Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Got Threatened On Facebook!

This is the first time I ever got threatened on Facebook! As ridiculous as it sounded, I couldn’t help feeling crept out by this guy named “Smart Yong”.

His Facebook:

He just added me a few minutes ago and tried to start a conversation through Facebook chat:

Smart: hi 12:18am
Kate: hi 12:19am
Smart: at kl now? 12:19am
Kate: yea 12:19am
Smart: kl which part? 12:19am
Kate: why -.- 12:20am
Smart: want to know lo 12:20am
Kate: u dun have to know 12:20am
Smart: y? 12:23am
Smart: ay 12:24am
Kate: i dun think u can live up to ur name
smart my ass 12:24am
Smart: u so lan c 12:25am
Kate: u're annoying 12:25am
Smart: u becareful 12:25am
Kate: gee. thx 12:25am
Smart: i will go to looking u 12:26am
Kate: HAHA will make sure i print screen that before someone knock me down on the street
or shoot me on the head 12:27am
Smart: u crazy 12:27am
Kate: and the cops know who to look for if they ever found me dead in the bath tub 12:27am
Smart: yayaya go to hell

Okay I might have sounded a little mean, but wtf he threatened to hunt me down! Guys, if you ever found me dead one day, at least you know who to look for. Saved his photos for your reference.

Ok now he keeps going on about me being lansi, sombong, and he even asked whether I’m a rich Dato’s daughter. Wtf? Getting more and more ridonkulous. That’s when I decided to delete and block the psycho maniac before he further abuse me!

Gotta be cautious before I accept any friend request from now on.

Smart Yong? I don’t think so =/


Copykate said...

baby: hope he isn't really gonna stalk me. jeez

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

Anonymous said...

Tat's what FB would do. lol! Please dun tag my face oh! lol!

Copykate said...

anonymous: hmm. . .

joshua: lol u coward!