Friday, February 27, 2009

Ultimate Girls Nights Out!

So Katie, Jess and I had our usual girls night out when we were back for CNY break last month. Each time when I am driving, the girls would crack up some brainless nutty jokes and then burst out in uproarious laugher. It’s like we practically laugh about everything, even when it is actually not funny. I guess that’s our true self. Wtfreak.

Here are some pictures I picked from our few previous GNO.

1. Cabana

It’s a newly-opened bar in Muar. The girls joined the gang for New Year eve there. Unfortunately I was in KL and missed out the gathering. So I decided that we pay a visit there and check out the beverage menu.

Honey milk, because it matches my outfit! XD Neh, we were planning to get some cocktail, but too bad they only sell beer and whisky there.

Jess refused to take any picture due to her swollen right eye, so you only get to see two gorgeous ladies here. Teehee.

It wasn’t until 30 minutes later that I made up my mind that Cabana is just a lousy boring place where old beer-drinker kill their time. When I say old I really mean it! It sucks not having young dudes but old shaggy bald men in such a bar. We left the place and joined our group of guys at PP Café.

Chio right this car? Again, it matches my outfit! Hiak hiak.

We probably left a little too early, cause by the time I moved my car, there was a big group of young guys walking towards Cabana. And they actually looked quite hot! OMG OMG. What a missed opportunity! We wanted to check if they were really heading to the bar, so I drove my car and followed their direction really really slowly, until they noticed it and eventually threw us a few glances. I finally chickened out and sped off! Oh gosh, never once in my entire life had I been stalking guys like that before! XD

As we reached PP Café, the guys were so busy kampao-ing among themselves that I doubt they realized our existence. It was rather weird that night cause none of them actually bothered to say hi or something. Maybe we were just to hot, I dunno.

This is, urmmm, to achieve, urmmm, telepathy heart-to-heart connection wtfreak.

This, makes me sad. *sobs*

2. Neighbourhood Café

This is our second time there. The food was not so good yet pricey, but we were totally in love with the mushroom soup and Yin Yong!

Jess’s eye was still swollen. Aww. Next time don’t peep when Zili showers, k? LOL.

Found this vintage floral top in sis’s wardrobe. Turned out that it belongs to her friend O.o

Katie and her tutu.

This is how we look like when we were figuring out the right way to pose. Never knew the process itself could make the best shot.

3. Kay Vin’s House

Ok, this isn’t exactly a GNO. But it’s rare to have the three of us together during CNY visit.

Nothing beats a passionate kiss.

I changed my mind. A love bite definitely beats a passionate kiss. ROFL.

Rock chick! Wtfreak.

Kate loves Katie, Katie loves Kate, Katie and Kate loves Jess. Teehee.

My hair is so long already =)

4. Country & Western Café (C&W)

It is located somewhere near my house. A very dark café where you can sit at the bar and order your alcohol. And not forgetting to mention, the café’s speciality is their spicy food, as their Chinese name is “La Ren Guan”.

Fruit punch Mocktails.

We wanted some cocktails, but there wasn’t any. Too bad.

Me with my "Lover". Why not Wicked Lover? X(

Katie with her Shirley Temple.

Jess with her Friday Freeze. So nice!

Black is perfect for a sexy Friday night out.

5. ???

Yes! Ur next GNO will be this weekend, before Katie flies to Melbourne again. Jess and I will head back to see her for one last time, do some last minute dress up and gossips! So, stay put and check it out! XD

Katie and Jess, I miss you two! ~~~

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CNY Klang

On the 7th day of CNY, we paid a visit to the notorious class rep’s house in Klang.

Thicker my eyeliner in attempt to look like the cat on my t-shirt.

My make up probably scared off the fortune god, causing me to lose up to RM90 (or was it 100?) in Hunt’s house. It was this same t-shirt I wore when I got robbed on Valentine’s. I swore never to wear it again.

Nah, this is for you, robbers!

Heart the front yard! His house is a mixture of western architecture and traditional Chinese design. A very cosy and homey place.

Can train your basketball skill when you’re bored at home.

Can even camwhore and pretend that you are taking a wedding photo. What’s with Hik’s expression??? Very malu is it take wedding photo with me??? Wtfreak!

We had Bakuteh for lunch, and gambled for the whole day in his little cosy home. No pictures taken cause I was too busy losing money. Sobs. We were supposed to have seafood dinner, but ended up in Kenny Rogers instead. I was so looking forward to eating seafood! Fish! Fish has always been my favourite! And crab! OMG crab is my favourite! Squid! I cannot live without eating squid! Ahh, due to some stupid reason, seafood was replaced by chicken. So lame.

Melvin was with us during day time, but he left early and did not join us for dinner. So in the end, Hunt had to fit us all in his Honda Stream. Hik and I were both sitting in front! It was like an awesome threesome! LOL.

See my protruding elf-liked ear.

Hik taught me an easier way to interchange from Kelana Jaya line to Bandar Tasik Selatan. I’ve always hated to interchange Star line. The insufficient information and the lack of signboard often caused me to end up boarding the wrong train. What’s more, we have to wait so long for the train and when it finally arrives, we have to go through all the trouble to make our way in, only to end up standing. So, instead of going to Masjid Jamek, we can take the KLIA Transit from KL Central. The ticket causes RM4.20, but definitely worthwhile cause the train is so clean and it moves really fast, I swear you will like it!

First time taking KLIA Transit, a bit sua ku XD

Other than BTS, KL Central and KLIA, I think it stops at Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. If you are going to KLIA, you can take the express train.

Anyway, I was saying, I’m gonna have to sell my cat tee! Le sigh. It’s one of my favourite CNY clothes, yet I have to let it go now X(

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CNY Doggie Encounter

Here are some pictures taken during CNY week.

Me, dad, mum and Priscilla.

Siblings. When I asked Nathan how old does he think Priscilla is, he said 25! I was like, wtfreak??????? She’s only 15! How could he have thought that she’s elder than me?!

Many doggie encounter during those few days.

Lazy Lucas always lying on the ground like a mat.

Do I look like a pet-lover celebrity or what? LOL.

Seriously, this is like the craziest Chi Hua Hua I have ever seen! He just watches the altar all day long and bark at whoever that tries to remove the food there. We being the naughty ones, kept going close and disturb him XD

This is taken at William’s house. What dog is it by the way? Heart the fur!

Yong Sern’s Golden Retriever was posing for my camera! I think he didn’t bath for quite some time, so he wasn’t allowed to enter the house. Teehee.

More CNY pics to be posted soon! See ya! =)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hikaru's Birthday @ SOULed Out

This has been almost 2months, but I haven’t blogged about it!

Darl’s birthday party at Souled Out.


The theme that night was “Cartoon”, cause he’s 25 now but still trying to be young. Wtfreak.


See, Rames so funny! XD

Fellow leng luis.


They said I looked pissed off because I don’t get to drink the Guinness on the table. Kaka.


The poser with the birthday hat.


Siao eyes taken during the party. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA siao.


And here’s the group picture.


25 years old! Gosh!