Monday, February 1, 2010


A very satisfying steamboat dinner I had with aunt last week. The next day after she left to Hong Kong, there were still so much steamboat ingredients so I invited Hik over for another round. 2 days of steamboat continuously, my stomach felt so bloated.

On my previous post I kinda bad-mouthed about ang mohs in our country. So ngam on the next day there was this Germany guy who asked me out for dinner! FML. Is this a coincidence, or is it a lesson that I should never be a racist and judgmental biatch? At first I accepted the invitation half-heartedly, but on second thought, it didn’t seem like a good idea to go out with someone whom I barely know. Who knows he might actually be a serial rapist who has Asian fetish? Who knows if he wouldn’t kill me and dump my body into the stinky Klang river? The fact that he’s white and has an established position in a well-known company doesn’t make him any less suspicious. And if you must know, ang mohs are so much hornier than us (HAHA gotta stop being racist).

Okay so the point is, I politely rejected his offer by using work as an excuse. Smart right! Especially when I’m now a freelancer, nobody knows my working hour as it can be very irregular. You guys must be thinking that I’m a rich woman, now that I’ve been working so often. Absolutely not! Most of the event companies suck. They only pay us after a couple of months or so. And for now, I’m officially broke. I have less than 200 bucks to survive for the next 2 weeks before I head back to Muar for CNY, as I don’t think dad will be banking in my allowance for February. Worse still, I’ve been wanting to buy some CNY goodies for my parents and Hik’s family, now that I’m financially independent (hmm, apparently not. Wtfreak).

Sometimes I really hate my life. I wish I could have more cash to spend. Money really matters. Screw you with the “money can’t buy happiness” bullshit. I can never be happy when I’m short of cash =(

Hik: what are these flowers called again? I can’t remember.
Me: Sakura.
Hik: Noooo -.-

LOL. I really have no idea. I only know that it’s mei hua in Chinese (I think).

Anyway, I just had an awful dinner. Prepared everything by myself. I think the squids were uncooked. Felt like I’m gonna throw up. I fear that I might get tummy ache tomorrow. Not good. Time to improve my cooking skill (saying this for the 1026389th time).


Hikaru said...

its Plum Blossom! hehe

Copykate said...

hikaru: omg that's katie's email! i didn't know it's the flowers' name. wtfreak

Hikaru said...

the email its plum blossom? -_-" so cny

Copykate said...

hikaru: yesh. lol