Friday, May 11, 2007

FELDA Scholarship Interview

Being too excited for my JPA result, I nearly forgot about my 2days 1night trip in JB for FELDA Scholarship Interview. Kim and James who were selected too followed my dad’s Naza there, and not forgetting Jess who went along to accompany us and in the meantime to give us her support. I think we were more like going for holiday rather than scholarship interview. We felt so relax and could even joke around, except until the last minute XD But such experience could be quite memorable though. We set out around 4pm on Wednesday. James always has many things to talk about, whether when he’s talking to his peers or adults. Bla bla bla, he kept crapping along the journey and always sounded like an expert in whatever he was talking. I think his words are quite convincing most of the time so he should be a lawyer next time!

We reached my uncle’s saloon which is situated at Taman Sentosa after two hours or so. Four of us went to the shopping complex opposite for a brief shopping. We came to this shop where it’s selling mini pack perfume such as Kenzo Flower and Mochino which cost RM12.90 and RM9.90 each. I did not purchase any though cause I don’t really like the flora smell. I still prefer Anna Sui’s Dolly Girl! Kekeke. Finally I found the stall which is owned by a Thai woman and bought six eye brow pencils as instructed by mum. Meanwhile, three of them especially Joo Kim was laughing and kept uttering “tomato”. She pointed to a product and as I looked, LOL! There were two pictures on the box, before and after which shown brown tits and pink tits. Which means, by using the cream or whatever, our tits will turn pink! I couldn’t help laughing on the spot! It was too hilarious! I wonder if anyone would buy it, perhaps their tits will turn red more like pink due to the swollen skin! XD

Dinner time! Dad brought us to a hawker centre nearly. It wasn’t the usual hawker centre like “Bentayan” here, but all the food stalls were along the street in front of the shop houses. It took us quite a while to walk from the beginning to the end as there were too many stalls. We ordered cha kuey tiao, fried oyster, yee mee, fried fat noodles and not forgetting my favourite chicken wings! Now we know why people think that the fried oyster in Muar is the best. The one we ordered was more like fried egg with flour! It tasted totally awful except that the oyster were big big ones. Uncle didn’t get to join us cause he had got “three more heads to deal with”. So when he closed the shop at 9pm, he dropped us at Jusco Permas Jaya as he and dad went for dinner. SHOPPING! Me and Kim bought a green flip flops each which was priced at only RM2.90! We saw Scarlet’s bra which costs only RM10 each! It wasn’t like those Pasar Malam kind one but considered worthwhile for such price. James was so freaked out as he waited so long for us to try them on. Finally I decided to buy two while Jess bought three. At first I thought my size was 32 but in fact that was too small and tight for me. So actually mine is as big as Jess, although she isn’t exactly that breastful. I should have known better XD

By the time we reached my uncle’s house, it was already 10something or 11pm. We bathed and changed and instead of preparing for the interview, we online and chatted in MSN! I was quite worried for my interview on the next day cause I wasn’t prepared at all, not even my introduction. We played and talked until around 12am, then we shifted upstairs to read more about FELDA. Dad and James were supposed to sleep in the living room while three of us slept in the comfortable room with cosy blanket. We did more talking than reading. So by the time James left the room, I only knew the full name for FELDA and its three management sector. However, we didn’t seem to concern at all. Instead, we had our precious time doing girls talk while lying in the dark. Although I was sleepy, I love the feeling! We hardly ever have chance for any slumber party or stay over. Lying on the bed and share your own stories or even secrets to your girl pals, I bet it brings us closer to each other. Anyway Kim did most of the talking about her previous relationships, and later on I told a bit of mine too. There were several times when I nearly dozed off but awoken by her voice.

6.45am, my alarm rang. I turned it off and continued to sleep, and repeated twice until 7.10am, when I finally brought myself to wake up and brushed my teeth. Both of them were still sleeping like lazy pigs, without bothering even when I tried to wake them up. That morning we only managed to bite some bread in a bread shop before heading to Hotel Selesa, which was previously known as grand Continental as it was already late. Dad dropped us in the hotel and went off, and on that very moment I started to feel nervous. Soon I began to feel my stomach twitched and I was forced to visit the loo for countless times. I hate the toilet bowl! It looks like it has never been washed for a century! On the one last time, I prayed to God to take away my nervous and give me the strength to do well for my interview. It worked. Soon my tummy felt better and by the time I was called to enter the interview hall, I was already getting more confident.

There’s no need to mention too detail about my interview, cause it was more like JPA kind one. I was in a group of five people, among which I was the only girl and the only Chinese. I guess that was an advantage? So during the interview, the panel seated me in the middle. Introductions, discussion, summarise, and then it ended my interview! As I walked out of the hall, I felt a relief and couldn’t help smiling. Jess said my face looked red. I was smiling and laughing as I told them about the interview, so they assumed that I did really well for it. James and Kim got into the next same group, and I bet both of them did a really well job. I guess they were more like debating than discussing inside there. Blerkz. Oh by the way, after the interview, the person in charge gave us RM50 each! Gosh, I love FELDA! How kind of them! It means we had got more money to shop! Yeah!

When we were back again to New Top Point Hair Academy, I requested my uncle to cut a new short hairstyle for me. I wanted a short one but he didn’t do so. Maybe he had guess that I would regret after cutting it short? But after all, I quite like my new hairstyle. It looked nice after a blow-dry. Later on, uncle even offered to cut a new hairstyle for James! It was free of charge! James must had felt really benefited! He looked much better with the new hairstyle especially with gel on. We even joked that soon there will be girls going after him. LOL. Later on, we had our lunch at the KFC opposite. I should say that Kim is a chilli queen who can finish half of the bottle of sauce at once.

After the meal, we were all tired and lacked of energy. But I insisted that we took a taxi to Jusco Tebrau City. Since we were already in JB, why miss the chance? There we shopped for three hours and I bought a cute singlet from P&CO. Jess bought a green long sleeves shirt while Kim and James went back empty-handed. My feet felt so uncomfortable and painful cause I was wearing my high heel, but I still went on as I couldn’t resist looking at the goods displayed! I was glad that I bought that singlet and went home with no regret. Before going back, we stopped by an eatery shop for my favourite “xue hua bing” (snow frost ice?). We ordered a Blueberry Milk Ice and a Kiwi Yogurt Ice. Jess only ate the ice and refused to mix it with the fruit sauce. What a weirdo! In the end she finished the ice and left me with a big spoon of blueberry sauce X(

We left JB at around 7pm. I was always the first to fall asleep in the car. That night everyone was exhausted. We slept along the journey and did not talk much until we stopped by a restaurant in Yong Peng for dinner. Kim had no guts to eat “tian ji” (frogs) so I got to eat a lot. My favourite part is the legs which are tastier than any other drumsticks! I’m addicted to all the nice food in the world! I just can’t resist any food temptation! I LOVE EATING!

Reached home around 10.45pm. Washed up and dozed off before 12am. Phew!
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