Sunday, May 18, 2008

Switched To Advertlets

Some nice food I had recently:

Klang bakuteh.

Yes, we drove all the way to Klang for the sake of the famous Bakuteh. The journey wasn’t that long after all, since Uncle Eugene was speeding like mad in Hui’s RX8. 180km/h? Dammit! XD

Honey marinated black pepper pork chop.

I helped Eugene prepare this! Looks good and tastes nice. Best eaten with Nando’s peri-peri sauce.

Kenny Rogers.

Quarter meal with 3side dishes. Filling and affordable =)

I bet some of you noticed that I’ve removed my Nuffnang Ads from my page. To be frank, I haven’t received any proper ad campaign for months. Over the past few months, I’ve raised my opinion regarding this mentioned problem, however, no action was taken as all that I have are still random ads. Last night, I chatted with Josh Lim and decided to give Advertlets a try, after abandoning it for half a year. As you can see, I’m still keeping my Nuffnang Ads on my fashion blog here, so don’t you accuse me for not being grateful after all the benefits I’ve gained from the company! =P

Meanwhile, I’ll give Advertlets a 1-month-trial. Hopefully it’ll give me a worthwhile return and convince me that I should be part of them. Josh, you won’t disappoint me, will you? =)))

Anyway, I’ve been so fiction-deprived for the past few weeks, so the first thing I did when I came back home was books from Katie babe. I told her now I probably sound like a refined person instead of bimbotic, but she disagreed and said all the books I read are chick-lit! Wtfreak. That’s not true because my favourite books are Shopaholic. . . No no, I mean. . . Jodi Picoult’s! Ha, see? Bimbos would never read Jodi Picoult! Need I say more? XD

I am such a bibliophile! Aren’t you proud of me? Teehee.

Oh by the way, is anyone going to Cheesie’s event this coming Tuesday? Check it out on her blog! Do drop a message and tell me if you’ll be there ya! <3


Simon Seow said...

I'll be there ;) Wah, you got so many blogs. I won't click on you Adverlets ads. You might be accused of click fraud :P

Copykate said...

simon, surely u'll be there XD

ahh, so mean of u for not clicking my ads! and. . that sounds so. . uhm, sarcastic. LOL