Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Need Jess's Photos

Some photos of Katie and I when we were both in Muar a couple of weeks ago.

Chilling at Witchery Ider, where our tables were surrounded by groups of typical Muar ah beng.

Stop texting and smiling! LOL.

Out for shopping at Vivi Concept store. We wore similar outfits coincidently.

Yumcha at One O’clock CafĂ© which reminded us of Full House.

There was a cute waiter there but when I asked how old he is, he answered 18. I guess me being a pedophile isn’t socially acceptable.

Supper at Bentayan hawker centre. I’ve been addicted to the char kuey tiao there ever since young. No doubt cheap and yummy. You can add as much sweet sauce as you want!

Otak-otak is a must-have.

There were 2 otak stall, but none of them is good. So I bought a few from the char kuey tiao stall. Teehee.

Yummy smoked chicken wings!

By the way, Jess is back from UK for good, so the three of us can now be reunited again! Welcome back, Jess! Can’t wait to see the fat bitch you’ve turned into. I never realized that it’s been 7 months. It felt like I was just at your farewell party few weeks ago. How would I ever forget the laksa incident?


Anonymous said...

you mean very fat chicken poxed faced bitch!

Copykate said...

jess: LOL i wouldn't know if you're chicken poxed faced now!