Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Enough of CNY

Time to get rid of CNY mood and ready for uni and scholarships application.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Got Threatened On Facebook!

This is the first time I ever got threatened on Facebook! As ridiculous as it sounded, I couldn’t help feeling crept out by this guy named “Smart Yong”.

His Facebook:

He just added me a few minutes ago and tried to start a conversation through Facebook chat:

Smart: hi 12:18am
Kate: hi 12:19am
Smart: at kl now? 12:19am
Kate: yea 12:19am
Smart: kl which part? 12:19am
Kate: why -.- 12:20am
Smart: want to know lo 12:20am
Kate: u dun have to know 12:20am
Smart: y? 12:23am
Smart: ay 12:24am
Kate: i dun think u can live up to ur name
smart my ass 12:24am
Smart: u so lan c 12:25am
Kate: u're annoying 12:25am
Smart: u becareful 12:25am
Kate: gee. thx 12:25am
Smart: i will go to looking u 12:26am
Kate: HAHA will make sure i print screen that before someone knock me down on the street
or shoot me on the head 12:27am
Smart: u crazy 12:27am
Kate: and the cops know who to look for if they ever found me dead in the bath tub 12:27am
Smart: yayaya go to hell

Okay I might have sounded a little mean, but wtf he threatened to hunt me down! Guys, if you ever found me dead one day, at least you know who to look for. Saved his photos for your reference.

Ok now he keeps going on about me being lansi, sombong, and he even asked whether I’m a rich Dato’s daughter. Wtf? Getting more and more ridonkulous. That’s when I decided to delete and block the psycho maniac before he further abuse me!

Gotta be cautious before I accept any friend request from now on.

Smart Yong? I don’t think so =/

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Your Nightmare

Apologies if you got scared by this.

Black Cotton Ball

My life isn’t exactly pleasant right now. As if I haven’t got enough problem of my own, some people just like to rub in more for me. Wish I could escape to somewhere far away from everyone so no one would ever bother me again. Being sarcastic with me, finding my faults by all means, reprimanding me for not living up to your expectations, how can I be least affected? Not gonna mention any names here. If you think I’m writing about you, chances are either you got it right or you’re super perasan.

Some dog photos to enlighten myself.

Sweetie’s got such black and silky fur.

Uber cute.

But sometimes her eyes are hardly visible T.T

I had to play round with her to make her stick out her tongue, otherwise she would look emo.

This looks weird. She was actually licking her nose.

Super manja doggie.

All curled up like a black cotton ball again.

All I could wish for right now is to get rid of all the problems before CNY. Feeling gracious that I’ve got people who love and care about me right now. Thanks for being there for me! You know who you are =)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Gimme a Break

Busy with life and abandoned my blog again =(

Having a great time. Came back from Genting with my beloved bitches and beasts 2days ago. Check out Facebook for our photos. Have been working these 2 days. Feeling the exhaustion, hence summarizing everything briefly here.

No, not exactly. In fact, I’m going to tell you a story that would probably take you a few minutes to read and digest.

Mum called yesterday and sort of interrogated me. Apparently she said someone read my blog and told her that I gave a present that costs RM700 over to someone. WTF??? When did I ever do that? I only remember giving a CK Free perfume to Hik and a Tiffany & Co earrings to Katie, which did not even cost that much anyway, since Jess and I shared the present! And why the fuck are you being so busybody reporting all these to my mother?! Even if I did, what’s the big deal??? I would have bought it with my hard-earned money, not with the allowance from my parents, since the amount could hardly support my cost of living in the city. For goodness sake, it’s none of your fucking business what, on whom, and how much I spend! Are you really that lifeless that you started reading my blog and faking such ridiculous stories in order to report to my mother???

That’s not all. Mum said, “I heard that you criticize people a lot on your blog. You’re not supposed to do that. Why did you bother to talk bad about others?” Oh mother, why did you bother to believe whatever this person was telling you? I don’t think I could find any sort of criticism from my site. I might be a whining bitch, but all that I did was complaining bout my own life! Have I ever mention that someone is fugly or insulted someone for being stupid? NO. I personally do not think that my blog is offensive. What is your problem?! Gawd, you know how parents would react whenever they heard an outsider’s stories about their child. They’re always telling the truth, and I’m always the one trying to cover up the truth. WTF! I asked her to read all my blog posts before judging me and making her conclusion. She said, “I’m not that free.” YA RIGHT! You’re not that free to read my blog, but you’re so free to listen to all these nonsensical rumors about your daughter!

Guess what, apparently she even heard that I have been scolding bad words on my blog. WHAT.THE.FUCK! If that was what she meant. Seriously, can someone point a gun to my head now? Define bad words. Did you see a lot of knn ccb or, (whatever it is)! Idk, my knowledge of bad words is so limited. Can’t even think of anything more than that. So I am not supposed to use the F word. Not even WTF? Not even FML? Man, are you expecting to read an academic piece of bull crap here? I’m not even going to say F you if you think F is a foul word because if I did, I would probably receive another phone call. Really FML to the max.

Reminded me of a quote from my ex bitchy malay female professor: “Why did you call yourself a camwhore? Do you even know the meaning? It makes you a whore.”

I will always remember her.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Need Jess's Photos

Some photos of Katie and I when we were both in Muar a couple of weeks ago.

Chilling at Witchery Ider, where our tables were surrounded by groups of typical Muar ah beng.

Stop texting and smiling! LOL.

Out for shopping at Vivi Concept store. We wore similar outfits coincidently.

Yumcha at One O’clock CafĂ© which reminded us of Full House.

There was a cute waiter there but when I asked how old he is, he answered 18. I guess me being a pedophile isn’t socially acceptable.

Supper at Bentayan hawker centre. I’ve been addicted to the char kuey tiao there ever since young. No doubt cheap and yummy. You can add as much sweet sauce as you want!

Otak-otak is a must-have.

There were 2 otak stall, but none of them is good. So I bought a few from the char kuey tiao stall. Teehee.

Yummy smoked chicken wings!

By the way, Jess is back from UK for good, so the three of us can now be reunited again! Welcome back, Jess! Can’t wait to see the fat bitch you’ve turned into. I never realized that it’s been 7 months. It felt like I was just at your farewell party few weeks ago. How would I ever forget the laksa incident?

Monday, February 1, 2010


A very satisfying steamboat dinner I had with aunt last week. The next day after she left to Hong Kong, there were still so much steamboat ingredients so I invited Hik over for another round. 2 days of steamboat continuously, my stomach felt so bloated.

On my previous post I kinda bad-mouthed about ang mohs in our country. So ngam on the next day there was this Germany guy who asked me out for dinner! FML. Is this a coincidence, or is it a lesson that I should never be a racist and judgmental biatch? At first I accepted the invitation half-heartedly, but on second thought, it didn’t seem like a good idea to go out with someone whom I barely know. Who knows he might actually be a serial rapist who has Asian fetish? Who knows if he wouldn’t kill me and dump my body into the stinky Klang river? The fact that he’s white and has an established position in a well-known company doesn’t make him any less suspicious. And if you must know, ang mohs are so much hornier than us (HAHA gotta stop being racist).

Okay so the point is, I politely rejected his offer by using work as an excuse. Smart right! Especially when I’m now a freelancer, nobody knows my working hour as it can be very irregular. You guys must be thinking that I’m a rich woman, now that I’ve been working so often. Absolutely not! Most of the event companies suck. They only pay us after a couple of months or so. And for now, I’m officially broke. I have less than 200 bucks to survive for the next 2 weeks before I head back to Muar for CNY, as I don’t think dad will be banking in my allowance for February. Worse still, I’ve been wanting to buy some CNY goodies for my parents and Hik’s family, now that I’m financially independent (hmm, apparently not. Wtfreak).

Sometimes I really hate my life. I wish I could have more cash to spend. Money really matters. Screw you with the “money can’t buy happiness” bullshit. I can never be happy when I’m short of cash =(

Hik: what are these flowers called again? I can’t remember.
Me: Sakura.
Hik: Noooo -.-

LOL. I really have no idea. I only know that it’s mei hua in Chinese (I think).

Anyway, I just had an awful dinner. Prepared everything by myself. I think the squids were uncooked. Felt like I’m gonna throw up. I fear that I might get tummy ache tomorrow. Not good. Time to improve my cooking skill (saying this for the 1026389th time).