Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Black Cotton Ball

My life isn’t exactly pleasant right now. As if I haven’t got enough problem of my own, some people just like to rub in more for me. Wish I could escape to somewhere far away from everyone so no one would ever bother me again. Being sarcastic with me, finding my faults by all means, reprimanding me for not living up to your expectations, how can I be least affected? Not gonna mention any names here. If you think I’m writing about you, chances are either you got it right or you’re super perasan.

Some dog photos to enlighten myself.

Sweetie’s got such black and silky fur.

Uber cute.

But sometimes her eyes are hardly visible T.T

I had to play round with her to make her stick out her tongue, otherwise she would look emo.

This looks weird. She was actually licking her nose.

Super manja doggie.

All curled up like a black cotton ball again.

All I could wish for right now is to get rid of all the problems before CNY. Feeling gracious that I’ve got people who love and care about me right now. Thanks for being there for me! You know who you are =)


Copykate said...

baby: don't discriminate! LOL

Cotton Yarn said...

These picture are so nice thanks for sharing us...

Copykate said...

cotton yarn: you're welcome =)

Loo said...

is it a cocker spaniel? I want one! soon! as soon as i start working!

Copykate said...

loo: yep she's an american cocker spaniel. how many dogs are u planning to keep?! jeez