Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fuck You Robbers

Ever since I put up my MSN personal message, everyone has been asking what happened, so to make it simple, I decided to post up the story here instead of having to repeat it over and over again.

On 14th February (that’s Valentine’s day, in case you haven’t realized) approximately 2.30am, I was robbed by two fucking malay robbers outside Melati Utama condo. I was with a few college mates at Steven’s Corner before that, and Hik went to fetch me home. Since it was already after 12, he couldn’t park his car in the condo. So as usual, we parked it along the road, opposite the Melati school. Unfortunately, it was quite a distance away from the guard house, and not to mention that it was especially dark and quiet that night. Out of no where, a motorbike appeared. My sense of fear was proven accurate when the motorbike passenger hopped down from the back seat and ran towards me with a parang knife (it was a super long knife, I would assume it was a parang). Instinctively, I screamed my lungs out. He pointed the parang right at my face, it was so close from me, I swear, and started snatching my bag! I panicked, but didn’t want to let go, so I defended myself and held on my bag tight. I think the fucker yelled something, which Hik later on told me that it was “Bagi! Jangan lawan!” at the same time, the other motorcyclist hopped down and distracting Hik from helping me by hitting his head with a helmet.

You probably think that I was stupid enough to have fought back the robber. I only did so in order to drag the time, hoping that a car or something would eventually pass by. But it was such a lonesome night that I couldn’t even see a shadow except those of the FUCKING MALAY ROBBERS. Alas, he got my bag and together they sped off without leaving a trail. FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK was all I could shout that time. And fucking blind I didn’t even manage to see their plated number! By the time a car passed by, the robbers were already gone. My head was filled with a mixture of anger, frustration, regret and I nearly broke down. The kind passerby contacted the police and asked us to make a report. As we waited for the police at the guardhouse, I was slowly recovering from the trauma and found the strength to cry. I cried like a sohai in front of the surrounding bystanders. I cried for my bad luck on such a day. I cried for they have taken along the Coach wristlet that my love bought for me only less than 2 months ago. The Valentine present I bought for Hik was gone as well.

Later on, we followed the police car back to the station to make a report. Hik did most of the talking as I was still crying for my losses. Thank goodness they did not snatch his belongings, or we both would be left penniless. My house key was inside my bag, and there was a resident pass on which my address was inscribed! Obviously, I gotta change the pad lock in case they hunt me down in the middle of night. Seeing that I couldn’t go home, I spent the night in Hik’s house, still recovering from the traumatic incident. The scene of him charging towards me with the knife, it was so vivid that I could hardly take it off my mind. I was shaking uncontrollably in fear when I recall the unpleasant experience. So many times have I heard about robberies, but it was completely different when I was the victim. The whole thing was so real, so fast, so scary, and so dramatic. We were so helpless X(

There was only RM200+ in my purse. I don’t think they would be interested in my Prepaid Master Card since there was only like, RM7 in the balance. Teehee. I pray hard that they don’t figure out my ATM pin code. Now to think bout it, I am so glad that I wasn’t stupid enough to have used my IC number as my pin. I’ve seen many people doing so, and somehow it just doesn’t seem safe. The bank and other government departments are closed on the weekend. So I wouldn’t get to settle everything until tomorrow. No doubt it’s gonna be such a big hassle.

Once in a lifetime experience (yea, right), but I wouldn’t want a second time. Never have we thought that such predicament would fall upon us, hence the lack of precautions. Fortunately, both of us did not suffer any major injury. I had a minor scratch on my knee while Hik had a sore neck as the impact from the hitting. Don’t worry, he’s fine now. We are alive and kicking, and even carried on our Valentine plan without letting the nasty robbery ruined it. I never knew that San Francisco Steak House could be such a romantic place! It is our first Valentine day together, and definitely a great and unforgettable one! (note the irony here, wtfreak) I will post up pictures from last night as soon as possible.







Thank you peeps for cursing along with me. May they die in no peace =)))


Anonymous said...

oh goodness.
at least you are safe!

Amen to that: )

The credit crunch, is the cause of these bastards to appear.

Benjamin Chuah said...

Nice one kate, fuck the pathetic robbers, I wonder why do they always have to be Malays sigh.

They ought to rot in hell, babi useless peepz.

feel sad for you. When u called me n told me this incident I was like, WTF ON A VALENTINE? lolz, but I'm glad that u're not injured. Be extra careful next time!

Sue Me said...

May those fuckers get knock down by a car and a lorry penyetkan their bodies till their mothers cannot recognize them.

Kate, Im sorry for your loss. My best friend kena once and I teman her to the police station. It wasn't pleasant. Hope you are ok :)

Copykate said...

debra: yeap thank God both of us weren't hurt. it could have been worse X(

ben: on valentine, which just happened to fall on the next day of friday the 13th this year. jeez. STUPID FUCKING BABI! *roarrrrrrrrrrr*

sue: aww she must had been really sad like me X( heard so many cases of robbery. always those malay motorcyclists. DIE!!!

CharLene said...

wow.... better be careful next time....
or prevent from carrying handbag at night....

JunJun-Riko said...

omg.. stupid idiot robbers.. i hope they get fucked by some big black mens... gang bang them!!! fuck til their anus is as bg as a watermelon...

btw, maybe u should call the bank and stop cut ur atm card. make a new one later on. thats what i did the last time i got picked pocket.

Copykate said...

charlene: surely i will. wouldn't dare to walk like that at night anymore X((((

jjr: ROFL anus fuck by black men omg don't make me laugh! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. yeap i've already called the bank. got my new card dy. teehee

Charlie said...

aww *hugs* luckily they didn't kill or rape you. I'm so glad you're safe. What has this world turned into??? Haizzz

哈亞斯 said...

So pity...

YL said...

omg. nuts. glad that you're alright (: be more careful next time :X

marcusan said...

Hayo. OMG. i cannot imagine what uve just gone through. But to survive this, you're a tough girl man!

Thank God you're both safe. Pray that He keeps you both under His precious blood.

Be safe. XD

Annoymous said...

Omg, that's unsafe.

joshuaongys said...

ouch.... hugs

Copykate said...

blue: yea thank God they didn't hurt me. raping is quite impossible in this case since they were in a rush to go off =P

dsvt: yea sucks X(

yi ling: yeap i will! i'm all fine now =)

marcus: oh man imma tough girl, yes i am! kaka. live still goes on. this peanut challenge isn't gonna beat me down! XD

harmony: i know :'(

joshua: thanks *hugs*

Simon Seow said...

Meaning your camera is not in you bag. Well take care. Be careful next time. Maybe park at a nearer area or see the surrounding first before getting down from the car.

Anonymous said...

On the same day about the exact time as you, my house got broken in as well.

Not only that, a shop nearby my house also got robbed on that day.

What a Valentine's Day, huh?

Lol, at least we're all left without injuries and harm.

Take care and becareful, Kate.

..*AnNiE*.. said...

my bf kena robbed months ago and they beat him up..that was really scary..FUCK THE ROBBERS!

luckily both of you are fine..take care ya..*hugs*

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you got robbed. A colleague of mine had almost similar experience in Damansara, two Malay chaps on a motorbike and targeting females who are alone. She fought back and eventually got pushed down on the floor and stepped on.

Fortunately, she was not hurt. What has society turned into..sigh.

Arth Akal said...

hugs. thank god you're alrite. hang tough there :)

Anonymous said...

Uneducated malay fckers!

Johnny Ong said...

just be careful in this bad times. there are lots of such cases nowadays. even though priced items were stolen but importantly, both of u are safe

Jamie said...

that was so scary. i'm sorry bout your losses *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Oh shit, thank goodness you're safe! I'm so sorry to hear that you got robbed, argh, that must suck really badly :(

Copykate said...

simon: neh i didn't bring my camera. and my phone was inside my pocket XD

joe: omg really??? how unlucky! it was probably the aftermath of friday 13th!

annie: hope he doesn't suffer any injury or trauma. it really sucks X(

xes: aww pity her for being stepped on. these cases are so common now. sobssss

akal: thanks! i'm alright now =)

the male bitch: yea i like that! fuck them! XD

johnny: yep i agree. most importantly we're both safe. teehee.

jamie: thanks babe! it was indeed scary. now i'm scared of motorbikes already. jeez. *hugs*

mellissa: sucks big time! X( but i'm getting on fine now. thanks =)))

JunJun-Riko said...

eh... how come u can get ur new card liao de?? u use ur temp ic to do ar?? i thought need real ic only can do.. i also kena ar.. the day i left comment for u, then my purse kena stolen. celaka... in uni sumore..

Samantha Chong. said...

First time dropping by thru JunJunRiko's. ((=
Sad to hear that.
But thank god you're safe.

I went to San Francisco Steakhouse on Valentine's too. ((=

Copykate said...

jjr: omg so unlucky! and the other day u were just saying u got pick-pocket before! jeez. CIMB bank accepts temporary ic. yours doesn't?

yeelin: yep i'm alright =) which san francisco did u go to? i was at the mid valley one. dine from 7 to 9.30. teehee

=chuan guan= said...

melati there has becoming so so so freaking dangerous..and i am staying over

Copykate said...

cg: oh u're staying here to yea? i think they should have guards at the main road entrance until the renovation ends

=chuan guan= said...

u and ur bf too staying at melati? actually, my friends once being rob at da same place where u r..and da guard actually seen it (they always halau cars parking on pv5 if u notice) but then, they buat tak tau..when confront them, they just say," its like tat 1 lo..there many cases of robbery" wtf..anyhow..dun park ur car at da sch there as friend's car just being stolen a month ago..and there has been infamous for those lifeless teenager "MALAYS" camping to rob us student!!

Copykate said...

cg: actually we can park inside after 12, but have to pay around rm5. just realized it that night. will never park near the school again! i'm scared even to walk near there now! X(

SongKeat said...

I kena rob one handphone and stolen one motocycle.

well.. there is no peace in malaysia.

Copykate said...

lucaslost: handphone and motorcycle??? aww that's terrible! didn't get the bike back then??? X(

SongKeat said...

gone with the wind. xD
msia police force where can work 1?

u go report they also will write wrong d la... aahhaha

find ur bike back? lol... that will only happen when one day malaysia change chinese gov?

both are unlikely to happen.. xD

Copykate said...

lucaslost, aww sad to hear that. that's such a big loss X(

i know, the system here sucks. really dissappointing. le sigh

- wawa - said...

wow, this entry is so popular!!

Anyway, thank GOD dat u r safe..

I think dat road is quite dangerous at nite..coz it is too quiet.

There was once dat I parked my car along de road which is opposite the school too. The next morning, I found out that my car door wasnt lock. They broke into my car n spoilt the alarm..and guess wat..they took away my RUBBER MATS =.=""".. and left my car with a mess. Luckily they didnt take away my car..

be careful when u walk along the road ya..

Copykate said...

wahwah: there was once when my bf parked his car there and got his back wiper stolen. wtfreak.

i will never walk along the road again! over my dead body! jeez