Sunday, May 6, 2007

Another Boring Day

Another boring day, eat and sleep and online. But it was slightly different today cause I’ve decided to take out some old books from the closet and started reading. It was then I realized that I used to read a lot on Classical. Garn, aren’t they boring at all? But I guess they really helped to improve my English. I learnt by speaking and reading and once in a while, practise my writing skill which I hated the most! I used to have difficulty completing my essays and always failed to hand in my work in time. I took out a Modern Classical entitled “Sword in the Stone” which I bought years ago but found it too boring, so later on switched to “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens.

By the way, I can’t believe that the guys went out last night without asking me along. AGAIN. As far as I’m concern, they went to a mamak stall near my old house. There’s no reason for not calling me since I’m already okay with Winston, unless they’re boycotting me. It can’t be right? I’m such a nice person X( I’m not putting the blame on Chia Hui or anybody else, I’m not really desperate for going out, but the point is, they DID NOT ask me along. How sad and disappointing.

I can’t believe I will be leaving for Matrik in one week time! I’ve got so much things to prepare! Most important of all, I haven’t got enough proper clothes! The only clothes I have that I’m allowed to wear to the classes are two new baju kurung and my long sleeves white formal shirt. That’s all. Gosh, I have to get at least two more, so there will be at least five to survive from Monday to Friday! And perhaps repeat wearing the same clothes every week? XD Thanks to those stupid rules set by Matrik. No jeans. No tees. No track bottoms. No sport shoes. No slippers. We’re only allowed to wear long sleeves shirt with collar, long skirts and leather or PVC shoes! I even heard that those going for KMJ (Kolej Matrikulasi Johor) must wear skirts and no slacks are allowed. What the freak? I’m not gonna wear long pencil skirts like old granny!

Things to buy and prepare:
1. Stationary (I wonder who on earth stole all my pens)
2. Photostat Sijil Berhenti
3. Find a witness to sign for my registration stuff (kakitangan kerajaan)
4. One more baju kurung
5. A few long sleeves formal shirt
6. A pair of new contact lenses (Impression one tone. Black!)
7. A pail
8. Washing powder
9. A pair of leather shoes
10. New Pierre Cardin lingerie

Anything else? I’m sure there are many more. But I can’t think of any right now. I need to attend a dentist appointment before leaving to Tangkak! By the way, we’re required to fill in our blood type column in the registration slip. Frankly, I dunno my blood type. Kekeke. I think it’s either A or B, the same as dad’s. He doesn’t know his either. Mum’s blood type is O and she’s quite sure that mine isn’t O. Okay, whatever, but I’m sure that I’m their daughter cause everybody says I inherit their look. (except that I’m much uglier?)

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