Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Black Mavin

I dragged mum to Uncle Sam’s Café this afternoon. She asked me to treat, I said okay but in the end she said she would pay the bill. The lady boss asked whether I’m working as a hairdresser. What the? Do I look like I’m working at a saloon? Was that a good thing? Maybe I looked stylish? Kekeke. So I answered honestly that I’m still studying. Oh by the way, she has a handsome son who is studying in Sri Muar. And another handsome son who just came back from oversea if not mistaken. But after all, I’m not interested. I shall find a better one in US eh? XD


When my make up remover fails to work. . .

Mavin was back from NS yesterday! We went to Ah Qiang for “tong zi ji” around 8.30pm. He’s all bald and dark now. Exactly like a Malay. Or perhaps an Indian? When mum saw his picture, she said he’s more like a black African! XD Anyway, I updated him about what was happening back here in Muar when he was not around. I was quite surprised that he didn’t know what happened to Ang and Wan Yung. Obviously he’s really outdated. He showed me a picture of him and his new girlfriend from Negeri Sembilan whom he came to know from NS. How fast. I hope this time will be a long, serious and lasting one. Blerkz. He told me that one of his NS friend captured a ghost picture. And a Malay girl was possessed during midnight. Scary X(

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