Monday, February 9, 2009


You know when you are in Standard 6, you thought UPSR is a highly important exam in your life, because everyone tells you so.

As you entered Form3, your teacher tells you that how much PMR would affect your future and that UPSR is just an insignificant test.

Soon, you are in Form5. “Getting straight A’s in PMR doesn’t guarantee you flying colours in your SPM. This is the year that would make an impact in your future. You think you’re smart just because you scored in PMR? Let me tell you, it is really nothing.”

Eventually, it is the year of Pre-U. You know well enough what your lecturer is about to lecture you. The same shit over and over again that A-Level’s is not as easy as SPM.

Seriously, when will this ever stop? No doubt I can predict what my year one degree lecturer is going to tell me. However, according to Pre-U lecturers, if we work hard enough now, our degree year are likely to be honeymoon year. We shall see if that is indeed a contradicting statement.

On a random note, you know how playful people sometimes manage to outshine the nerdy bunch? They just play and play and play and do last minute revision as exam approaches, yet their results proved to be better off than the nerds. HAHA. I’ve forgotten what exactly I’m trying to say already. Whatever.

Wanna see an ugly picture of me during school days?

Gawd. Who is that? I don’t think I will ever date her. Many more uglier specs+braces geeky pics in my folder. Might make it public when I’m in a good mood. Hiak hiak.


~YM~ said...

haha..that is one cute pic of a small kid.. say, r u now in TARC doing pre-U? Hmmph..kinda nostalgic though... The same ol food, the no longer existed yum yum park... zzzzz..:P

Copykate said...

YM, u took pre-u there last time? but i thought yum yum park is still there???

Loo said...

hey i think tats how u used to look like on webcam! haha... i think tis is like the most attractive pic in ur blog so far. eh, really 1~

Copykate said...

shuddup loo! i don't look like that on webcam! most attractive? wtfreak. u have such bad taste. LOLLLL