Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fishing My Way To Made Of Honour



CLICK HERE to read more about “Fish Your Way to a Dinner at JW Marriott And a Movie Premiere”.

Yes you're right. It's another upcoming event.

Pardon me for the short and brief post. I have been quite busy lately with work and activities. Despite having achieved only 11400, I have to post this up as the deadline for submission is approaching.

So, I did google-ed to find the related posts and it appeared that most of the entry scores submitted are higher than 15K. Now, do you think I still stand a chance to attend the event?

Oh oh oh, I have a brilliant idea! An invitation is meant for two person. So, if any guy wanna go with me, why don’t you try playing the game and get me a high score, let’s say, above 15K? The highest scorer will be my partner of the night! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Garn. I already have a feeling that I will not receive very good feedbacks.

“Yuck yuck yuck, you’re the last person we want to go to JW Marriott with!”

Aww. That’s sad.

Looks like I’ve gotta continue fishing here =)

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Rival

It all started when I waved happily to her from inside the car. However, instead of waving back with a big smile, she gave me a what-the-fuck-do-I-know-you look and turned away.

“Aww, she didn’t see me?” I asked innocently, without further expecting for an answer.

During the group dinner, she had been all quiet and gloomy. Even though I barely know her, I have met her enough times to be able to describe her as a cheerful, outgoing and, well. . rather noisy girl. She wasn’t being herself. Something was troubling her, and I assumed that it was a relationship problem.

Then the leader spoke:

“Hey Kate, this is XXXXX! Hey XXXXX, this is Kate!”

I thought it was random. Why would the group leader be introducing us, since we’ve already met before?

“It’s okay! We’ve met each other before. In fact, we’re pretty close! Aww, didn’t you know?” I jokingly replied.

For a few seconds, the table turned awkwardly silent.

Never mind. I thought I should just shut up and stop further embarrassing myself by saying something stupid, what’s more to a deeply troubled girl.

As we continued our meeting in the house, she did not seem to be any much happier.

“Hey, what’s wrong with her?” I asked T, who was sitting next to me.

One of the girls sitting opposite overheard it and gave an answer:

“Her rival is here.”

Then everyone started joining in:

“Yea, right here.”

“Neh, there!” *points to my direction*

(which was rather stupid, cause sitting on my left and right were both guys)

“Noh, just in fronta me!” *really points to me this time*

For that moment I was stunned. Out of the blue, I become someone’s rival??? I was puzzled. It was my first time there, and they were supposed to be friendly and welcoming. But to my dismay, I was being called a LOVE RIVAL in front of everybody, and the worst thing is, I DID NOT KNOW WHY!!! I felt like a little girl being humiliated in public for committing a crime she did not know of. At the same time, I was utterly shocked and confused.

Then it hit me.

T, the guy who was sitting next to me, who is apparently my good friend now has been telling everyone that I am his ex! Well, we used to be really close friends, but it only lasted for, say. . 3weeks! Moreover, he was the one who indirectly called it off before the relationship even started. I do not see the need of elaborating it here, but one of the reasons he gave was that he was not ready for a relationship. I was totally cool about it, and have hence got over him after 5months.

But please don’t tell me. . .

T is my “ex”.
X has a rival.
I am the rival.


I couldn’t believe that all this while he has been keeping me in dark. So after we “broke up”, he got involved with this girl and I knew absolutely nothing about it, thinking that he was still innocent as ever and not prepared for any relationship, as claimed. So much for being his good friend during these few months. I thought, as his “ex”, I should at least be informed of his current affair, especially when she is someone whom I would meet every week from now on. Even if he wasn’t my “ex”, it was still very disappointing that a good friend of mine did not tell me anything about the girl he is currently seeing. In fact, the thought of being accused by him for checking his SMS-es this evening further upset me. I was right there, taking photos with the phone, then he appeared and grabbed the phone immediately from me.

“You were reading my messages!”

“No I did not! I was taking pictures!”

“Yes you were.”

“I didn’t!!! Seriously.”

“Don’t lie. I know you were looking at my messages!”


“I can see the face of a liar.”

“Why are you accusing me? I honestly did not open your messages.”

“I don’t believe you.”

Sigh. Now I know why he seemed so panic when he saw me holding his phone.

It’s okay if he has someone new. It’s also okay if he tells people that I am his ex, even though I am not. But it’s not okay if I’m accused for something I did not do and being called a RIVAL in front of everybody.

Sorry for the long-winded boring post. I just needed to rant it here since I do not have anyone suitable to talk to at this hour.

Comments will not be entertained. TQ.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Masquerade Party @ Mardi Gras

Last Saturday, Hui got me an exclusive invi for a masquerade party at Mardi Gras, 1U with the theme “Monroe Rogue/Masquerade”.

A masquerade party! How cool is that! I have never ever attended such party before this. Hui and I went to a mall in Tun Razak that afternoon, where there are shops selling masks and renting costumes. So, ta-dah! These are are the masks that we bought!

The main focus on the night was actually a pole dancing competition. I know what comes to your mind when you see the term “pole dance”. No, it has nothing to with “strippers” or “cheap sluts”. The truth is, nowadays, many girls take up pole dance as one of their past time hobbies. There are classes available in some dancing centres.

In the middle of the performance, I noticed a girl who looked rather familiar. I thought I must have come across her on the net before. So I asked a brilliant question:

“Hey, are you. . . a blogger???”

“Yes! I thought you looked familiar!”

“OMG really??? No wonder. I thought I’ve seen you somewhere before! Are you from
Nuffnang also? What’s your name???”

“Ya! I’m . . . “ (uhm, I forgot what exactly she said, either Kelly or Kellster or soemthing=x)

“Nice to meet you! I’m Kate. Copykate!”

“Oh you are Copykate! I just saw you on
Simon’s blog the other day.

Then our conversation proceeded to Nuffnang pyjamas party and so on.

So this is Kelz whom I was talking about.

Hot babes.

Kate and K. . K something. I dunno, pronounced almost the same as mine. It can't be Keith!

Leonard is really fair, don’t you think?

Kai and Ken. I didn’t notice Ken’s blue eyes until I uploaded this picture! Reminds me of my blue eyes days XD

Babes from pole dance class.


Pole dancing is fun, even though it made me feel a little bit dizzy! I tried a little, and understood what K meant by saying “You will get addicted!”

The champion for solo.

Prize includes cash and a hamper sponsored by Loreal Paris and so on.

Belita and K, the black and white team were the champion for dual!

Meanwhile, they gave an outstanding dancer award to Belita! She’s really good, isn’t she? Who would have thought that she was an amateur pole dancer?

A group photo of the winners.

Pole dancers cakes. With big boobs ladies! XD

Leonard savouring the sugar cinnamon cake. I wonder if anyone would actually lick the sugar ladies’ boobs. ROFL.

This is one of the instructors. I must admit that she has got a pretty hot face, and all her moves are fantastic! But you know what, she gotta get rid of her cellulites. It’s freaking gross and unglam! The same goes to a few other participants. Garn. Cellulite=girls’ biggest nightmare!

Guess what was the job of these 2 guys that night? Wiping the pole after every single performance! Jeez. I bet some people looked down on them for doing such filthy job. But at the end of the night, they shocked us with their excellent pole dancing skill! OMG. Guys who do pole dance!

I love you guys! Will you be my pole??? XD

Photo of the night. The party was absolutely cool and fab! =)

Sport Shoes?

That’s it. I’ve gotten my mind sort out. I should stop the nonsensical act. It is getting me nowhere. Everything has to come to a halt. It’s not that hard to make a decision after all. I just have to get a piece of paper and write it out in CAPS: “I SWEAR I WILL NEVER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AGAIN!” Then I’ll set a permanent reminder which will be always there telling me not to do it. There will be no way I’m heading back to my old self, not even in times of despair when I need love and comfort. Now that I’m about to do something great that will change my life and also transform others’. Garn, I can’t help beaming when I think my little noble action that will impose a tremendous change in others’ lives. Isn’t that the best accomplishment ever in my entire life??? I’ll note it down in my life-long diary! I will mark this very important date and celebrate it every year! Best of all, I could even tell my grandchildren stories of how my sheer determination had cause a huge impact on the moral-based society! When I turn old and ugly, I could even give moral lectures and make it my main source of income! And I swear,


Or. . . or. . . or I will get bitten by a toad and turn into a frog! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Toads don’t really bite, do they? Which means I’m safe! Phew! XD

Oh wait, was I talking about shopping? No, I wasn’t talking about shopping! Surely I can achieve something more realistic and less bimbotic than “stop shopping”, no? Besides, I should enver ever swear to myself or anyone else that I would stop shopping or whatsoever. Because all these grand sales just keep coming in when all the items are sold at the biggest bargain! I love sales because everything is so filthy cheap! I don’t have to worry about not being able to pay for my boxers! But at the same time, I hate sales! Honestly, they make me broke when I least expect it. I mean, do the math! When you comprise the cheap prices altogether, they are no longer frigging cheap! In fact, they made me feel guilty for spending off my allowance which I was supposed to keep for my new text books. Looks like I’ve gotta get some photostated copies now. That way, I would save enough to purchase a few pairs of socks! Except that. . uhm. . I don’t wear socks. Not when I don’t even own a pair of sport shoes!

Jeez. It’s a shame, isn’t it? I mean, who among the people you know doesn’t own sport shoes??? Everyone should have at least one pair, even if it’s an old and dirty and torn and muddy disgusting pair! Gawd. I’m a loser, aren’t I? I should get a new pair of sport shoes, seriously! Who knows they might come in handy someday. Moreover, girls of my age are supposed to wear sport shoes anyway! I could get a few pairs of new shorts and graphic tee to mix and match! Oh oh, I can already picture myself in that fab outfit, standing by the doorway with a really cool posture while waiting for my besties to get prepared for our girls day out! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I so want a new pair of sport shoes!

Now that I realized I’ve been ranting non-stop about SPORT SHOES, ridiculous isn’t it??? I have a vision of bitches giving me some icy stares, with words come blurting out their big ugly mouths: “Just shut up and go get the damn sport shoes! It’s not like you’re gonna buy a pair of heels from Jimmy Choo or something. Just some stupid damn sport shoes!” Jeez. For once, these bitches make sense.

Anyway, I was rather bewildered today due to the occurrence of some unpleasant incidents. Don’t you think I’m the sort of girl who often gets things to turn out the way she wants, and when she fails to do so, she will get all upset and distressed? But what’s wrong with that? I’ve always been a little bit tough on the inside anyway.

What a wretched spoilt brat, don’t you think?

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Visit To Nuffnang Office

The other day, Simon and I paid a visit to Nuffnang office to collect my MDG prize. Located at Heritage Building.

Interrupting the busy Nuffnang team XD

Little cosy corner.

Nuffnang rocks!

But. . . why is Boss Stewie’s portrait on the floor???

I swear I was just trying to lift him up from the cold and solid ground! Garn. I wonder what he’s gonna say when he sees this. Wtfreak.

Skyscraper view from the office. It was a rainy day.

Nicholas. He was wearing a Nuffnang shirt!

Me, Simon, Firdauz and what’s his name, Yin Hau?

Do you think any of my readers are actually 4 years old kiddos? I would love to reward him/her a big tin of Friso!

So, my next trip shall be Nuffnang office in Singapore! =P

Oh by the way, I would very much love to work for Nuffnang! XD

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cheesie's Get Together

Cheesie’s get together at Baroque, Heritage Row.

The little cosy place which was perfect for our gathering.

I went with Jane, Steph and Ren.

Door gift to be given out! Now I’ve got more than enough of Wella product XD

Kenny and Joshua, the two guys who seem really free. Girls, you should go ask them out! LOL.

Cheddie looks so tiny and adorable in real life!

Poor Cheddie X(

Simon was there too =)

I didn’t know that May Zhee was there until I saw Simon’s camera! Garn. She makes me feel fat X(

I felt some hair tickling my right shoulder when Ringo and I took this picture. Eeeerrrrr. . .

In return, I shall show everyone the very vain side of the bimbotic Malaysian teen author! XD

KY was the photographer of the night.

Spot him in this photo? Teehee.

Card games.

Mafia. I’m still confused about detective, mafia and civilian. Oh well.

Mike da whore only turned up when I was going back. He should have come earlier cause. . cause I look so good in his DSLR! =PPP

Happy belatelatelatelated birthday! Thanks for the awesome party and enjoyable night.

Can't wait for more <3