not attending youth or Sunday service. The peace from God is a feeling which can’t be explained by the human minds. Indeed, it felt good to be back in his sanctuary to praise His name and worship him. Finally I felt whole and complete again. And that is the best place where I could let go all my worries and cares and surrender myself to Him. I was glad that the programme last night was bible study. Before the session ended, Uncle David gave each of us an opportunity to pray. I used to have such fear to pray in public, but not anymore.

Auntie Eng Siew brought Mian Yi and Candy from Pahang to our youth! They’re studying at KMJ, same as James. He got lectured for not bringing them over there. Kekeke. I listened to him telling his stories on whatever happened in Matrik, and not forgetting his 2nd FELDA interview which tuned out to be a disaster. Yaw Theng and Jin Sheng came over to church to fetch Jess. I didn’t follow tough, in case somebody says I treat Yaw Theng as my driver. James drove us to Anna’s house, then to Jalan Salleh (his dad’s friend’s house). By the time we reached Hao Jie Ikan Bakar, it was already 11pm+. No more angel fish. Ordered sambal sotong instead.

Jess, Kate, Mian Yi, Candy


Mum brought my three siblings and I to Batu Pahat in the morning. It was grandpa’s death anniversary, so there were plenty of food including my favourite wings (bird eggs, mushrooms, fishballs) soup. There was this cousin of mine aged 6 or 7 who really cares about (is it air muka?) whatever, just like his mum. I remembered he was sorta hugging a little baby boy from behind as they walked along and I happened to be standing behind him. Eventually he fell, and caused the baby boy to knock his forehead. Having to “save his face”, he accused me for pushing him! I was like. . . what the?! Why on earth would I push him? I hate the feeling of being accused. At the moment I felt like slapping him on the face. Yes, I would have slammed his big head on the floor if I hadn’t much self-control. Instead I defended myself, “What did you say? I DIDN’T.” That’s all. It wasn’t like anyone would ever believe him. After all, he’s just a kid. Later on, I heard from another cousin that the annoying boy always blames on others when he himself is at fault. Okay, his mum isn’t any better. Blerkz.

We shifted all our stuff to Auntie Catherine’s house at night (mum’s sis’s hubby’s mum’s house XD). She has got a big garden with beautiful plants! Gosh, I can’t resist seeing and touching those beautiful flowers. I was actually thinking of planting some in my garden. That will make my house a more cooling and beautiful place. There was also a swing aged 35years old, as old as Uncle Eugene. We ate some rice dumplings in the kitchen while the kids played in the tv room. Joshua, Alisha and Jeremy who can barely understand Mandarin. However, they could still get along well with my sister.

Future cousin-in-law cutting hair for sis in his newly-opened Kazumi Hair & Academy

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