Friday, June 3, 2016

The Kind of Man You Should Marry

Marry a man who chose you out of love, but not out of duty and responsibility.

A man who is determined to spend the rest of his life with you, throughout all possible adversities and hardships.

A man who can grow and learn with you through the experiences you go through together in life.

A man who wakes up and tell you how beautiful you are, and would spend the rest of his life admiring your beauty. 

A man who is excited for a long-time adventure you are ready to take on.

A man who appreciates your humor, your silly jokes and your hysterical laughter which would eventually be the music to his ears. 

A man who doesn't promise not to make you cry, but would wipe your tears and hold you in his arm if you ever do.

A man who is serious in life, yet still knows how to have his fair share of fun.

A man who is ready to take your hand and explore the parts and parcels of this beautiful planet.

A man who takes you to places you have never been and feeds you delicacies that intrigue you.

A man who may have a different set of ideology, yet still able to see the world from you perspectives.

A man who teaches you how to be a better person, yet without changing who you really are.

A man who would always take your side, especially when dealing with bitches.

A man who sees no one else but you as the apple of his eyes.

A man who prioritizes your needs and respects your opinions. 

A man who would never do things that could potentially hurt you, regardless how minor it may be. 

A man who is never afraid to apologize for his mistakes, and who promises to be better next time.

A man who never raises his voice at you regardless how heated your argument may get.

A man who includes you in his plans and considers you before the decisions he makes.

A man who holds on to you and never ever leaves you. 

A man who loves you, and stays in love with you, always and forever.